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9 June 2011

It's manic

I know I said this yesterday, but I can't believe that so many people have taken an interest in my blog.  They even mentioned me on This Morning and one thing that was said was what about other sick kids?  I agree, there are lots of other kids like me and I thought that the best thing I could do is link to my favourite site for making poorly kids smile.  Just click the Post Pal link and it will take you there and you can write and send happy post to lots of other kids with cancer and other serious illnesses.

I said that I didn't want any donations because I have most of the things I need, but if anyone wants to donate to something close to my heart, they can support my sister who is running the Race for Life for me this Sunday.  I've put a link to her page but this isn't a begging thing, it's just there for those who want to.  I've also put links to the Bone Marrow registers and to another great charity called FAN.

Now for my mega exciting news :))
I'm off to see Take That this weekend, can you believe it?  I am so excited and really can't wait, I just hope that I don't get ill or something daft. I've lived in PJs for about a year so mum is going to town to buy some things to bring back for me to try.  She'll bring loads but I'll no doubt end up wearing leggings and a shirt :)

We've had lots of people helping us to sort through all of the email and everyone who has emailed will hopefully get a reply from us.  I had lots of lovely people offer to help me get an iPad but close family friends have ordered one for me now, so I'll soon be blogging from that. I'll get my mum to post a picture of me on it :)  It also looks like the other things I wished to do are being organised so thank you to everyone for that.  I feel a very lucky girl.

I'm off into the Lakes with Mum and Mabel now, for a little wander. 

Alice x

PS Anyone got hints for tweeting because we don't know what we're doing LOL


  1. I am so excitied for you as well....I truly hope that you have a blast this weeked and take plenty of pics....and don't feel bad...I don't know how to use twitter either..:) Stay strong and always smile...:)

  2. Hey, Alice :) I'm glad you get to meet your idols, it's always an amazing thing. I wish you strength, hope, and love... oh, and of course bucketloads of fun on that concert!

  3. Good luck to you young lady, the whole world wishes you well.

  4. Good luck and I registered to be a bone marrow donor here in Canada

  5. Alice, now you're famous to go along with being precious! Enjoy the Take That concert.

  6. Alice,

    On twitter say what you feel, it's fun free and you can spread your enthuasim and positive attitude to many others, good luck with everthing x

  7. Alice - Enjoy Take That honey.. It will be amazing!!! Make sure you take a few pic's for you blog..!!

  8. Twitter is so much fun! I'm sure you'll have millions of followers in no time.

    Have an amazing time at Take That - so happy that you can cross these things off your list one by one.

  9. Your post brought tears to my eyes and my mascara is stinging! I hope you have a lovely walk with Mabel. xx

  10. i saw that samsung made contact with takethats management Wicked news have a great concert & no doubt meet the lads after too maybe ? never know as for tips tweeting just say what you feel enjoy your walk x

  11. Enjoy Take That Alice. If there is anything we can help with please get in touch I live in Ulverston.

    Sharon xxxx

  12. Alice, you make me proud to be cumbrian! Iv posted your blog on my facebook wall - everyone should know what an inspiration you are! Give my love to the lakes, i am from penrith and dont get back often enough to visit my family!
    I also went to see Take That in Manchester last weekend and let me say you are in for a treat, cant wait to see your pictures!
    Oh and if you do wear leggings and a shirt just accessorize it up with a skinny belt and statement necklace - that look always rocks!
    Sending all my love Beth xx

  13. Alice, how exciting! Have an amazing weekend! Can't wait to hear about it. What an inspirational girl.

  14. Hi Alice :)

    We have you trending @ 4th on Twitter! Wonder if we can make you the most trending topic in the world this week? :D

    Twitter is simple. To send a tweet, just type whatever you like and hit send. You can send Direct messages by to pals by putting @ before their Twitter name. Eg. to send to me put @thehanvinator

    If you want to add a topic, just put a # before it. Eg. #alicebucketlist

    You can also privately message anyone you are following that is following you back. Just put a capital D and then @thehanvinator and your message :)

    I think its fantastic that the world is responding to your blog and a great opportunity to make your dreams come true whilst getting awareness out about your illness. Your incredibly brave and I wish I had an ounce of the courage you do. Your a reminder to everyone to keep dreaming and take the best you can from life. A true inspiration to us all.

    Hope this helps, all the best x

    PS: I would recommend downloading Tweetdeck as this is a great bit of software that make Tweeting even easier! :)

  15. Alice,

    Your blog posts were really inspirational. I love your positive attitude and here's wishing you good times with your family and friends.

    Lots of love.

  16. Alice,

    Twitter's easy peasy! Just sign up, and post your username on here and I'm sure you'll have a couple thousand followers in no time! Then all you have to do is tweet what you feel! You can also keep everyone updated with your bucket list and post photos, anything really!

    Have fun at Take That! Let us know what you get up to next (Cadbury World is brilliant btw, you'd love it!)


  17. What's your Twitter user name Alice? If you want any help your mum has my number! x

  18. I'm so pleased you've got your wish for Take That, have a fun weekend. You've done a massive job to raise the profile for children who are suffering. Well done, you are one very brave girl. I'm too old to be a donor, I can do other stuff tho'
    from a fellow Sagitarian.

  19. Alice!

    I'm so glad you're going to get to meet Take That! Enjoy all of your special days.

    As for advice on twitter - ask your cousin Becs - she's pretty nifty with it!!


  20. My wife, me and our four boys live on Rydal Road and have been following the tweets and know a thing or two about the tinternet and IT. If you need any help just add mgainglis5 at aol dot com or sharoninglis12 at aol dot com on fb and we will be happy to help. Your an inspiration to us all and my wife and me are smiling that your going to see Take That this weekend (even if we are a little jealous:)Sharon and Mark x

  21. Hi Alice! I am inspired by your desire to make the most of everyday. It's what we all should be doing. My daughter (14 yrs old) had Ewing's Sarcoma and is still in recovery for her leg. She hasn't walked for 18 months now - but we hope a grafting surgery in July will help. Enjoy the Take That concert and the new clothes!!! I'll be praying for you and checking back in on your blog! Sarah's blog is
    Love, Heather

  22. Hi Alice,

    I just want to say that you are truly amazing.



