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10 June 2011


OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW it's the middle of the night and we just hit £10,000 for CANCER RESEARCH by you sponsoring my little sister for her run this weekend.  We can't go to bed because we're hooked on reading all the messages. I feel so good that with your help we are getting more people on the bone marrow donor list AND now we're putting money into supporting cancer research. Happy happy happy :)    
Click here for  Milly's Page and although I still can't tweet I now have a twitter account.  You can tweet me at Alice_Pyne and tell me how to do it.


  1. I'm so proud of you for making such a difference, Alice. Very few people can say that they've made a real difference in the world. I hope that whatever happens to you, that you end up happy. You of all people certainly deserve it.

    Best wishes from Oklahoma :)

  2. Thanks for encouraging people to sign up to be bone marrow donors. My brother had leukemia 6 years ago and he got a bone marrow transplant from Australia (we live in New Zealand). It saved his life. He has a family and 4 children and is an emergency doctor.

  3. wow I just saw an article for you on the web here. and i have to say you are a brave young woman...I support cancer reserch. your doing amazing things. my prayers are with you. ~Arizona :)

  4. You are really an amazing girl, I recently signed up to be a bone marrow doner after reading your blog. You are such an inspiration to everyone. Good luck with your bucket list x

  5. Hi Alice - your bucket list has made the news here in New Zealand. Isn't that cool !!. Hope that you are able to tick off as many things as you can. delighted that you are going to see "Take That" and hope that you have an amazing time. Everyone sends their thoughts and love to you from New Zealand, and all around the world. Enjoy being a star....because you truely are !

    NICOLA (New Zealand)

  6. You have done so much more than I can ever hope to do Alice! Feel proud of yourself for making such a massive difference! Have an amazing time seeing Take That, you deserve all the happiness in the world!

    Sending you so much love from the South east,

    Clare :)

  7. Alice,
    Thanks so much for posting on your blog and allowing everyone to read your thoughts and feelings. Currently, I'm in nursing school and things have gotten pretty stressful for me, but reading your blog reminded me of all the goodness and courage that is out in the world. Thanks for being an inspiration!! I hope you're able to achieve some of the things on your bucket list!!

  8. Dear Alice,

    Just want to say you are wonderful.

    Sending lots of love amber x

  9. I read the about me section and I started crying. You motivate me more to want to consider doing research in the field of chemistry. Miami

  10. I am so sorry, I am so useless for your sister and family,

    I have only my prayers.

  11. Alice, you are FANtastic! I just want to wrap my arms around you so tightly nothing could take you away. XXXXX

    And Milly, if you ever want a job raising money for charity, you just come and see me ok! In the words of that Alan Sugar... You're HIRED!


    Linza Corp (as I dont have a profile so it will say Anonymous)

  12. Alice dear you are my hero. from a fan in the united states

  13. Hi Alice and Milly... thank you for inspiring so many of us to join the bone marrow registry! I love reading your blogs. We live close to Hershey Chocolate World in the United States. We have never heard of Cadbury Chocolate World, but it sounds delicious. How awesome it is to be able to share your life and hopes with so many..we will keep checking in!
    Jen & Alexis ( United States- Pennsylvania)

  14. Amazing girl! Alot of love to you sweetheart. Really you will achieve those things on your list. Keep on fighting. xoxoo from Sweden

  15. You're making a real difference! Great job, you should be very proud of yourself. It seems that many of the items on your list are on their way to being checked off. I certainly hope that you have a blast when you tick off some of these items!
    -Kelsey(Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

  16. After reading your story, I signed up online for the National Marrow Donor Program here in the US. I was disappointed that they turned me down due to internal surgery within the past 12 months, but you better believe I'll be back to join the registry as soon as those 12 months expire! From San Francisco, California, I am wishing you and your family strength and grace as you fight this beast. How awesome that one little blog could inspire so many people to give of themselves?!?!

  17. Hi Alice,

    This message is coming to you from an island called "Nantucket" It's a small island off the coast of Massachusetts in the United states.

    Anyways, I saw your blog on the internet and I think you are an awesome person for using your time to help raise awareness for the things that are important to you. I wish you all the best and I hope you can do everything that you are able to do on your bucket list. Take care and God bless!

  18. Alice,

    Just from reading about you and your positivity during this extremely hard time, has inspired me to look for the positive blessings in my life. I will be keeping tabs on your postings, and hoping that you can mark off every one of those bucket list items! God bless you!

    -Tom in the USA

  19. Alice,

    You are totally changing the hearts and minds of people all over the world! You have touched my heart all the way in Arizona (USA)

    Thank you for inspiring me to make my own bucket list. I can't wait to watch you complete yours!!

    Keep smiling and never stop fighting!

    :) Ashley

  20. You're pushing everyone to do it! You're doing a great thing, and you're a great girl. Don't stop believing in miracles.

  21. You are an inspiration and a leader Alice. You are doing a fabulous job at getting the message out about bone marrow donation, way to go! Good luck to your sister in her run and I hope you have tonnes of fun when you meet Take That!

    Many blessings from Canada :)

  22. You are such a brave little angel. God bless you and keep you safe. What a sweetheart...Keep on fighting. Love from Donna in New Zealand. xoxoxo

  23. God does some amazing things, and he id going to do some amazing miracles through you and your family and this BLOG. My prayers are with you, Alice and your family as well. I cannot donate bone marrow, but I am showing EVERYONE I know here in Oklahoma your blog in the hopes that it will make a difference. God bless you.

  24. Your are truly an inspiration and a miracle. You have really inspired me to get on the bone marrow donor list :) I also sent you an email and can't wait to hear back from you or one of your supporters. Have fun at the concert <3

  25. Alice,
    You are such an inspiration. I read about you online here in the United States. I don't think I can make a donation for your sister from here, but will be thinking of you both on Sunday.

  26. hey Alice Pyne, im Blake James, i have a disability known as PFFD. its a thing that where now i have one leg and have to walk on a prostesis (fake leg). email me at because i want to talk, hopefully you will see this.

    Thank You,

  27. Dear Alice

    I am in New York City and its a rainy night with lots of thunder and lightning. i think of you reading about how your thoughts and dreams have changed so many people's lives. you are an inspiration when you never intended to be. it restores one's faith in human nature. you are the best example of what people are meant to be. Wishing all your wishes come true.

