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29 June 2011

Can't sleep ... again

Another night exactly like every other :(
Although I cough all day, the second I try to get some sleep, it starts off big style. Mum is laying on her air mattress pretending she doesn't mind being awake. We've been to the doctor today and I now have a variety of things that are going to calm the coughing and knock me out ... except they're not working and we're all awake.
I've got to be up early to go down to hospital so that'll be great. A million weeks after mum mentioned my line splitting, they are going to do something with it.
Last night I had a great time at my local cinema, the Apollo in Barrow. They'd arranged it as a surprise for me and I even got to go in a limo! Along with Team Alice, I watched "The Bucket List". I didn't cry, but I caught a few out lol. Small town, big heart!
Then tonight, I went with Milly, Clarissa, Sammi and Megs for a girly photo shoot at Kells Studio in Barrow - that was fan dab and Dawn managed to make me look quite good too (I usually look half asleep and I never wear make up).  Mabel managed to crawl her way into some of the photos so they will be special. We had so much fun!
More big news is that my mug is available to order on the Emma Bridgewater website ... so if you want one, hurray!
Got to go because I'm coughing so much that this is taking me hours to type.

26 June 2011


I'm sorry that some of you can't find me on Twitter. I promise I'm there, just look for @Alice_Pyne and you should find me. I actually quite like twittering and as I had to close my Facebook account, it means a lot.
I've been getting loads and loads of emails and messages about my mug and I'm a bit worried if there'll be enough for everyone. The mug should be on in about 2 weeks time, that's all I know. They're supporting the THHN, a great charity that is very close to my heart
I will get the original - the very first stamped by me, next week. Tempted to say I'll auction it to raise even more for charity, but I know my mum will use it forever so maybe not LOL!
Tomorrow, I'm having my very own cinema screening at the Apollo in Barrow so I best get my invites out as I've only managed to tell a couple of people. Oops!

25 June 2011

Mug heaven

There was a point when I thought we were never going to get there, but after 3 1/2 hours and three major hold ups, we got to the Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke. I have been so excited about today, because we've collected Bridgewater pottery for years and to have my own design in production is unbelievable. The mug will be available on the Bridgewater website in around 2 weeks time, supporting the THHN. Stock will be limited and all will bear my signature x
Tired now, bed time, night night x

22 June 2011

Doodle jump and Angry Birds ...

Oh wow, I am having so much fun with this ipad I can't believe it.  I have started buying some of the games (oops mum will be reading and it's her itunes account) and I'm getting quite hooked on Angry Birds.  Every time I almost get it but not quite and then I just have to have another go!  I'm not that good at Doodle Jump yet, it's taken me ages to figure out that the thing jumps off the side but comes back on again. I keep missing it and die, more practise needed.
I'm also having so much fun using all the camera bits and I keep getting unsuspecting people to pose for me, which makes it even funnier because they don't know ;)
Today wasn't my best day :( I can't get to sleep at night and then by morning I'm so tired that I could sleep all day.  So I didn't even get up until 2 today, how bad is that.  But once I was up I went to see my neighbour Adrian (he bought me my ipad) at his work and I wandered around and said hello to all the staff there.  I even got David to play Doodle Jump but he was about as good as my mum which is not good lol. Then we went for a drive around and went out for some tea because mum hasn't been shopping for about a year. 
Tomorrow is the first of my massage and treat days and I can't wait for that.  My skin is all dry and a bit of a mess really so I hope that I feel a bit nicer afterwards.  Mum is going with me and I think she is planning to sleep in the waiting room for an hour lol. 
Please don't forget to keep asking everyone you know to go and join the bone marrow register in your country.  Somewhere out there, is a young lad in his 20s who, a year ago, was told he was a match for a child in the UK.  Whoever you are, thank you for been willing to save me x

21 June 2011

ipad heaven

Oh wow I am in ipad heaven, I love it!  My mum does too but not for the reason you will think, you'll laugh.  I can't sleep at night and usually mum or dad end up staying up all night to keep me company but last night I had my ipad to play with.  I watched a film on it and then I played games on it and then I checked my twitter on it, and then I played with the camera thing that makes your face look all weird lol. My nan bought me a itunes voucher so I'm going to buy some more games and films with it. Any ipad app suggestions you think I should try?
My mum is trying to protect some of my photos for me and then we'll put a few up on here because I really want to share some of them with you, especially my dad in a pink hummer lol.
I have a really huge thing happening on Friday and I'm so excited about it.  I'm going to the Emma Bridgewater factory to design my mug and I can't wait.  I have my idea and I'll have to see if they like it and if it will work on a mug.  My mum is dead funny because she said, right that's everyones xmas pressie got lol.  I don't think she's joking.
On a serious note, some sick person has managed to hack into the Post Pals site again, only this time they're changing the pages and content.  Sadly, the site has had to be taken offline for a bit while they sort this.  Would you please follow 'Post Pals' securely on facebook and use the secure donation link to the left to donate directly (without going near the Post Pal site).  I can't believe anyone would want to take from such poorly innocent children, please don't let them win.