  23. Well done Alice - you're causing quite a stir and I've seen your blog posted on Facebook and Twitter lots of times today - many people wanting to do something to help make your dreams come true.

    I would say don't feel bad if people wish to help you as by accepting gifts you are making other people happy too. You come across as very humble and not begging at all.

    It's lovely that you've brought attention to this awful disease in such a positive way - it's the positivity that is drawing people to you - and you never know you may save hundreds of lives through your blog with getting people signed up as donors and finding out more about the disease.

    Great idea to post the links so people know how to help. I think you'll need to put some more things on your bucket list so more people can help you! ;)

    Perhaps even write a book from your blog posts and donate the proceeds to charity...

    Good luck with your wishes and I hope most, if not all, can come true for you and you can stay well enough to enjoy them all to the full.

    Love and light

  24. Your bravery and enthusiasm are inspiring. We are all blessed to be able to share a bit of this very difficult journey with you.

    I hope my children might develop some of the same wonderful attributes that you are displaying to the world.

    You're loved and prayed for by millions who don't even know you.


    A Dad from Australia

  25. I,
    wish u strike all them out,
    wish u smile all the way out,
    but out, is nothing but our heart,
    for u have shown everyone the way into out.

    signing up as a donor...all the best dear.

  26. God Bless You, Alice

  27. Literally the most inspiring blog I have read.

    I have never commented on a blog post but felt compelled to congratulate you on your initiative and the unselfish manner in which you are carrying it out by encouraging donations to relevant charities and bone marrow sign-ups.

    I hope to see you achieve everything on your list.

    All the best Alice, you're a star.

    Adam (25, London)

  28. Thanks for mentioning about Post Pals. There is some posty from me coming your way.

    So pleased you are getting to meet Take That, I hope you have an amazing time. I'm trying to work out Twitter as well so when you've worked it out perhaps you could let me know - think your Mum is 'following' me and vice versa. Enjoy your walk with Mabel. Lots of love Kate Dee xx

  29. Hi Alice

    thank you. you are such an inspiration. keep smiling. you're in my thoughts and prayers.

    From Malta

  30. I sent you a screen shot of you trending 4th on Twitter.
    Glad you are getting to do the things you are. Your journey is an inspiration.

  31. Hey !!

    You're making the world spin.. and it's so great to see you as spirit of humanity.

    It is so lovely to hear you wanting to put the other children in the world first, you sound so self-less... and maybe your blog will start (another) new trend.

    For years now people have been writing to prisoner who are in jail for life.. giving them hope and someone to talk to.

    But why shouldn't this happen to other sectors too, and include people like you, whom are suffering from demoralizing conditions.

    It would be great to think that your legacy could include the a place where people could raise a profile and invite people to write to them, because they are lonely, ill, or in some kind of crisis, where no one appears to listen to them.

    It's magic that things are just beginning to start for you, and PLEASE NEVER FEEL GUILTY, you have not asked for all this support, and the best thing to do would be to start the Alice Pyne Foundation, where people make donations, and then you can choose which hospitals or causes may choose to use your money to make more young children benefit!

    Good look with twitter

    I'm @andrewlarder if you want to follow me :-)

    Best of luck and will write again soon


  32. hemp seed oil can cure cancer i am not trying to give you false hope. Big pharma doesnt care about saving your life. Start on the hemp seed oil flax oil, COQ10 Enzyme, Laetrile vitamin B17. All these things can sve your life

  33. Hey Alice :)
    I just wanted to tell you to have an AMAZING time this weekend, and to keep smiling! :)
    Lots of love from germany :)

  34. woohooo!! :) so you're all over the world how brilliant ! enjoy it Alice! yup you're right about there being other sick kids but try not to stress about it. There will always be someone worse off than you, that's not your fault and its not for you to worry about solving those problems. By doing what you are doing now will help them anyway because of your profile, who you are and the awareness you are raising. This is your time, enjoy it and try to have as much fun as you can.
    You are awesome babe, keep going :)
    Lots of love and hugs Jason, Jan and Millie x
    oh and it would be neat to say Hi on twitter @jasebarnett and if you want help with that just tweet something you'll get all the help you need :)

  35. Oh my goodness, enjoy so much!! It's going to be a blast! Robbie... ♥ On youtube you can watch "Take That Progress Live 2011 Preview"s ... Sooo flippin' epic! Say hello to Robbie, I'm gonna go see him in July.

    Have fun, girl! And take care!

  36. Alice you truly are an amazing woman and an inspiration to us all. You have touched the hearts of millions with your grace in facing this disease.
    I am 37 and fighting cancer and your story has really touched me.
    I am so exciting for you going to see Take That this weekend. We can't wait to see pics on your blog. I am due to go in July so am hoping I will be well enough to go. Give them a big hug if you get to meet them.
    Leggings and a shirt will be great with a big belt and accessories - you will look gorgeous.
    Enjoy every moment - you are raising awareness and getting to tick off that list.
    Take care lovely lady.
    Hugs Claire xxxx

  37. Of course I found out about you from a post statinig that you wanted to be the top trending topic on twitter. Amazing wish!

    You are wise beyond your years! I agree that there are so many kids out there that no one knows about and we should all take the opportunity to listen and help. You inspire me and are a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL young lady! I really hope that you can get most of the things on your list.

    Enjoy the Take That show! Much love!!

  38. Hope all your dreams and wishes come through Alice. Sending lots of good wishes and prayers your way.

    Renee - Perth - Western Australia

  39. Sometimes something comes across that inspires people across countries, generations, boundaries...Today that is you, m'dear. You are an inspiration just by being yourself.

    Also. Randomly. You're trending 8th on Twitter in Indianapolis, Indiana of all places. And I know you're 4th worldwide. So kudos to you, sweetpea. Keep your light shining. We're using it to guide us forward.


  40. Hey I'm not sure if you already know this, but you're trending on twitter!
    I think it's very inspiring how you made a bucket list and really try to get the best out of this life.
    Make the most of it and I wish you all the strenght in the world.
    Love from Holland xxx

  41. I am going to sign up to be a doner. It is the most I can do for you. I wish there was more. Enjoy your trips and take a moment to add some more things to your list

  42. You're a brave girl. I'm praying for you. Your life isn't for nothing, and you've already impacted hundreds of thousands of people. Thank you for your blog.