  28. Hi Alice! My son is a leukemia survivor (he is now 21 but started treatment at 12) and I've seen my share of cancer kids and the bravery which comes with chemotherapy. Its a cruel club and I'm sorry you have to experience it. I became a nurse because of this experience and hope to work in oncology. Thank you for promoting bone marrow - I unfortunatly can't since I've had spinal surgery - go figure. But donating blood is still a wonderful way to contribute! I'm assuming you have neuroblastoma - my school friends little girl also faught that battle. If you get a chance, read 90 minutes in heaven - it changed my life - a wonderful story of living and a glimpse of heaven. May God put peace in your heart. You certainly are a gift to all of us THANK YOU. Mary Lee, Minnesota USA

  29. Alice
    I'm a Brit living in the US and have a dog called Mabel too! She's a beagle. God bless you - you are an inspiration and a great motivator. We are all rooting for you around the world!
    Much love from Jane (Virginia, USA)

  30. Dear Alice,
    I am so happy to see you get to fulfill some of your list. My daughter used to want to be a dolphin trainer too. May God bless you and give you strength . With much love,
    Darlene in Texas

  31. Hi Alice,

    What you're doing is amazing and inspiring. Thank you for posting it online and being such an inspiration.

    Since you can't go to Kenya, you should have an Africa theme party! You could look up how to make some African food, decorate with beads and pictures of the amazing animals, etc etc. Not the real thing, I know, but maybe a bit of a taste!

    Blessings and hugs to you!

  32. Dear Alice.
    i just came here via from australia. i really wanted to say for someone half my age you have given me more hope about the human race than anyone else in my life. you are truly a special person that gives everyone hope for a better world. if everyone could have as much courage, desire. self motivation and generosity as yourself the world would be a better place.. i would really love for you to know that my family and i have talked about the bone marrow registry in australia and as my mum has had breast cancer and beat it she is very supportive of all of our family becoming registered, i hope maybe we can make a difference to someone else's life as you have to ours.
    good-luck Alice be brave, strong and never give up! we will be thinking of you and will follow you blog daily. you have nations of people sending you good vibes and wishing you the best

    from Chris C [26 years old]
    [ Melbourne Victoria Australia]

  33. Hey Alice! You've created a world-wide sensation! So exciting! You're showing people what's really important. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.
    Best wishes from North Carolina, USA!

  34. Alice, my name is Madison, I'm 21, and live in Florida. I am a cancer survivor. One of my friends posted this link and facebook and I enjoy very much reading your blog. You are an inspiration to many people. You are an amazing woman :) Stay strong and keep writing girlfriend!!

  35. You are an inspiration to me and others. Do you know how big you are in America? Move over Katy Perry....:)

    Do you still need an ipad?

    Las Vegas

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  37. Alice you have a beautiful soul, and are truly an inspiration to us all. This world is full of wonderful people, but you are by far one of the best. You will be in my prayers tonight, and every night after that. Sending all my love, hugs and support from little old New Zealand. :)
    P.S Your story was in our countries biggest newspaper today!!

  38. Alice,

    You Rock!

    Midlesis in Mobile, Alabama

  39. What an inspiration to humanity . . .you are a gift to us all. If I lived "over the pond" I'd give you a myofascial release treatment in a heartbeat! Some of the most amazing healing can happen with this work! I know there have to be some practitioners near you. For more info check out

    "May the longtime Sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you guide your way on." Borrowed from your neigbors to the west

    --Gina (Tucson AZ, USA)

  40. wow what a amazing heart u have....u inspired me and changed my way of thinking...hatsoff to u...keep fighting...lots of love....

  41. You are such a lovely girl! I signed up to be on the bone marrow list several years ago when a little boy near my town (in Pennsylvania USA)was looking for a donor. I figured I would want everyone to sign up if it were my child. You and your Milly are a good influence for ALL
    Jen Allegrini

  42. You are so darling and precious. You are a decade younger than I am, but so much wiser! I hope I can live up to the standard you have set, sweet one. You're in my prayers, and love to you from Georgia!

  43. Alice, I saw you on the news and you're so inspiring! I want to look into donating bone marrow now! I can't wait to see as you continue ticking things off your bucket list. Hope you have an amazing weekend seeing Take That! You're such an inspiration to me, you're definitely always going to be close to my heart when life seems bad, I'll make it good! Love, Alexandra, Victoria, Missouri, USA

  44. Hola Alice , no escribo en ingles.Soy de Argentina.Simplemente deseo que todos tus sueños se cumplan. VALENTIA , FORTALEZA , LEALTAD A TUS SUEÑOS Y BONDAD. Todo eso se ve en tus palabras. Desde Argentina rezaré por ti.Por tu familia . Por tu vida y por tu alma. Vive

  45. I am so proud of what your doing. You will touch countless number of lives.
    When you take the high road, you never get stuck in traffic.

    San Diego, CA

  46. Alice,

    Your parents must be so proud to have such a wonderful daughter..
    Congratulations in bringing more awarness to teens with Cancer. Thank you for being such an inspiration...

  47. Hi Alice, I do not write in ingles.Soy of Argentina.Simplemente wish that all your dreams fulfilled. COURAGE, STRENGTH, LOYALTY TO YOUR DREAMS AND KINDNESS. All it shows in your words. From Argentina ti.Por pray for your family. For your life and your soul. Live

  48. Hi Alice,

    I just found your page though the web and thought I'd drop you a note. As a parent, I've seen what you are going though. My daughter is a cancer survivor - 6 years as of May 23rd. She just received great news from her MRI on Tuesday. My heart aches knowing that your news is not as good. You are such an inspiration to all of us in the U.S. (Ohio). What an amazing young lady! Know that we are all praying for you and your family. I will check back soon as I now have you in my "favorites"!

    God Bless,

  49. HUGS HUGS HUGS. i hope you are having a beautiful smile filled day :)

  50. you're amazing xx

    Karen (Sydney, Australia)

  51. Wow, you two girls are a force to be reckoned with! That's a fantastic total so far, and I'm sure there'll be even more to come. Good luck Milly for the run and have a fab time at Take That Alice. Big hugs to you all, including Mabel!


  52. Alice:

    We don't have money to donate but we have lots of prayers, hugs and good wishes to send your way. Keep it up! Keep living and cherish every moment.

    Friends in New York

  53. Dearest Alice.
    I am sure you realize what an enormous impact you have made on this world. Bless you child!!

    Just for fun could you let the world know how many tweeter followers you have?

  54. Alice,I am truly inspired by your courage and I personally dont say this lightly as I am a Cancer Survivor (4 times over )and know what you have endured.You are a wonderful girl,thinking of others ,your family will be so proud of you.I hope you have lots of fun with all your treats you have lined up,never give up hope.I wish you and your family the very best of everything wonderful xxxxxx Anne

  55. I will say an extra prayer for you tonight in hopes that God takes good care of you while you finish that bucket list and add too it! You are a special lady and you are helping soooo many people all around the world.... from a gal in USA

  56. Thats fantastic girly! I'm so happy for yall!
    Sending love from Texas!

  57. What a great idea to blog about the fun memories you're creating and about your bucket list! I hope you are able to check off many items on your list, Alice!Have fun with Mabel, your friends and your Mum! They are lucky to have you in their lives ~ and we are all lucky to experience your positive spirit!
    Illinois, US

  58. Sometimes you just don't know what to say...but your courage is an inspiration to both children and adults around the world. Our best wishes come to you from deep in the heart of Texas.