It just gets better

Wow, what an incredible day.  Today was amazing, I got to fly in a private plane from home all the way up to Scotland which I thought would be scary but it was so much fun.  It was a really nice sunny day and the views were incredible as we were flying quite low.  I got to sit in the front seat and my dad had to go in the back with our friend Phil.  It was quite funny looking at them back there.  I felt like a real celeb lol.

When we landed, a pink hummer was waiting to take us to the Deep Sea World and it was so pink that I thought my dad was going to die of embarrassment.  Inside it was a bottle of pink bubbly and I got my glass and sat back to enjoy the ride, waving and singing as I went like a 10 year old ha, ha.

The Deep Sea World people were waiting for me and I felt dead important again because there were loads of them all lined up to welcome me.  We went in and through the shark tunnel which was really long and then she said right, shall we get you ready?  I didn't have time to worry and I got into a nice warm drysuit and before I knew it we were ready to get in.  We had to walk through a little pool before we got in and I couldn't stand up properly and they had to put extra weights on me, I was like a telly tubby, I couldn't stop laughing.  Then they helped me with my mask and snorkle and we walked through and got onto the platform in the big tank ... scary!  I smiled every time a shark came past me and the biggest shark was 3 metres long - she was called Tinkerbelle which was funny.  I couldn't stop smiling but every time I smiled, the water kept leaking in.  I was in there for quite a long time and it was another of my best days ever.  I am so glad I did it as last night I was worried and I didn't know if I'd do it.

After the shark tank, I got to train the seals which was really funny.  I got kissed by one yuck and I played ball with them, but they weren't as good as Mabel at bringing it back.  I got to hold a Bearded Dragon and I loved that because I wanted mum to buy me one but she wouldn't.  A little corn snake needed a name and they said I could choose, so I called it Sam because it looked like a Sam!

We had such a great time but the time went really quickly and we were saying goodbye too quickly but then there was a huge fire engine outside with lights, music, bubbles and smoke!  They gave me a cowboy hat to wear and we all got a lift back to the airport in our fire engine.  It was so funny watching Dad and Phil in there.  We flew back home over the Lake District and I spotted lots of places I knew along the way, including my sister's school.  I was quite sad to say goodbye to Gordon and we watched him take off again before we got back in my mums car.  I wish that today was starting again.

I slept lots when I got back home because I was shattered, but then my next door neighbour Adrian arrived and he had a little something for me ... an iPad and a purple cover.  Wowie wow wow I am so excited I can't believe it. I have just finished charging it so I am going to explore now.  Next time that I post or tweet, it will be from my iPad.  Night, night x

19 June 2011

Happy Post :)

This is my happy post!  Yesterday I had another best day.  I had my very own dog show and Mabel did really well and we won loads of rosettes and I didn't stop smiling all day.  Loads of doggy people came along and Mabel loved playing with all the other dogs and her best friend from puppy classes came along, she's called Molly and they were so pleased to see each other.  The judge was so nice as well and she has had a battle of her own and so I think she knew what it's like.  My sister had to show Bess who is our old black labrador and Bess only uses three legs, even though she has four, so we all laughed at poor Milly. Simon and Cathy who own the kennels were so lovely and the sun even came out and we just all had such a nice day.  Mabel won the best puppy in show and she was very proud of herself but then she won the best dog in show and I did wonder a bit.
We were raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, Anthony Nolan Trust and for Cancer Bio Dogs who train dogs to sniff for cancerous changes in our wee which is a bit yucky but amazing.  The lady who came from Cancer Bio Dogs asked if they can call their next puppy Alice, after me.  So Alice will be around for years helping save lives. 
I haven't worked out how to load more photos onto here yet, I think I can only have one in a box but I'll have a think and then I'll ask mum lol.
And tomorrow, i think I'll have jaw ache because I'm going in a private plane which feels dead posh and I'm flying up to Scotland and I'm going to go and jump in with some sharks.  I've wanted to do this for ages and ages and now that I am, I'm a bit nervous. Well a lot nervous but I hope that I still do it.  My dad is going with me so I'll make sure we take lots of photos and when I work out how to do the Mabel ones I'll do a shark one as well.
Emma Bridgewater are going to let me go down to their real place and design a mug of my own which I can't wait to do but I think they'll need lots because my mum will want to buy them all.  I'm excited for that and I have a design idea already.
I'm going to go and snuggle up and watch Desperate Housewives now which is my favourite program.  Thank you for following me and thank you for your nice messages, have you joined the register yet? lol


I can't believe it!  My mum just told me that some piece of poo has hacked into the Post Pal site and managed to put a PAYPAL button on there and is enjoying spending your donation to them.  Post Pals are one of the charities that have supported me from the start of my journey and I was desperate to help as a little bit of money goes a long way for them.  It's horrible that someone thinks it's okay to take money because some of the children are really ill and it's sad that they may miss a smile because of this.  My mum is taking the link off here for a bit because we don't want to add to their problems but please don't let the piece of poo win.  Why don't you pick a child and send them something direct and that way no one can spoil it.