  43. You are one very brave and courageous young lady, your bucket list has been posted on one of the largest Labrador owners forums in the UK and we are trying to find out how we can tick off the 'To enter Mabel in a regional Labrador show' bit for you. We'll see what we can do.

    With all the love in the world

    Natalie xx

  44. hemp seed oil can cure cancer i am not trying to give you false hope. Big pharma doesnt care about saving your life. Start on the hemp seed oil flax oil, COQ10 Enzyme, Laetrile vitamin B17. All these things can sve your life

  45. Prayers to you and your family from Chicago. You seem like such a great kid. God bless you!


    Natural Cancer Cures Exist
    2 Nobel Prizes prove it

  47. Hi Alice, I'm writing to you all the way from Australia as your story has just hit the news over here. You're a beautiful writer and a genuinely beautiful girl. Keep up the blog posts and I wish you all the luck in the world.. Keep up with the blogging and stay strong x

  48. Hi Alice
    I went to see Take That in Manchester last night and was totally blown away, you will have the most amazing time!....You really are a true inspiration, you have such a positive spirit. Keep smiling, stay strong and enjoy each moment...
    I'm a blogging virgin, but your blog completely inspired me, as it has inspired so many others
    Take care - love, prayers and thoughts xx

  49. Hi Alice! I'm going to become a bone marrow donor and register today. I want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. And and warrior. I value your strength, bravery and how you decided to involve us in your journey. You are my hero.

  50. OMG Alice how exciting. I have tears in my eyes as I can only imagine how excited you must be about this weekend. Have a fabby fabby time and everything crossed you feel well enough to go (I am sure you will) xxx

  51. Hi Alice!
    You are so brave, sweet, and kind and I really hope you have an amazing time at the concert! You are definitely one to deserve it. People around the world should learn what it takes to be courageous from you. You are definitely an inspiration.
    Keep smiling :]
    Love always from North Carolina!

  52. A Non-Secret Admirer9 June 2011 at 14:33

    I just wanted to say hello. You have reached many people with your sincerity and dignity.
    All my best, Dave from Ohio - U.S.A.

  53. hemp seed oil contains the highest source of essential fatty acids. These EFA's were used by Dr. Joanna Budwig (nobel prize nominee) to successfully treat 'terminal' cancer patients.

  54. Hi Alice, My name is Mili (like ur friend!) and I'm from Argentina but i'm currently living in Spain, found out about ur blog on twitter as a friend retweeted ur #.
    U catually r very inspiring, and i wrote about u in my blog, as the only way i can help u is trying to get more people in Arg and the world to donate bone marrow.
    I'll live u the link here, it's in spanish but google can translate it for u if u wanna read it

    please keep posting!

    I'm sending u lots and lots of besos!

  55. Alice that's amazing! I've only been following your page for the last 20 mins but already I've seen today's update from you and I think its awesome news that you're going to see Take That! :) :)
    Im sure you'll have a great time! Make sure you take lots of pics :)
    Looking forward to seeing more posts of the coming days. I wish you all the blessings from my heart...
    Go forth! :)

  56. Alice -- I hope you know that you're making the world a better place. I'm a cynical old man in the U.S. and your blog is helping me try to be a better person. It must me having that effect on many people. Thank you for being who you are and saying what you say.

  57. oh how exciting...have fun!!! You are in my thoughts.

  58. Hey Alice!

    I'm here to tell you that we got you trending on Twitter in several places, at least yesterday anyhow. Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland are a couple places I saw you trending. You are very brave and I am so excited to see that you will get to meet Take That! I hope your days are so full of excitement and awe that nothing else keeps you down. You already sound very positive and that is quite key in your battle with that icky cancer. I have been checking out the Post Pals site as well, what a great idea it is. It made me tear up but I would like to get my children involved in it. You are in everyone's thoughts and prayers as well as your family! Keep Strong Alice!

  59. Have fun seeing Take That! :)
    Ashley x

  60. Love and hugs from Bristol, I had never heard of a bucket list until a couple of months ago when I followed the story of a guy from the Midlands who had cancer. So envious you're seeing Take That, I am 42 and tried to get tickets for this tour and the one two years ago! Hope you have fun xx

  61. Alice, I am so glad your Take Thae dream is happening :D You must be SO excited about this.

    It's brilliant to hear some of the other things are being sorted out for you as well xxx

  62. Hi! I am a photographer in the states and i would love to come and shoot you and your friends. get my your info so we can make this happen.

  63. Hi Alice....what an amazing young woman you are! Please don't buy into the hemp seed oil and other cancer cures....give your heart to in Him to handle things as HE sees fit. He has a plan that we don't always understand. Enjoy your life, treasure your family time, and know that all will be well in the end. God bless you and your family.

  64. Hiya, Alice! I heard about you on Twitter, and am going to look into putting myself on the bone marrow registry here in the States.

    I love your blog, and I so admire you for how you're facing your illness and still doing good for others and having fun.

    In short: keep being awesome!

  65. Hi, Alice,

    You are an amazing, strong and beautiful young lady. I hope for you that all your dreams and more come true!! I hope you have a brilliant weekend.

    You and your family are in my thoughs and prayers.

    from Ireland xx

  66. Just keep doing what your doing ,

    for a few minutes i was busy sending the link for your blog to some other ppl , asking if they would help and ask @takethat to take a interest in you .

    just read your blog



  67. Hope you have a fabulous time at Take That. They are amazing live. I truly hope you do everything on your bucket list. X

  68. Have a great time and enjoy your Ipad. My aunt has one and she loves it.

  69. Have an amazing time with Take That, beautiful girl. You deserve all the attention and love that every has been wishing you. Have fun
    love Emma, Brisbane Australia

  70. How wonderful that Take That are your first bucket list item to be realised!! You deserve it and I hope it is wonderful. And regarding the other sick kids - a lovely idea to put the links in but you shouldn't feel at all guilty or bad about what is happening for you - sometimes the goodness of people just takes on a life of it's own and you should focus on that. x

  71. Hey Alice!
    Make sure you check the Twitter Feed for #alicebucketlist from around 12AM CST. We tried to post over 500 individual pictures of encouragement from students your age!

    If you cant find it on Twitter, look on @BigStufCamps.