  59. Alice,

    I'm so proud of you - you are doing a great job raising awareness of the importance of being a bone marrow donor. I used to volunteer here in the States for the Make A Wish foundation and was very lucky to meet a girl your age who also was fighting cancer. Things didn't look good and she never gave up. 20 years later she was the best man at my wedding (I know, a girl for a best man isn't the norm, but she was MY best man).

    I wish you all the best and if you ever make it to the states, come to Kirkland Washington and I'll arrange a fun raiser at my wife's business. You can also enjoy all the hot dogs you want (we have a hot dog business) and meet lots of dogs that we helped rescue through our business.

    Again, so proud of you!


  60. You are truely an inspiration, and should be very proud of yourself. You have changed the world and the world could use more people like you Alice!

    With hope from California!

  61. Hey! This is Marina, from Brazil!!! Just wanted to say you're such a great example to the world. You're showing the world - that is full of hate and war - that even in such bad conditions, we can still manage to see the bright side. You have a life, you have to live it to the BEST. You have a chance to win, so take it, believe it and push it to limit, or even towards the limits!!
    Wonderful to see you have a smile on your face, even when you're feeling pain and fighting cancer.
    So keep strong, keep it real, keep going on. Keep being a great role model, this world needs more people like you!!
    You have an awesome and supportive family, as I can see in you blog, so enjoy it!! Take their love and give it back, renew this love always.
    They need you as much as you need them. and I'm sure you know it. (:
    Congratulations!!! Keep strong, kid.
    Love and PEACE,

  62. Hi Alice...You are such a brave spirit. I will keep you in my prayers and pray that God sends you more guardian angels to help guide you in your journey. You are such an inspiration and I hope that you get to accomplish as many things as you can. I am a mommy of a 2 y.o. so you're story touches my heart everso. I pray that your family continues the fight with you. Never give up! Believe that God is on your side :) Stay beautiful angel.

    PS... I believe that chocolate should not only have a holiday proclaimed in its honor but should also be a food group ;)

    xoxox Christine from Florida

  63. You are a Superstar! What a wonderful attitude you have. Keep smiling, keep laughing and enjoy every day.
    Girls like you change the world.
    Your dog is adorable too. All my thoughts and prayers are heading your way.

  64. Alice,

    I'm so proud of you! You are a very brave young woman and you're doing a great service for cancer awareness. Thank you for your strength and courage...cherish every moment! My best to you and your family...give your dog a hug for me.

    Jodi (cancer survivor / Virginia USA)

  65. Just heard your Chicago, IL and am a mom of 2 boys and I would be so proud of you and your bravery and your grace if you were my daughter. My little family is sending you happy thoughts and hugs from across the globe. i hope you make most of your dreams come true...but I think you are helping so many other people unintentionally with your blog that the "list" seems to pale in comparison now, huh? Again, love the grace in you

  66. You darling girl. Thank you for reaching out in your blog. I hope you can feel the arms of the entire planet reaching back. God bless you, Sweetheart. We can't do this journey for you but we certainly are with you. I wonder if you'd considered uniting an entire planet in love as a bucket item? Some accomplishment!!! Much love from an American grandma. Carol

  67. You are such an inspiration and who knows how many lives you will change! Stay strong, dream big, and never give up!

    Hugs and prayers from Tampa, FL!

  68. I just wanted to let you know how extremely brave and couragious you are, though I'm sure many people have already told you this. I'm 16, and I admire you so much for what you're doing here. You're being so completely selfless and, through you're struggle, you've still managed to smile and help raise awareness for organizations and you've gotten so many people to donate bone marrow, so you're the reason so many lives will be saved. You're a hero, and I really, truly and completely admire you.

  69. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I am a cancer survivor of 24 years (I spent my sweet 16th birthday recovering from having a tumor removed)...but I needed to be reminded exactly how precious life is....Saturday night I will be attending the Relay for Life in our community. Please know there will be luminaries in your honor here in Nebraska. Keep up the fight - and keep being the beautiful person that you are...stay strong...and keep up the good work of reminding all of us what life is all about.

  70. I just saw your blog I am from Illinois and just wanted to tell you I think it is wonderful what you are doing and I will pray for you and your family. Your mum is a so right about life.Life is all you make it. Just stay strong and always keep your chin up.
    Take Care and may God give you peace and strenghth.

  71. Have just read your inspiring story in our daily newspaper and want to send my prayers and loving thoughts to you from here in New Zealand. Your family are blessed to have such a wonderful girl as you. Lots of hugs to you from me. xxx Judy

  72. Hello Alice! I get goose bumps just reading your blog and all of the comments! I am so thrilled that you are making such an impact. Please tell you Mom what a fantastic job she is doing with you girls! I have a 2 and 4 year old, and I hope they grow up to be as strong, generous, and loving as you! Bless you!

  73. "To design an Emma Bridgewater Mug to sell for charity"

    Alice. . .you are a brave and courageous young woman and now an inspiration to many around the world.

    I am curious as to what you mean by an "emma bridgewater mug". . .and may be able to help. Please email me at


  74. Dear Alice,

    All I can say is WOW! You are so amazing. I thought that my bullies were bad but my daily fights are nothing compared to cancer. Reading your story really gave me perspective and helped me to think about all the good things in my life. I hope you have fun at Take That and all the other exciting things that you will get to do because your blog became famous. I know you never intended to have so many people follow your blog, but you are truly inspiring!

    I am planning to write to some kids on Post Pal and I hope to follow your blog and comment often. Thank you for writing and for sharing your story. It was exactly what I needed today! My family will be praying for you.

    Mackenzie, 12
    New York, USA

  75. You are an amazing person, never give up the fight.

    Positive thoughts and best wishes from Australia. xx

  76. Hi Alice,
    I know you've probably got thousands of emails at this stage and from a lot more important people than me but I felt compelled to write to you tonight. I never do things like this or write emails to people because i usually think it's a bit silly. My name is Eimear Reilly and I'm 19 today, I'm from Ireland and I heard about you on the national radio station rte1 at 6oclock today. I think you are an absolute inspiration to everyone out there sick or healthy and are an EXTREMELY special person. I hope as many dreams come through for you as possible.
    I'll include you in my prayers over the next while :) (if you don't believe in all that stuff it's okay :) ) I'm working far away from home at the moment but you've inspired me not to fight or argue with my family when i get to see them this weekend. I had lukeamia when i was 5 and luckily i'm healthy now. I promise I'll raise more money than ever for them in the future.
    Hope your sleeping okay tonight.
    All my love and best wishes,
    Eimear (

  77. today is my birthday. the nicest gift I received was to read your story. You are a gift to all of us.