I'm going to post this and then do another one about my dog show because it feels wrong to do it in this post where it's a bit sad.

15 June 2011

WARNING to the low lives

With regard to all the not so lovely 'anon' comments been left, particularly the one asking if the bitch had died yet - you are only 'anon' on this blog, you are not invincible and you ARE traceable.  We will find and prosecute every single one of you.  I haven't stood by Alice for four years to be affected by a bunch of (can't say what I'd like to on here).  And to 'Ed Harding' and 'Scott' ... if you continue to advertise your seedy businesses in Alice's guest book, I swear to God I will reveal your personal details and get Alice to do the same on her Twitter.  Don't underestimate me ... I'm a mother.
Vicky Pyne, 1024 hrs GMT

14 June 2011

This should be a happy post ... but

This should be a happy post because I had the best day of my life on Sunday, but it isn't because we're all upset that so many people are pretending to be either me or mum on facebook.  We only have the Alice Pyne Bone Marrow pages (which you can see were started a year ago) and then just ONE general facebook page relating to me and that is ALICE PYNE - please 'LIKE' this page and report ANY others.  It is making my mum really upset and I wish these idiots would stop it as we were going to go to the beach for a walk and now we can't because mum is trying to stop the groups getting bigger.  I hope that they are proud of themselves for spoiling my day.
On Sunday morning my sister Milly did her Race for Life in Barrow and raised over £30,000 for Cancer Research UK which is amazing.  Thank you to everyone who donated through my link, it was so exciting for us to keep watching the amount change.
I can't make myself sound happy now because I'm not but Sunday WAS the happiest day of my life EVER and I had a really good evening in Manchester.  I felt dead important because we got to drive right up to the front and everyone knew who I was and they just let us walk right threw.  We had a drink in a little private bar and then we went into see all the boys in their chill out lounge which was cool.  I'm not going to discuss what we talked about, but they are the best and I know my mum will love them forever for what they did for me.  After I'd met them we went up to a box which was huge and had a dining area and a lounge area and a huge balcony.  I have never ever felt as important in my whole life and the whole of our balcony cried when they dedicated a song to me and Milly.  If they read this, thank you for making one of my dreams come true. I have a lovely photo to post, but because my photos are getting stolen, I don't want to, I'm too worried.

Will everyone else please help me to close down the groups made that are pretending to be me or mum?

11 June 2011

The night before ...

Usually we say it's the night before when I've got a scan coming up.  But tonight is a nice night before because tomorrow is a big, big day.  My sister is running the race for life with Mum in the morning and Mabel is even doing it with them.  Well Milly might run but I think Mum only does one pace.  Milly has nearly got £30,000 in sponsorship which is amazing and I'm going to stay up and twitter when it gets there, so please help me.  I'm slowly getting the hang of twitter :)

We were out on a little drive today and someone sent a text to my dad to say that UKHD
I went into town today because Pet's at Home in Barrow wanted to give me a lovely new lead and collar for Mabel.  Thank you, Mabel loves it x

I'm going to be having my hair cut in the morning by Helen, one of my mums friends and that will be exciting because I haven't had a haircut for almost 4 years. I had lots of other offers but I'm very happy to have Helen and it would be a long way for someone else to come just for my hair.  I'll post a piccy as soon as I can. Then, when Mum and Milly get back, is the mega exciting bit and I get to go to Manchester for the Take That concert.  Normally I only go down the motorway for hospital so I'm going to make sure I enjoy every single minute of it.  Mum's got our Take That CD on in the car to practise but she's really bad and keeps getting the words wrong.  I didn't find an outfit which isn't surprising cos I'm difficult to dress, so I'm going to pinch something from Milly's wardrobe.  I'll get mum to post a photo when we get back in.

I can't tell everything yet, but I'm going to be holding my very own charity dog show next Saturday, near to where I live in Ulverston.  I hope that lots of dogs come along to make friends with Mabel.

That was a big update wasn't it.  Keep clicking on my links and don't forget to write to a Post Pal.