  72. I saw this blog on twitter. We're going to get you trending lady :D Enjoy meeting your idols, so excited for you.

    Love from Kansas


  73. Brilliant news that you are seeing Take That this weekend, so very pleased for you enjoy every moment :)

    Please let us know your twitter name, there's a LOT of love for you other there.

  74. I'm so happy for you! You list is being put in motion so fast! You inspire me :)

  75. Hi Alice (and Milly!) hope your quilts are still keeping you nice and snug, enjoy Take That at the weekend.. big hugs Katherine (LoveQuiltsUK) xx

  76. Hi Alice,

    I am thinking of you this weekend and hoping it will be a great one.
    Stay strong.
    From Brazilxxx

  77. Alice,

    You're an inspiration and a beautfiul young lady. Keep smiling, keep fighting and have fun !!!

    We're thinking of you in the USA.


    ps, Mabel is adorable !

  78. Maria Fernanda9 June 2011 at 14:49

    well alice, let me tell you, you are pretty much famous now cause of twitter... i´m writting you from venezuela, can u belive it? so i know to be famous is not one of your wishes but if it was deep inside u could now take that one off now!!! just wanted to let you know this blog you thought as a diary for your closest friends its helping a lot of people to face live the way u do, with a smile and passion! i send you kisses from the distance in the caribbean and wish u luck with all the thing you want to achieve and Good bless you and your family!!!

  79. Alice,

    Words fail me.....WOW...Your amazing, I am meant to be working (thankfully I work for myself so i won't get into any trouble) but i can't stop reading your blogs.
    You are truly a wonderful Young Lady, and your style of writing and putting/getting your message across is amazing - Very talented.

    It thrills me for you to see how many followers you have and how much support and love your being shown.

    Your doing so much good for so many people, you must be so very proud of yourself - I bet your family are bursting with pride.

    Just wanted to send you and your family, Love, HUgs and Hope, wishing you all the very best.

    Enjoy Take That - WOW !! I can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos. I hope you get to meet them.

    Keep enjoying yourself sweetie!! xx

  80. Hi Alice, Thank you for sharing your story with everyone. You are very inspiring. I work for the bone marrow registry in the US- Be The Match Registry. It is great to see so much support for the cause. For anyone who is interested in joining in the US, you can get more information by visiting

    Thanks again, have a great weekend!


  81. Hi Alice,
    Just saw your website. It looka amazing. Your so strong for your age. I Saw your bucket list. I'm a physical therapist in Amstetdam (holland) and if I could I would give you your back massage and take your hole body with it. Hope that someone in the Uk will do it, and else we have do find a way to make this happen. My email is, you can allways use this.
    Take care and all the best.

  82. Wow!! I hope you have an amazing time at Take That…you have reminded me that every day and every moment counts. Keep smiling as you truly are amazing !! All my Love Mel xxx

  83. I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert Alice! You're an inspiration for everyone who's battling cancer! It's a good thing for this world that courage like that doesn't go unnoticed!
    And about the other kids: I think everyone who has taken the time to read your story, or to come to this blog or to follow you on Twitter, knows that you're not the only girl in this situation; so you're helping to raise the awareness, which is a whole accomplishment on its own!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  84. Here's a link to a poem written for you on twitter last night:

    No advice about twitter except have fun!

  85. Hi Alice.

    I just wanted to send you a message. You are so brave in the way you are handling things. You have certainly inspired people to sign up for the anthony nolan trust. I am a cancer survivor so am unable to sign up. I am also delighted you are going to see take that! That will be an amazing night for you!


  86. Alice,

    I wrote a little blog post on my blog and have been sharing your story on Twitter and Facebook too. Great to see you trending!

    You are an inspiring girl,


  87. Hi Alice,

    I found your words most inspiring and went to the Anthony Nolan register to put my name down as a potential donor...Thank you for inspiring me to take the plunge and best wishes for the future,

    With love and best wishes,


    P.S: you can tick my name off the list ;)

  88. You're such an inspiration, young Alice. Reading your story in the paper this morning first made me sad but then so happy that there are wonderful people like you in the world. Without rays of sunshine like you, this would be a dark, miserable place. I'm just about to sponsor your sister and sign-up to the bone marrow register. I'm going to Kenya in a few weeks and will be thinking of you. xxx

  89. Hi Alice

    Wow. You're a complete inspiration to so many people! I hope you enjoy Take That and that you get to meet the boys. That would be amazing! (I tweeted them, and I know TONS of other people did too, so you just never know!)

    Tweeting is easy, be sure to post your twitter name. And add "trending on Twitter" to your bucket list so you can cross it off.

    Stay lovely, and stay strong.

    Emma (32, UK)

  90. OMG! You are off to meet my husbands! lol! Have an amazing time! I am so happy that you are fulfilling your dreams.Enjoy every moment and give Mark a kiss from me ;)
    Suzanne @suey198127 xx

  91. Hi Alice
    I saw your twitter feed mentioning your wish for a photoshoot. As a photographer I would like to help but am currently unable to find time for a day in Ulverstone. I noticed that you go to Alder Hey for treatment and that's near where I live in Liverpool. Would it be feasible to fit a shoot into a trip down here and would you be well enough during a treatment regime?

    Wishing you all my best. Take care


  92. I'm so glad you get to meet your favorite group - although I think Take That are the lucky ones because they get to meet you!

    You are such an amazing young woman - I'm thinking of you and sending you all of my positive energy.

  93. Alice, I came to your site through Twitter - like half of the world, I suppose. I'm going to look into registering for bone marrow transplants, thanks to you. I mean, why not, if it can help?

    Enjoy Take That, I'm sure it will be brilliant. I hope you get to achieve every on your bucket list (I need to make myself one of those!) plus more. Take care. xx

  94. Bonjour Alice

    Je suis très admiratif devant ton courage et je te souhaite de réaliser un maximum de choses qui sont inscrite dans ta liste, malheureusement je ne peut pas te t'emmener avec moi mais tu sera avec moi en pensée lors de ma prochaine plongée avec les requins...

    Michel from Switzerland

  95. Have fun at the lakes and say hi to the TT boy's from Suzie ;-) xxxx

  96. Hi Alice,

    You are an amazing writer and a real inspiration to us all.