    Love Sherri from Iowa

  78. Dearest Alice,
    I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain you and grant you many great memories in the the coming days, weeks and months. You are a remarkable young lady and I hope the very best for you. From Numbers 6: "24 The Lord bless you and keep you;
    25 the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
    26 the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace."

  79. Hello, my name is Matt, I'm 21...I had cancer myself when I was 12-14. I just want to say you certainly have touched many with your blog/list, bringing awareness to cancer research and especially childhood cancer research - I'm working to organize some charity events for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. You're incredibly brave, I would have never been as strong as this if things took a turn for the worse...takes a very special person to do this!

    So just wanted to let you know that you have someone thinking of you all the way over here in Coeburn, Virginia! :)

  80. well done Alice. you never set about to touch so many lives..but you did! God's blessings to're one special milkshake kiddo...greetings love and hugs from Tracy in Jamaica

  81. Dear Alice,

    You have such a brave and kind heart, wish you and your family all the best!

    Supporter from Australia

  82. Alice,
    You are amazing! Can you feel the strength of the world behind you? You are a beautiful person from the inside and out!

  83. You and your family are amazing and very inspirational. You're so brave. I just completed my bone marrow donor kit today (I actually registered a week or so ago.)You are very amazing young lady; I read the first story of your blog on msnbc and I'm so excited for you. I'm so glad you are getting this attention!! Much Love from the Voelker family in Florida. :D

  84. Hello Alice.

    I must say, you're quite brave. I'd be so afraid. You're so beautiful and inspiring.

    I'm sorry I may not do anything. You're in my prayers, however, and even though it looks like it's a dead end, I grant you the best of luck.

    May your wonderful soul rest in peace in the skies above, if death is ever embraced.

    - Eileen Mary Facas.

  85. Hi Alice,
    I didn't know you could donate bone marrow. I'm looking into where you can do that here in Brisbane, Australia. You are a bit of a legend. Good luck and love and hugs from Brissy.

  86. I had just read about you on msn. You are truely an inspiration to the entire human race. I am praying for you and your family. How can one precious life change so much of this world? I am looking into becoming a bone marrow doner. Smile you beautiful angel your list is reaching millions. Thank you for sharing your life with me and the rest of the world.
    With Love and Prayers
    From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA

  87. God bless , Hoping & praying that you get better real soon . I will read more later . Any thing is possible .

  88. You probably already know this (if so plz ignore this post), but you were a worldwide TT last night. The highest position I saw #AliceBucketList reach was no. 3. The trend lasted for several hours. I'm just wondering that since you haven't mentioned it and it was during the night, maybe you didn't see it? Ask for screenshots if you need it, I took one and I'm sure others did too. *Hugs*.

  89. Life is for living and you are doing it! Thanks for posting your bucket's an exercise I have done over the last 20 years, and now insist that my students complete one before they leave high school. One never knows when the last day will be, but we all know (somewhere in our heart and soul) that life is 100% lethal. You are inspiring people to do what matters, to make each day a memory and to let go of the petty problems that won't be remembered past next week. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share your journey. I've just registered and will be sending in my cheek swabs (not painful at all!) as soon as I can. I'll be following your posts...blessings and prayers sent to you from Tacoma, Washington. :)

    10 June 2011 02:19

  90. I was just taking a break from my exam study and to see your upbeat, vibrant and positivity shine through made me feel energised again!

    It is people like you who make this world special, you're a gift to all of those around you!

    ~Auckland, New Zealand

  91. Dear Alice,
    I have just found out about your blog and your story. You are truly inspirational.

    I wish you all the happiness in the world and a lot of love... from the bottom of my heart.

    Keep smiling Kiddo,
    Danielle from Sydney, Australia

  92. Alice - you truly are an amazing and inspirational girl! Never give up the fight! Stay strong and know that there are many, many people around the world praying for you!

    Keep smiling!!!
    xxx Donna, Boston MA USA

  93. Alice,

    You’re so inspiring. It makes me so happy to read your blog.

  94. Alice,
    You've struggled more than most anybody can say they've struggled their whole lives. I'm 25 and I can (And will!) say a 15 year old is inspiration to me. Your bucket list is one of the most selfish-less ones I've ever seen. You just really want to enjoy life with family and friends. I really hope you get to do everything you've wanted. You're such a pretty girl and you seem like you hold your head high with pride. Be safe and stay strong dearest Alice.

  95. You are an awesome chick. I hope all your dreams come true.
    love and kisses
    (from Australia)

  96. Dear Alice,
    You are such an inspiration to me! I just found your blog today, when I was sort of having a pity party for myself over something that, in the grand scheme of things DOES NOT MATTER! Thanks for helping me put things into perspective. I am going to see what I need to do to sign up to be a bone marrow donor.
    Much Love,
    Rachel in Tennessee (US)

  97. Alice,

    Your message and story brought me to tears. You are such a brave and inspirational young lady. You are inspiring people all over the world with your heartfelt message and blog. I wish you nothing but the best and you will be in my prayers. Thank you for taking the time to not only create this blog, but spread awareness :)

    You are amazing!


  98. Alice,

    Keep up the fight and best wishes to you and your family.

    Ian in Maryland, USA

  99. Alice, you are a dear, sweet and loved girl. May the Lord of all creation embrace you in your journey and send people into your life as a result of this blog who will help your dreams come true, and may your causes grow exponentially as a result and help many many people. You are doing more with your life than some people three times your age have ever done. Your family can be proud, and you should be proud of yourself too. Sending you and your family love and hugs from Connecticut, USA. Truly, I will never forget you or your blog. God bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you now and forevermore. - Cynthia

  100. If you can make it to the Yucatan, we can work on taking care of three of your bucket list:
    To swim with the whale sharks
    (that actually takes care of two things on you list)
    and to receive a back massage.
    I provide and teach massage in Valladolid, Yucatan, MX. When I lived in the USA, I was a professional massage therapist and was selected to go to Athens to provide massage services for the 2004 Paralympics. I have extensive experience providing massae to clients with life-altering conditions including fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS and cancer.

  101. So glad I found your blog. I tried to sign up to be a bone marrow donor a couple of years ago and because of my pernicious anemia they turned me down. I also can't donate blood which makes me very sad. But I am so looking forward to joining you on your journey through this life. I have another very good friend fighting Cancer also. My prayers are going to Heavenly Father for both of you.