10 June 2011


OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW it's the middle of the night and we just hit £10,000 for CANCER RESEARCH by you sponsoring my little sister for her run this weekend.  We can't go to bed because we're hooked on reading all the messages. I feel so good that with your help we are getting more people on the bone marrow donor list AND now we're putting money into supporting cancer research. Happy happy happy :)    
Click here for  Milly's Page and although I still can't tweet I now have a twitter account.  You can tweet me at Alice_Pyne and tell me how to do it.

9 June 2011

It's manic

I know I said this yesterday, but I can't believe that so many people have taken an interest in my blog.  They even mentioned me on This Morning and one thing that was said was what about other sick kids?  I agree, there are lots of other kids like me and I thought that the best thing I could do is link to my favourite site for making poorly kids smile.  Just click the Post Pal link and it will take you there and you can write and send happy post to lots of other kids with cancer and other serious illnesses.

I said that I didn't want any donations because I have most of the things I need, but if anyone wants to donate to something close to my heart, they can support my sister who is running the Race for Life for me this Sunday.  I've put a link to her page but this isn't a begging thing, it's just there for those who want to.  I've also put links to the Bone Marrow registers and to another great charity called FAN.

Now for my mega exciting news :))
I'm off to see Take That this weekend, can you believe it?  I am so excited and really can't wait, I just hope that I don't get ill or something daft. I've lived in PJs for about a year so mum is going to town to buy some things to bring back for me to try.  She'll bring loads but I'll no doubt end up wearing leggings and a shirt :)

We've had lots of people helping us to sort through all of the email and everyone who has emailed will hopefully get a reply from us.  I had lots of lovely people offer to help me get an iPad but close family friends have ordered one for me now, so I'll soon be blogging from that. I'll get my mum to post a picture of me on it :)  It also looks like the other things I wished to do are being organised so thank you to everyone for that.  I feel a very lucky girl.

I'm off into the Lakes with Mum and Mabel now, for a little wander. 

Alice x

PS Anyone got hints for tweeting because we don't know what we're doing LOL

8 June 2011

Oh dear!

Oh dear and I thought that I was just doing a little blog for a few friends!  Thank you so much for all your lovely messages to me.  I don't sleep very well and I sat up all night reading them as they came in from all over the planet, every single one, and they have made me smile so much so that is a good thing. 

There isn't a Paypal or Donate button on here, because I didn't mean for this to be such a big thing. It was just so that I could write on here and do the things I wanted to do and my friends could read about it them, which I'm still going to do.  It's nice you're all here too but I really don't want any money giving and we've actually been offered so many wonderful experiences that I've definitely got a lot of exciting days ahead.  My mum was trying to reply to everyone and it all got a bit mad and now we have a little team of friends helping us out so that we can get back to everyone.

I'm excited about the things I am going to be doing, but the biggest thing has to be all the people who are joining bone marrow donation schemes because of me.  I read on someones post that it is really painful.  Well, mostly bone marrow is taken as cells via a needle and I have had it done.  I was 13 when I had my first transplant and because they used my own cells, I had to have them taken out (they call it harvested) and then stored and put back in some months later after more chemo.  I'm not just saying this, but it really didn't hurt at all.  I had a tiny bruise from the needles and that was about it.  I was a bit tired too but I'm always tired so that may not have been the cells.

So, I was never begging and I don't need any money but I do love to get your messages and I hope you'll follow my blog and keep leaving me a message.  I will take a camera with me wherever I go and I'll post photos of everything I do.  In return, you can keep asking everyone you bump into to join the bone marrow donation schemes in your country.

6 June 2011

Hello :)

Hello :)
It's a bit funny me doing a blog because mum has always done these sort of things and I've never really being interested before. 
Most of you know that my scan at Alder Hey wasn't very good and that the cancer is now spreading through my body. It's a pain because there's so much stuff that I still want to do. I guess that my particular cancer is made of strong stuff (which is hard because I know I gave it my all and I'm strong and determined too).
Anyway, mum always tells me that life is what we make of it and so I'm going to make the best of what I have and because there were so many things I still wanted to do, mum suggested that I turn my ideas into a bucket list.  I've not quite finished it yet, as I keep remembering other bits, so I might add things to is as I go along. 
I'm not expecting to do everything on it.  Some of the things are just not going to happen because I can't even leave the country now (I'm too much of a risk), but they're on there, because they were on my 'to do' list at some point.  So, I thought it would be fun to have my list online and to tick things off and do a little update on everything I do :)  If anyone has suggestions, please let mum or dad know because they don't know how to do all of it yet.  They're working on it!

There was a break there because I can't figure out how to add a list.  I think I'm going to have to ask mum to do it because she can do anything.  I'll press the post button and then I'll try and post the list through the day.