    I hope you enjoy the Take That concert :-)

    Sending you my respect and regards,
    Darren x

  97. Hi Alice,

    You are an amazing and inspiring girl and you are so brave and strong. Have a brilliant time at Take That I love them too! Really look forward to following the Bucket list and stay strong and take care big hug from Dublin Vanessa


    I am really happy to see your local community come together to fullfill your dreams Alice. I would have happily driven all that way to do your pictures but looks like you have that covered now. I was just about to message your local paper to get on board but someone beat me to it. So really happy for you. I will send you some healing. Stay strong and carry on fighting. Happiness can beat anything xxxx

  99. Hi Alice,
    I've been emailing a few companies hoping to get them to help with your list. Its looking good, got a reply and Vue say they're sorting something out, yay! Also, Twitter is simple enough, just register and start writing. You're gonna have loooaads of followers!

  100. First thing I did when I logged on this morning was come to your blog! Your story has truly touched my heart. I am so happy you get to go see Take That- that's awesome!!! Have lots of fun and shine on, you're such a beautiful spirit. I'm new to using Twitter myself so I don't have any advice I'm still learning! Enjoy your iPad!! It really is touching to see all of these people offering to help you with your list. God works in mysterious ways never lose your faith in him! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    xxx @boodah4594

  101. Am also trying to get people to become bone marrow donors. I'm gonna sign up
    And enjoy Take That, tell them they have to do Never Forget

  102. Alice, I have emailed you I need some info with regards to getting you and Mabel off to a Labrador dog show.


  103. Hi Alice...

    I am going to put you on my site for all those that are 'Friends' of The Internet Psychic to see, read and respond to... ( just got to figure out now how to do it...

    I had a feeling Take That would come through for you so please go and enjoy and if you want to 'Whoop' then go for it BIG time young lady.

    Luv'n'hugs wing their way to you...

    Paws (Etienne)

  104. Hello again Alice

    Wonderful news re Take That:) They usually do meet and greets before the show, so won't be too late for you :)

    It's a great concert, I hope you really enjoy it:)

    It's wonderful the way the whole world has come together for you and the great work you are doing to raise awareness of the need for bone marrow.

    Congratulations for all you are doing, you will have the most amazing time with all the wonderful things that are happening and totally deserved :)

    Jan x

  105. You are such an inspiration :) I don't know if I could go through your pain and still be so enthusiastic. I found you from Katy Perry's twitter - you're a trending topic :) Keep smiling. <3

  106. Hi Alice,
    You are one brave girl, I do hope you get to do all of your dreams, keep smiling :D and enjoy Take That at the weekend!!! xxx

  107. Enjoy your walk... The lakes are so marvellous!

  108. Alice, I came across your blog through a friend of mine. You are an amazing, wonderful and have inspired/ touch many heart including mine. You have inspired me to follow my dreams. I wish you all the best for the future.

    Bella from Australia

  109. Have fun on that Take That concert, I'm sure you will have a great time.
    Don't stop hoping, maybe you will win the fight :)

  110. From an American:
    Keep up the great enthusiasm and never give up! You're trending last time I checked. You might not think it; but you're an inspiration to a lot of people.

    Good job & good luck,

  111. You are truly our inspiration!

  112. Hi Alice. You're a very brave girl. I wish you peace and light and a COMPLETE bucketlist!

  113. Alice, you and your family are so gutsy and inspire us all to be better and do good stuff.My prayers go out to you also lotsa love! many people are registering now thanks to you and will no doubt help to save many lives in the future.God bless you from many here in Canada xx

  114. Hi Alice, I just joined Twitter and you were one of the first "trending topics" I heard about...I have no idea how it all works if that makes you feel any better, ha! Enjoy the concert and I look forward to following your blog. Take care darling girl.

    Laura in Ontario, Canada

  115. Hi Alice have a great weekend. I noticed one of Take That actually retweeted your blog! Pretty Cool. Anyway thinking of you and your family. All my love Anna

  116. I jut finished treatment for Stage III breast cancer. As a grown woman (37) it was hard. I give you so much credit as a young lady to go through this. You have such a wonderful attitude, your blog brought me to tears. Never give up, you never know what can change. You are my hero, sweet girl!

  117. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are showing such courage in the face of adversity.

  118. You are an Inspiration to everyone xxxxxxxxxx *hugs* xxxxxxxxxx

  119. Hello from Vermont in the USA!
    Enjoy the concert! Thank you for inspiring so many of us to live every minute of life with joy and gratitude!

  120. Christian Delzer9 June 2011 at 15:19

    Hi Alice,

    I found out about your blog via twitter, and let me say, I am quite inspired! You are such a brave, positive girl! My hopes and prayers are with you and your family! You have 1,000's of people rooting for you!

  121. Hey,

    This is heavy to read. Espescially because here in Holland is this day (9 June 2011) cycling against cancer. Or better: the cyclists are cycling in France. On a mountain called Alpe d'Huez. It's a special mountain for Dutch people because lots of prof cyclists won there a stage in the Tour De France. For this day the mountain is called Alpe d'huZes that's because of the 4000 cyclists are trying to get 6 times up against the mountain. The goal: collect 20 million euros for KWF Kankerbestrijding. That's the Dutch cancer foundation.

    All the best and I hope you will finish your bucket list!


  122. Oh, Alice, I have been following your story the last few days and while I am so saddened that a beautiful young woman such as yourself has to deal with this illness, what a wonderful thing that you have touched so many! My daughters and I are very glad that people all over the world are working to make your wishes come true! :) I am looking into becoming a bone marrow donor... I have some health problems myself, so I don;t know how that works, but I am finding out! Have fun with Take That! Love from Cincinnati, OH USA!

  123. Alice,
    thank you for your joy and your beautiful words. Even as I sit here at work this morning, I am crying thinking about how much your life and your posts are changing who I am. Thank you for the reminder to live my life to the fullest, to make goals and to never give up on your dreams. I'm praying for you today, sweetie. I can't wait to continue following your journey!