  102. What a fighter you are..!!! a real inspiration for most of us.
    Three letters for you: WOW

  103. You're a true inspiration to people! I hope you get to finish as much of your bucket list as you can. The thought of you finishing it warms my heart.

    Best of wishes and prayers from Cape Girardeau Missouri!

  104. You are an amazing person! Good luck with your bucket list. Xoxo

    Love, Mindy
    Taylorville, Illinois USA

  105. Hello from across the POND...I am Deborah and we are in FLORIDA!!! Quite Sunny here I might add however at the moment it is 9:23 at night! I lived in Paris and Belgium for several years and travled to England many times. I miss the history and charming country side or your lovely home. We have a wonderful black lab named Sweet Sally. There are pictures of her on my blog "Crafty Visionary". I will post more there to share with you. Keep smiling and your faith will keep you strong! WE will keep you BUSY!!! xoxo

  106. God Bless You Alice..Don't Ever Let Anyone Take The Wind Out Of Your Sails & Never Stop Fighting! Sending You Love & Light from Evergreen Colorado ♥♥ ~Denise Friend~

  107. Dearest Alice,

    You take my breath away with your courage ! What an inspiration you are to all of us. I hope all of your sleep is restfull and your dreams are filled with chocolate hearts! You are truly a special young lady. My prayers are with you and your family. Keep believing in miracles!

    A Grandma from Virginia, USA

  108. Hi Alice,

    You are just amazing! What an inspiration you are for all of us. I really hope you get through all your Bucket List - you deserve every single one and so much more.

    Enjoy every single day, you truely are a beautiful person.

    With love,
    Carolyn (from Australia) xx

  109. Alicia you are an amazing girl. I hope you don't mind me sharing your blg on my facebook page. I want my family and friends in Brasil to be sign up to be BM donors. About a year ago I tried to donate but due to arthritis I'm not eligible. You are an inspiration. Thank you so sharing your life with us. Love from Ohio, US and Brasil

  110. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Alice! You are one beautiful young lady! Am hoping all your bucket list wishes come true! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  111. Hi Alice,
    I think you are beautiful inside & out. You are proof that when you're smiling-the whole world smiles with you! I enjoyed reading your blogs & learning about you & I will pray for you & your family too! May all your hopes & dreams come true. Thank you for sharing a part of your life, you have touched so many. Many blessings from Oviedo Florida

  112. Alice,

    Thank you for using your precious time to spread the word about bone marrow donation. I work in a children's hospital affiliated with a St. Judes clinic, and we see soooo many sick kids that could maybe be helped by this procedure. Keep your spirits high and always remember that anything is possible, just look what has happened in a few days! Even if your time on earth is over, you will always be remembered for your works while you were here. Congrats on all your accomplishments and know that you are a special young lady. Many blessings to you and your family!!!! You will be in my families thoughts.

    Angela Flemmer
    Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

  113. Such an inspiration! Heard about you through Facebook and on the news in Ohio, USA!!!

    You are going viral and changing the world while at it. I wish all people were as positive as you!

  114. Dearest Alice,
    I am so moved reading about your wishes, I do hope that they will all come true! What an incredible person you are! You truly are making a difference by bettering people's lives! What an inspiration you are! You will be in my Prayers,
    Your friend in the United States,

  115. Alice, I'm excited seeing the sort of response you are getting (deservedly so) so heaven only knows what it's like for you. Mega I should imagine.

    It's amazing what a little thing can do to change the world and you are surely doing that.

    Whatever you want you know you have a world of people willing to help; I'm one of them. Sit back and enjoy the ride but hey remember to get your rest too.

    Lots of love to you and your family and good luck to Milly on Sunday. Watch her sponsorship go. Whoop whoop!

  116. Dear Alice,

    You are SUCH an inspiration to everyone, your blog has changed the way I look on life. Im never going to complain again, and before I do, I'll think of Alice Pyne.

    Love from a teenager in Ireland.

  117. Alice, keep up the positive thoughts! You are an inspiration to everyone around the world! We are all sending you a great big hug. Please have someone get you the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes or better yet the movie. If I could figure out how to send it to you I would. It will help you fight the bad stuff. I so admire you and you are such a wonderful lady. With all my postiive thoughts and prayers, Lori (Ohio, USA)

  118. many people live long lives and never make an impact on the world. it's really what you do with your life that matters and you have touched and moved so should be proud. we are grateful for your words and know that with so much support around the world, you'll exceed your bucket list and have to get a new bucket:) clare from new orleans

  119. Hi Alice,

    We are in the USA and just came across your blog. Never say never honey, keep God and the faith and fight in your sights. May you have many bright days ahead of you. We too have a Lab(Black) aren't the the funniest loveable companions..almost human.
    Take care and we will check in.

  120. Alice, You are AMAZING! I am proud of your bravery. I am also fighting cancer right now, so I truly understand your words and feelings. I wish you the best, sweet girl. ~Smiles and positive energy from Tanny :) in Ohio, USA.

  121. respect to alice! but if I was 15 and had a bucket list.. gettin my box ate would definitely be on there

  122. Ohh Miracles happen! Never give up, and try to go with the Dolphins, they are magic and heal people!

    And if you have time, watch in the The Big Blue sucha good movie, and it gets even better if you have some popcorn and good friends and you are lucky to have some good people around you <3

  123. I am in awe. You are such an inspiration and I am going to share your blog with my daughters in hopes that they will learn not to waste their life on trivial things. My mother has terminal cancer and has put up a good fight. They say that roughly 10% with stage 4 colon cancer will only live 4-5 years and she is on her 7th. You seem to be a very brave young lady and I wish you the very best.

  124. Dear Alice,
    We are a Catholic youth group from Los Angeles, California (specifically Azusa). We read your blog this evening for our Bible Study and it has made us appreciate the gift of life and its fragility. Alice, you are in our prayers. Your bucket list has big goals and ambitions that has inspired us to live life to its fullest extent no matter the adversities present. We love you for this and are praying for you! Blessings in Him, St. Frances of Rome LifeTeen

  125. Hola Alice! I just want to thank you for being such an amazing inspiration, for me and so many others out there. I really hope you can fullfill all of those activities in your bucket list (swimming with sharks is great, I've done it...scary, but an amazing experience, go for it :D). Best of wishes and my prayers to you, all the way from Puerto Rico :)

  126. Wow! I heard about you on and I just had to check it out! You are such great person and I hope you get to check everything off of that bucket list! Your story inspires me to try to make a difference in the world as well, because the smallest things count. You're in my prayers!