  124. I just signed up to be a bone marrow donor because of what you've said here. Thank you for being so brave.

  125. Dearest Alice, I'm writing from the Neatherlands, Amsterdam to be exact. I Always wanted to Live in the U.s That is and was my dream since I could speak. I don't know why , I thought It would make ma on my happyest, but I relize over the years that that isn't the most important thing. Small things make you happy. And I'm thankfull to live were I live. That I my have food, a house and beeing save. and well healthy. I CAN'T believe that I eer thought living in America was my only consurn I was thinking about. You must think and wurry about of all the hungry innocent children (people) and dying children al over the world , I've relized that in th yars I was getting older, but a lot of people don't. ae wurried abut the smallest things they like to call them problems. YOU are such a inspiration for those who can't appriciate life. For those with problems you make them automatic see that the their problems isn't so big anymore. We NEED more people like you on this earth. It makes me angry for the fact you might leave. But at the second thought It also makes me understand, cause you are such a good person, people lik you they are usefull someplace else too. Cause Ever think about it ; That Almost all the good people die soo young. Well there must be a special reason for that. I believe in God, I believe in ghost I believe in heaven and I believe there is saved/reserved even, a special place for you SOMEDAY. When exactually that day will come nobody knows. But wht we do know what I know. is that we all should be thankfull so much cause we had a lil angel hre on earth . I wish you the best you'll be always in our thoughts and prayers. Don't be scared , stay brave in what for way so ever, You'll be fine =D. ThanQ for your life we all appriciate it, thnQ for your blog, we all inspired by it. TRhank you for beeing you . It's heartwarming
    Thinking of you alway All my Lovee Ann-Lauré From Amsterdam

  126. You are truly amazing :)

  127. An incredible response from an incredible story. You are making history. Enjoy the gig and pat Mabel for me! xxx

  128. Your bucket list is trending on Twitter. Praying many people will see it and become donors.

  129. Hi Alice,

    I came across your blog a couple of nights ago via a twitter user and I just wanted to leave you a message to wish you all the best. I think this is a fantastic idea and I hope you get everything on your list. Yay for the power of social media!

    I am unable to sign up to the Bone Marrow Transplant list at the moment as I'm a bit underweight, but as there doesn't appear to be any medical restrictions regarding blood transfusions and missing body parts, as soon as I get my weight back up to 8st, I shall be signing up the register. I am already signed up as an organ donor. I'm certain it will be one of the best things I've done for a very long time.

    I hope you have a fantastic time at the Take That concert and I'll be following your progress from here on.

    Best Wishes to you and your family,

    Amy :-)

  130. Hi Alice,

    You're positive outlook is such an inspiration. Never give that up and always keep smiling. You're raising awareness for sick kids everywhere.

    Oh, and you're still trending worldwide! ^_^

    Hugs from Canada

  131. Have a great trip! I am a registered bone marrow donor! Oh and here is a good website with Twitter info:

  132. Hi Alice,

    You made the front page of the Guardian website today. Picture and everything. Quite an achievement!

    Enjoy the concert and take care.

  133. Good Luck Alice! I really enjoyed reading your posts and your bucket list is fab - quite a variety of stuff on there... I hope you get that purple iPad ;-)


  134. Have fun at Take That!! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous whatever you decide to wear!

  135. Hey Alice! Just sending strength and love from Slovenia, my dad had cancer so I know what an ungrateful illness this is. But! There are plenty of miracles in this world and I have a feeling you'll get better :) Trust me and be positive! Love and kisses!

  136. Lorna McDonald9 June 2011 at 15:30

    Alice, I have wanted to donate bone marrow for many years. I used to donate blood but whilst having my son and daughter, I relied on other doners when I required transfusions. This means I can't be considered and I so hope that one day this will change. I'd love to think that there was something I could do to help u reach your goal, if there is let me know! I think everybody on your blog and twitter would be honoured to be your personal Genie, so ask away Alice, your wishes are our command! Xx

  137. You are such a special girl. Just look at how you've brought everyone together. Our hearts are beside yours now. It doesn't matter where you are or how far you go. We will always be with you.

    Love from Aus

  138. My dear Alice, you don't even know it....but you ARE the very definition of grace. Much love from across the pond.

  139. Enjoy every minute this weekend, dear Alice! Your strength and positive attitude is admirable! All the best luck with your bucket! Love from Holland.

  140. Alice,
    You're 'trending' on Twitter, people are thinking that is one of your wishes #alicebucketlist. I know now that it's for people to become a donor. Either way, you are getting the message out. You are an inspiration to people and showing there is good in everybody. Stay strong. :) Barry in Ohio.

  141. Hi Alice, my name is amanda and I am from Brazil. Ive just read your story. You are a brave girl and your story inspires people. Dont stop believing in your cure. This battle is not over. Jesus can cure you. I know you could say: "well, where was Jesus when I got sick?". I know that sometimes we dont get the answers, but the thing is: miracles happen when people recognize only God can help.Thats the leap of faith. Maybe doctors said that you are a lost case. Maybe you are for man. But for God there is still hope, still cure. We will be praying for you. For your cure and for you being able to do everything you put on your bucket list, and much more. Have fun at Take That. Xoxo

  142. Alice, I have had a bucket list since I was about your age. I regularly consider that life is fleeting and try to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences we can have while here, but I have obviously never been in your situation to REALLY appreciate it all. I signed up to be a bone marrow donor earlier this year and actually just got my confirmation email just last week. I hope you are able to swim with sharks-that was one of my favorite experiences (swimming with whale sharks) and I look forward to hearing about your other adventures too.

  143. Hi Alice!

    it's so awesome that you're going to meet and see Take That. I hope you have a terrific time. Your positiveness and courage are fantastic. Wish you all the strength in the world.

    Lots of love from the Netherlands,

  144. You are an inspiration to so many people! Terminal cancer is horrible (we've had a couple of cases in my family) and to have it at your age is horrible.

    It warms my heart though how positive you are, even though it's terminal you arent giving up the fight. You're going out there and living your life. No one can applaud you enough for that!

    I am running and helping out at the race for life next month in memory of my grandad, but i hope that many people will get involved and raise money and support awareness.

    You are an inspiration, keep smiling and make the most of your time! Through yourself cancer awareness has been made more aware to some. YOU have made a difference!
    Much love, Niamh xxx

  145. You are such a lovely girl with such an incredible attitude. I am amazed by you. Praying for you and wishing for you the very best, and lots of checks on your bucket list! I am already on the bone marrow registry, a cause dear to my heart. I'll send reminders to my friends to join!

  146. Every day is a precious gift from God! My mother continues to recover from her 3rd round of leukemia. One baby's umbilical cord stem cells and one bone marrow donor's gift have given her the gift of life twice! My two children's umbilical cord blood stem cells have been donated and I am on the list! Keep preading the word for blood and marrow donors. Blessings to you each and every day!

  147. Have a fantastic time seeing Take That. Fab news, thanks for the links. I'm so pleased that you will be ticking lots of things off of your list lovely one xxx

  148. Alice,

    Saw your blog on the Be The Match facebook page! You are quite an inspiration and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts/prayers.

    The number one thing on MY bucket list is to kick cancer in the butt and have it be gone forever!

    I hope that you can achieve each and every one of the things on your bucket list! If you believe it, you can achieve it :-)

  149. Good luck from Switzerland, be strong!

  150. Ya Alice,
    May Allah (swt) accept your struggle and enlighten it for you and make you gain knowledge for entrance in jennah and make you enjoy there what you’ll have to miss here. He sees in your hard and knows you deeply.
    Peace be with you and your angels.

  151. Beautiful! Thank you!

  152. Sooo excited for you!!! Have a great time!

  153. I'm very happy for the news and amazed how your blog achieved so much love in only 3 days.
    We tend to believe we wouldn't have the strengh to endure our trials but we always have.
    Your mom should be very proud of you.
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  154. Alice, you're so brave and positive.. its inspiring! Keep smiling :) I'll try my best to pluck up the courage to register for marrow donation. I can't believe you live so close to me either, I've probably bumped into you once or twice!

    Love from a girl in Barrow-in-Furness. <3

  155. Hi Alice! Thank you for your nice, inspiring and eye-opening blog. I've just checked PostPals and I will definitely write someone and I must do something about the bone marrow. It is one of these easy things I always wanted to do, but was to passive. I hope you will enjoy the concert and all the things on your wishlist (although swimming with sharks is bit scary!). Lots of love and positive energy from Prague, Czech republic

  156. I hope you have a wonderful weekend - you are a beautiful soul! My mom received a BMT in August of 2007 and my entire family remains involved with Be The Match in the States. You are raising so much awareness for such an important cause.

  157. Alice your positive outlook is an inspiration to us all, have a ball with Take That and most of all, keep smiling.

    Good luck & best wishes.


  158. Alice,

    I wish you all the best in completing your bucket list. It is kids like you that I joined the Be The Match bone marrow registry. I would feel honored to be called to donate some day. Sending much love your way from the States!


  159. Thank you Alice. I have been feeling fed up & sorry for myself lately but reading your blog has put my stupid woes into perspective. I'm too old to be a donor but I've spread the word as much as I can. I'm thrilled you're going to 'Take That' - have an awesome time xx

  160. Alice, thank you for sharing yourself with us; have lots of fun while you go through your list! You are incredibly brave, and so are your parents... love and peace and light are yours from around the world.

  161. Hi, Alice :) I found your blog yesterday and i loved it, it is so inspiring and you're so positive that you make so much people smile. God bless you, girl! Keep fighting and no matter what, don't let the world change your smile! :D

    Greetings from Chile!

  162. Hi Alice
    You story has touched my heart - what a lovely girl you are.
    I am a photographer based in Lancashire and would love to offer you a free photoshoot of you and your family - the photoshoot that YOU control. You tell me what you want, your ideas and I can make this happen for you.
    Hope your day is pain free and happy :)
    Kirsty x

  163. Amazing inspiration little lady! Hope all your dreams come true - the whole world is behind you and still trending strong on twitter!

    Best Wishes


  164. hope you have a good time at take that xxx anita

  165. Thoughts and prayers are with you are becoming a worldwide phenomenon because of your lovely blog and spirit! You are such an inspiration and I hope all of your dreams come true. Have a great time seeing Take That!

  166. You are amazing. Such an inspiring young lady.
    I wish you every luck with your fight, and would like to send you the biggest electronic hug possible.

    Nolan Register joined.

    You are an absolute angel.

    With all my love, and best wishes for the future


  167. Hi Alice,
    Just a note to let you know your story is mentionned in one of Belgian's leading newspapers! Keep adding things to your list!

    Karen x

  168. I've just dropped you an email in case you are still looking for Twitter help, as that is what I spend my day doing for people! Do let me know if I can help in any way.

    So very delighted you are going to see Take That - I saw them a few years ago at the O2 (we were in the 6th row!) and they were just brilliant - have the most wonderful time!

  169. Very happy for you going to see Take That. I hope the other things on your bucket list will happen soon too. I went whale watching in Canada... it is an amazing, powerful experience. I'm especially hoping that's the next one you can check off.

    With love,


  170. Elizabeth Kirkby9 June 2011 at 15:59

    Hello, Alice,

    So glad you are about to do one of the things on your list. I hope you have the chance to do all the rest. You are a real inspiration, and I admire your attitude.

    Good luck.

  171. Hey Alice, i´ve read your story.. I´m from Brazil and i really understand what you´re going trought and remember to hold on. God know what he´s doing. I hope you have a wonderfull life! :)

  172. Hi Alice,
    You are truly amazing. Have a fabulous time at Take That, sooooo exciting. xxx

  173. So glad you are getting to meet take that, i'd like to send you Kenya in a box but most importantly will be joining the bone marrow register xx

  174. Hi Alice,
    I read your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I think you're amazing. I hope you get all your wishes, I can only help with one of them, I'm signing up to be a bone marrow donnor. Have lots of fun with Take that.
    Best wishes from Barcelona!

  175. Hi Alice,

    I saw your blog this morning, and it touched my heart. I read about you on Twitter. I wish you all the best and I pray for you.

    Love from the Netherlands!

  176. Courage jeune demoiselle,
    Tu m’arrache des larmes des yeux... Même si je ne peux pas faire grand chose pour t'aider, je t'envoie depuis la Suisse un énorme bisou plein de tendresse!

  177. Dear Alice,
    You are a real-life angel! I hope that you can achieve each and every item on your list! Congratulations on inspiring over a thousand people to donate bone marrow! I promise I will make a donation in honor of you.
    I hope that you are well enough to make it to your concert-we'll all be watching your blog and praying for you!
    Lots of love,
    Brett Walker

  178. Alice,
    You are a lovely, inspiring young lady! Your story has touched my heart...

  179. Just signed up. Kit is in the mail. You've made a difference! More than most people will ever make. Love seeing you trend on Twitter. Stay strong. You're an inspiration.
    Barry in Ohio

  180. Good luck to you!

    Why don't you put up a donate button that goes to cancer research charity?