  127. Dear Alice,

    You are such an amazing young lady! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with all of us. You and your whole family will be in my thoughts.

    Blessing and best wishes from the USA (Pennsylvania)

  128. You are SUCH an inspiration to everyone I will be praying for you

  129. Alice,

    Word of your bucket list is flying across America, and it seems, the world. I've already been on donor lists for years, so had that covered for you. ^_^ ...our hearts are with you that you can do everything you possibly can on your list.

    ...Jo-Ann in Philadelphia (USA)

  130. Alice, You are an inspiration to everyone. I hope that you can do most of your bucket list and that you enjoy every minute of each and every day! I live in Washington state in the US and am praying for you! God Bless You and your family!

  131. annahansson_@hotmail.se10 June 2011 at 02:39

    Dear Alice!
    I saw your blog. It's all over the Swedish news. It touched my heart. I just want to let you know that i will pray for you every night. I put your blog up on my Facebook so that my friends will kick in with a few extra prayers. I believe in heaven. I believe that you will go there and watch over us all. You are a strong strong strong little girl and and I am one of your biggest fans. I truly admire your strength. I see your true beauty and you potential. God has a plan for all of us. Maybe his plans for you was to enlighten all of us to do our best, fight for what we want and appreciate life, as you said, we only live once.
    And as I said, I will pray for you and god has a plan for all of us sweetheart. Please take care of yourself and have a great time meeting Take That!
    You are in my thoughts.

    All my love for you. /Anna Hansson, just a ordinary girl, from now on I will make all my dreams come true. thanks to you, Alice! Thank you! <3

  132. Dear Alice,
    You are truly amazing! The change that you are going to make in this world is going make such a difference in many people's lives. To help you in your #1 goal, I will be researching the local bone marrow donor list here in Wisconsin and signing up with friends. You are in my thoughts and prayers :-)
    ~Love from Wisconsin, USA.

  133. Dear Alice,
    Thank you, luv, for sharing. You are beautiful and amazing!

  134. Kim L. California10 June 2011 at 02:40

    You are incredible!! I hope you get through each and every item on your bucket list and then some. Such an inspiration and one heck of a fighter. Keep it up kiddo!

  135. Alice, you have done a great thing and inspired many people to do thing that could help save so many more lives, you are a true hero. It's not just your story that's so touching but the response from people all over the world. I wish you and your family all the best and hope you enjoy every second of your trips.

    I'm not all that religious or anything, but I'll leave you with this because I like it.

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


  136. Alice, I just found your blog and read your story! WOW! You are one amazing young woman. I have a yellow lab named Riley that looks alot like Mabel.I loved the Marley and Me book too! Riley is alot like him too. Naughty, naughty! You are in my prayers. Thanks for your courageous example! Melanie from Georgia USA

  137. We have a static caravan in Mousewald which is 5 miles south of Dumfries so not to far to travel. You and your family are most welcome to stay. I will send details and photos for you to decide. You are truly inspiring.
    With love from Mary and family

  138. Dear Alice,
    I am so happy that the wishes on your bucket list are coming true! Through this blog, you are teaching everyone never to give up hope, and through this you have inspired so many people to live their lives to the fullest, including myself. You're working to make a change, and that is a remarkable thing!!!
    This blog has made the news in New Jersey, congratulations! We all support you 100%, and wish you the best of luck! Never stop believing in dreams come true :)
    All our Love and Prayers,
    Olivia from New Jersey, USA

  139. wow Alice you have such an amazing attitude! You have inspired me greatly. I will pray for your comfort and continued happiness.

  140. Alice - Best wishes to you and your family. You have found the secret in living your life to the fullest. Such a grand accomplishment for such a young woman. Blessings to you and your family.

  141. Dear Alice,
    Never give up the fight. You are a bright light and an inspiration to us all.
    Hugs from Newton, Massachusetts

  142. Alice,
    Your a wonderful spirt. And i know your star will always shine brightly. I've been on the bone marrow list for ever it seems, going on 12 years now. I pray you can finish most of your list. God's love and peace shine down on you.

    Cheri, Arizona USA

  143. Dear Alice,

    You are just a doll - you've asked for such simple things on your bucket list, and I think there's something in that for everyone. I can only grant two of your requests - support Milly's Race for Life and become a bone marrow doner (I shall look in to this today!).

    Anyway - all the way from Sydney, Australia, I want to wish you every happiness and you deserve all these lovely comments from these amazing people all around the world, who you've inspired. Good for you!

    Meredith x

  144. Alice,
    I wanted to let you know I've signed up to be a marrow donor directly because of you. After I did, I posted it on Facebook and another friend signed up as well.
    You're really doing a good thing with encouraging this kind of awareness! I hope you know before you go that you've left an indelible mark on this world, and made it better.

    - Derek
    Minneapolis MN

    Some people go their whole lives without spreading as much good as you have in 15 years. I'm sorry that you won't get through all this, I truly am, but know that although nearly none of us know you, we all love you. Thank you for being such a positive source of good in this world.

  145. Best of luck to you in fulfilling your bucket list Alice and keep the faith and continue to enjoy your life,family and friends. You are a much wiser person at the age of 15 than many I know over the age of 40. May you continue to inspire those around you with your soul and wisdom and here's to hoping some people learn something from you. God bless you and your family and NEVER give up!

  146. You are so brave and courageous! You've made huge impact on the world with your story, that courage and how many people you've got to realize how important bone marrow donoring is! You truly inspire us, and probably everybody else that have read your blog. The world needs more people like you! Good luck with your bucked list!

    Best wishes, prayers and love from couple of Icelandic teenagers

  147. Alice, You have truly given so much inspiration to people all over the world with your blog. I hope you are blessed with so much happiness! I am already registered as a bone marrow donor and will encourage all I know to do the same. Looking forward to more items on that bucket list! Dream BIG! Live fully! Much love, Susan from Michigan (

  148. You have touched me with your courage. Windsor Canada.

  149. Alice,

    To paraphrase a well known quote, life isn't how many breaths you take, it's how many breaths you take away. And it's obvious that you have taken away many breaths, as you have taken away mine as I read your blog. Best of luck on your bucket list, and blessings for you and your family.

    Love from the Lynch Family in Custer, Washington, USA

  150. You are very brave and what an inspiration you are. I hope that you tick off a lot on your bucket list!!

    Praying and thinking of you in the United States!!

  151. Alice, your such a beautiful girl! what your doing is so brave and incredible. you've affected so many people around the world with your story.

    I wish you the best of luck, stay strong!

    *sending you love from the United States.

  152. Maybe you could try bioenergy therapy. Some people got treated by it and it helped them a lot. Some people I know tried some herbs like taheebo tree or Pau de Arko. I know that here in Toronto that there are some Chinese doctors that treat with natural methods successfully. Say hello to your mother and wish her lots of patience. Kiss your dog to the nose and stay positive. If you believe in God, pray to your Angel. May God bless you. You stay in my mind. With friendship, Dominik. As I am writing this, my cat Mary is sitting in front of my computer watching my type. It's almost as if she knows what I'm writing. :-)

  153. I wish you the best of luck with your bucket list. You really don't know how much of a great person you are. You have my support and love, even if I don't know you. You're a real sweetie and an inspiration. :)
    -Lauren, UT

  154. Alice,
    You are a true inspiration to young and old alike. I am honored to say that I have been on the bone marrow donor's list for almost 10 years. People like YOU are the reason I signed up. May God bless you and your family! Prayers are sent your way from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  155. Hi Alice, You are a blessing from God. Thank you, Thank you, thank you for being such an inspiration to me! I am sharing your story with my children, ages 10 and 7.
    Carol, Lewis Center, Ohio

  156. Alice,
    You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Kristy, Iowa, USA

  157. Dear Alice:
    I just saw an article about you on MSNBC and clicked to view your blog - it is so cute! You are such a brave girl! I feel so lame - I had to get a cavity filled today and was practically in tears over it, and here you are battling cancer! I don't know you at all, but I am amazed by your spirit and wish you all the best. I truly hope you are feeling ok today and have a good week. I'm going to see if there is anything I can do to help you with your bucket list!
    Praying for you in California, USA.

  158. Good luck Alice. You are inspiring so many people to make the world a better place with your story. How many people can say they've achieved that in life?

    Hope you get as much of your bucket list done as possible.


  159. God Bless you, Alice! You are so amazing; to have such a bright, positive attitude--most people would not. I'm praying for you, as is the world. You have made a difference!!!

    I hope you can accomplish all the Bucket List items you're allowed to!!! (being a dolphin trainer and going to Kenya is on my list, too!)

    Love from Virginia, USA

  160. I'm a 47 year old women reading about you and crying. We think we have problems and then we read about someone so young that should be enjoyng just being a teen. Believe and trust in God. All things are possible if you trust in him! God Bless you and your family!

  161. Ed here from Brisbane, Australia Alice. If more people were like you sweet heart, we'd all be a lot better off. Keep up the good work and keep smiling. Things can only upset us if we let them!

    (p.s. you are on all the news here! Totally Famous!)

  162. You are one amazingly strong young lady. Your family must be so proud of you. I hope your blog helps others realize the importance of each day and I hope you find strength in knowing you are followed and thought of by so many people. We should start a special hour a day where all of your followers says a special prayer for you. I think it just may help.. If not it connects us just for that one moment. BIG HUG SISTER Nicole in San Diego Ca

  163. Hi Alice!
    I love your cause and hope you make the best of the rest of your time here. I have lost so many to cancer and reading your story almost made cry! I really have hope for you and your family. I will support you to the end.
    So long from Texas :D

  164. Hi Alice! I found your site out here on the innernet and I'm so moved! Thank you for you! And if Jen & Alexis are still reading, I'm in Hershey, PA too. If I could send you gobs of chocolate I would but I doubt it would survive the trip. :( Instead I donated to Milly's race :). I love how it's over 10 times the goal right now. Keep going!

  165. I wish you all the best. You are an amazing person who will touch so many people without trying. Your journey will inspire others to live life to the fullest and not take others for granted...
    God bless you. I will pray for you and look forward to reading about your accomplishments.

  166. Well done Alice you are so brave and such an inspiration, good luck with the wish list, may all your dreams come true, sending all our prayers, love & big hugs from Australia to you and your family, plus a hug for mabel, take care young lady.

  167. Alice,

    You are an amazing young woman. You are in my prayers and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get to do as much of the list as you can. Enjoy.
    Huntington Beach, CA

  168. Alice,
    You are truly inspiring. I saw a link to your blog on MSN and had to post a comment because I was so moved by your story and your strength. I wish you the very best and hope you achieve that bucket list.

  169. Your so brave! Your one amazing person with a big joyful heart (:

    Stay happy girl :)

  170. As a chocolate lover myself, I will always have one extra bite just for you. You are my hero, You have inspired the world. xoxo Diana from Canada

  171. Girl, you are amazing! I am so impressed with your young wisdom and awesome spirit! I want to thank you for ispiring me to join Be The Match here in the states (our bone marrow donor registry)--I had always thought that I would like to do it but never did anything about it until I read your blog today. You are such a blessing and I can only imagine how many lives you will change with your kindness and bravery. You and your family will be in my prayers. Keep your head up baby girl!!
    Big Hugs from Iowa

  172. I am thinking of you here in Australia...very proud of you , you are awesome. Good luck with that bucket list.

    Tamara from Brisbane, Australia

  173. You are such a beautiful person. Only 15 years old and you're making more of a difference in the world than someone who's lived 100 years. Follow your dreams, trust in God, and never loose faith.

    Wishing you all the best from Houston, Texas!! :)

  174. Sweet Alice, Wow! What a sweet girl! I have been on the bone marrow donor list for years. I had a little cousin Jacob who had cancer....he lost his fight. I have come close to being a donor, but have not been blessed with being a match. I pray that you win this fight. Thank you sweet child for uniting the world with your love and grace! Much love to you and your family. Raelene - Redding California

  175. You are an amazing young lady. You should take pride in the good things that your blog are doing. God Bless You !! I added a link on my facebook page . Thank you for sharing , :-)

  176. Alice I hope your life will impact all those who are selfish with their lives. I have been on the bone marrow donor list now for approx 20 years and I have never been called. I am sure somewhere out there I was a match. Sorry I am doubtful of the registry or I am sure after 20 yrs I could have helped someone.

  177. Alice,
    Greetings from Toronto, Canada! I read your story in our National newspaper - What an inspiration you are and what a great way to raise awareness of your cause. Hang in there, keep your spirit high and thank you for sharing your story with me and the world.

  178. Dear Alice,

    I was on the Internet tonight and saw the headline of your story and all that you have been through. I think it is SO cool and amazing that you are trying to fulfill all of your goals and dreams on your bucket list. It really is inspiring that even in the position you are in, you still are striving to make the best of it. I wanted to tell you that my family and I are all praying for you. You really are an inspiration - not only for me, but for the whole world. Continue to be who you are, and never lose your hope and faith!

    South Carolina

    P.S. - Enjoy your new iPad, there are REALLY cool!

  179. Alice,

    Reading your blog, I am reminded of a song called "Pass It On" that we used to sing in church when I was a child. The lyrics begin with "It only takes a spark to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up in its spread his love to everyone; you want to pass it on."

    One person can make a difference. Each of us will pass it on.

    Good luck with your bucket list!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

    God bless,
    Ana (USA)

  180. Hi there from Caledonia, New York, a bitty farming village 20 mi from Rochester... I just started signing up for the marrow registry. Have thought about it for years but never ran across a physical collection point; I never knew you could do it online! My daughter is 16, and I'm guessing she'll sign up too after I show her your blog. Good work, miss!
    -dawn w.

  181. Hi Alice,

    You are 1 VERY brave girl! Not many people have lived life you you seem to be doing now. You've made everyone look at donating marrow in a whole new light... And you've probably saved hundereds of lives! Everyone will remember you in years to come!!

    It sucks that you can't travel. I live in the UAE and theres a LOT of things you'd love doing here. See the tallest building in the world, swim with dolphins at Aquaventure, slide down the tallest waterslide in the world... Maybe go on the fastest rollercoaster in the world if the rest sounds boring! Lol!

    You said you wont... But I hope you beat the cancer anyway! You deserve to beat it!

    I've posted your blog on my facebook for all my friends to see and for them to share as well! You shuold add 'Be Famous' on to your list... And then tick it off! : )

    Good Luck Alice

    Taryn xx

  182. Hi Alice!

    Your blog is amazing, my daughter thinks you are awesome, she is a leukemia survivor and can't stop talking about you. We heard about your story on the news and immediately looked up your blog. Stay strong and know that me and my family are cheering for you down in El Paso Texas.


  183. Alice and Milly,

    Greetings from Los Angeles, California, USA. Your story has touched our hearts. You are such amazing sisters. Both of you are an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Please post to your blog that to donate to RACE FOR LIFE you CAN use PAYPAL, so your admirers and fans in the USA can donate without any problem. I just did!

    Bless both of you girls and your entire family! Your parents must be absolutely amazing to have children like you two. Sending prayers, love and hugs.

    Best wishes,

  184. Alice... what a wise and beautiful soul you have! I am inspired by the faith you have in yourself and others. I will keep you and your family in my prayers! I wish you all of your dreams come true! I'm on the other side of the pond here in Pennsylvania, USA but if there is ever anything I can do for you.... just say the word... because your words have done so much for me!

  185. You are so brave and I pray that your every wish will come true. Please stay strong and know that we are praying for you, your family, and all the loved ones we know fighting cancer. Lots of love from across the pond in Michigan.

  186. Hugs from the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. You are an inspiration to us all. You have made a difference in our lives. People should cherish what they have, family and health. You are an amazing young lady.

  187. Hi Alice!
    I saw this article on MSNBC, and I think what you're doing is amazing. Not many people are able to touch so many lives, and you're doing this at the age of 15.
    Your strength and maturity is such a gift for other cancer patients going through this, and I think you're demonstrating outstanding courage. I consider it a blessing to have been able to read your blog, and to have been "technilogically" introduced to such an amazing young woman.

  188. when i was younger than you are now, my dad told me that even the tiniest movement in the universe carries on infinitely--expanding in waves out and out until the end of time. i didn't believe him them, but now i know it's true.

    did you ever think when you were pressing your fingers into those blogging keys that someone across the world would read your words, and that they would change her? 'cause they did. so i'm gonna pay it forward. i'm already a marrow donor, but some of my friends aren't. i'm posting a link to your blog, your sister's fundraising page, and be-the-match on my facebook age to see if i can't get some of my circle to sign up, donate, and send endless waves of healing your way.

    loads of love from berkeley, california (and an extra hello from my chocolate labrador girl, Sawyer, to your golden pup!)

    yasmeen omidi

  189. Hi Alice, Wow what an inspiration you are! I will be praying that you accomplish everything on your bucket list. Most people don't accomplish even a fraction of what you have done over the past couple of days. You are truly amazing, always remember and believe that.
    Thinking about you in Indiana (Juli)

  190. Dear Alice,
    It's hard to find words that explain your bravery. You are an amazing young girl and I'll pray for you. Your blog has made me aware of the things I can do for you and others. I promise I will do what I can, and I ask that God Bless you.

    Randy - California, US

  191. you are a very brave and heroic person for what you are doing

    thank you

  192. I just registered with the National Bone Marrow Program in the US. Thank you for inspiring me! Thank you for making a difference!

    Rachael (Missouri)

  193. So first off I think you need to add "Inspire Millions" to this list with a check mark.
    My best friend had ALL (Leukemia) when we were young, one of my first memories is being in the hospital with her for chemo.. Because of this I have recently registered with Be the Match Bone Marrow registry... Don't give up! <3

  194. You are absolutely an amazing young girl~ God has given you a gift to reach so many people all over the world. You will be in my prayers.
    xoxoxo Love~ Amy a mother of two in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  195. Hey! This is Debbie in Florida and I want you to know that I'll be sharing your message about bone marrow donation in my classes next week. I share your love of chocolate, but you can keep the sharks! Sending Love from Florida

  196. Headlines here in Sydney!! This world is a better place because of you and your family xxxx

  197. I've Just read a news article on an Aussie news article and I was always to scared to sign up to the bone marrow registry because I heard that it was a very painful experience... I am signing up now! Good luck beautiful! You are creating a legacy!

  198. Hi Alice

    I posted earlier and have been swept along by all of the events surrounding your Blog. Like you I am new to Blogging and Twittering but I was also wondering whether you had a Facebook account?

    You are breaking all the records on all the social sites so perhaps it might be an idea to see how many FB friends you can amass as well. I can see it being into the millions the way this is going. Can I be one BTW?

    You may not be able to get to the world girl but the world is certainly coming to you. Great init?

    Love to you all.

  199. Hey Alice; My name is Amy. I was on Twitter last night and could not understand what it was. I have tweetdeck, and could not read any of the posts, they were going by so fast. I am excited for you! I am telling you it was incredible to watch! I have not seen it totally yet, but I saw a little of it on a news website. I would love to help you. I think that I could get on the list for bone marrow, my mother in law is. I will ask her how. I have a blog too, but I haven't posted in a long time, I am supposed to be keeping my house clean. hehe right. I try to put in a little inspirational bit that I get from A nice site that has videos that are inspiring, and a story at the end (I think they are true, they should be) I will be praying for you that you get the things that you want to get done. Did you get to meet Take That? Over in America, the big deal is Justin Bieber. I personally like the Jonas Brothers. I hope that you get the photos that you want. Also, did you get your dog in a show? You are very inspirational! God Bless!

  200. You have lived more and touched more in your short life then I have in my 45 years. I am humbled.

    Kat Graham
    Vancouver, WA