  181. Hello Alice,
    I hope you get everything on your bucket list. You're truly an inspirational person. I've had my fair share of illness but nothing that can match up to yours and you've been brave throughout. I think Take That should write a song for you :'). And with the tweeting you just type whatever you like unless it's under 140 characters.
    For example: Met Take That today :D

  182. You are certainly an inspiration to so many others!! I hope to meet you someday in Heaven. May God Bless you and provide you the things on your bucket list!! I don't think that is too much to ask.

  183. Hi Alice,

    I lost my brother to cancer when he was three, so I'm all too familiar with how devastating dealing with the disease can be. But often when I think of him, I can only remember his smile, and the happiness he brought into other people's lives. You are doing much the same thing, and I greatly admire you for it. I think we too often lose sight of what's really important in life. In spite of everything you are dealing with, that's a message you are sharing with all of us, and I can't say enough about that.

    I also saw that you had whale watching on your bucket list... I really hope you get that opportunity. It's a truly amazing experience, one I'll be praying you get to take part in. I was fortunate enough to go a few times, and there's really nothing else like it. And there are lots of great videos on YouTube... I like just about everything Captain Dave's Dolphin Safari posts.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Again, you are a tremendous inspiration to all of us, and thank you so much for sharing your story. Your inspiration is going to help a lot of kids, as well as encourage even more people to get involved.

  184. hi there Alice.

    t'was nice being here. I'm looking forward to read more stories from you, and hopefully, you reading my stories too. stay strong.

    PS: here's my link if ever:

  185. Hello Alice! I wish you well. At 15, you are brave enough to face what is ahead of you. God has a plan for you and with the things happening today, remember that you are loved. The world is at one with you on this fight. Never, ever give up okay? :)

    Continue to inspire young adults and God bless you. Take care and have fun today!

    From the other side of the world,

  186. Hi Alice, I think you're more than just a trend on twitter now :)
    You're a very brave girl, I know when I was 15 I wouldn't have been able to show the courage you have.

    Keep blogging and tweeting, I'll be sending some post pals when my exams have finished - I'm a vet student and have some very important exams in 2 weeks - I know if I start writing now I'll be writing for a long time!

    All the best xxx

  187. I saw a tweet today that was #alicebucketlist, and I went to the trend. I found the link to this blog, and I just want you to know all the way from Texas, that you are truly amazing.

    God has big plans for you. You didn't even think that your story could make that big of an impact, but it did.

    Everyone should live life like you, your truly an inspiration. You and your family are in my prayers, and keep on working on that bucket list. Experiencing life is one of the most amazing things, and you are doing it. :)

  188. Hi Alice.

    What a blog! That's a very impressive bucket list. You should be very proud of yourself. Thank you for helping me to stop and think about mine!

    Best wishes


  189. I wish you all the luck and I hope you'll manage to do almost every thing on your bucket list :) Kisses from Croatia

  190. You've made it onto Yahoo! News Alice x x x x

  191. Hi Alice
    I am a 58 year old guy who does not cry too often. I am blubbing away like a good 'un. You are an inspiration. My daughter is 16 and she means the world to me, I do not know whether our family could be as brave as you are

  192. Carmen @ Solihull9 June 2011 at 16:14

    You are such an inspiration to other young children suffering....have a wonderful weekend. Get out of those pyjamas, dress all girly for the concert. Keep smiling xx

  193. Hi Alice,

    What a wonderful, inspirational, young woman you are. I'm so pleased that you're going to be able to achieve so many of the things on your list. Also pleased you're doing so much good for others by raising the profile of bone marrow donation.

    Sadly I'm unable for medical reasons to sign the register (stupid spine!), but if there is any other way I can help then I'll definitely get involved.

    Enjoy the concert, I've got friends who've been and said it was fab!

    Keep smiling,


  194. WOW!

    You are without doubt, one incredibly brave and inspirational individual. The love and good will on this blog has left me in tears.

    It's a shame our paths have crossed with your predicament but a shining example of turning a negative into a positive.

    I'm now in the process of working towards your main goal and signing up to be a blood and BM donor.

    With the aid of an army of hope and preys. I hope your journey continues and you find yourself adding more goals to your list daily.


  195. Enjoy the concert with take that. My son (12 years old) asks me to translate in French your news every day so that he has the feeling to communicate with you. We send you all our energy ! Christophe from Brussels (Belgium)

  196. Hi Alice, I posted your blog on twitter and facebook in the hope of getting some more people to sign up to be donors and I have actually signed up myself too. Need to give a saliva swab, how gross but it is completely for a good cause and fingers crossed more people sign up too.
    You are inspirational and I am so pleased you are going to be able to do some of the things on your list! All the best

    Emma xxxx

  197. Dearest Alice

    What an inspiration you are at such a young age. Truly a gift that you are touching so many lives and opening the awareness that is much needed. I am a wedding planner here in California if there is anything I can do or ship to you, I would be so blessed to be part of your journey. I am battling Lupus while caring for my mum who has terminal cancer. Even at our age is such an inspiration to see someone so young touch the hearts of so many. We as a family will be praying for you everyday sweet girl. Sending you much love for your trip this weekend.

  198. Jambo Alice!
    I keep trying to post on here but having some problems... maybe cos I am in Kenya!

    I know that you can't travel right now but I just wanted you to know that many of us in Kenya are thinking of you, sending you lots of love and hoping to hear about your wonderful times ticking items off your bucket list!

    I know you will have an amazing time at the Take That concert. Can't wait to hear about it. Photos please!

    Lots of love from Kenya!

  199. Hello Alice,

    I'm an Italian guy so firstly i want to excuse me if you won't understant my post. I'm 20, i live in sicily in a sea town near taormina(maybe you heard it before) and i have known your story thanks to my favorite radio that have broadcasted it. I won't give you advice, opinion, or judgements about your illness and about the fact that you obviously feel hurt because...i just can't. Only you are able to know and hopefully , deal with those horrible things. Now, you're probably wondering why i do this post.

    Well, there are two reason mainly: Number 1) Communicating my general(that is the point) love for empathy. I can share my feelings for mankind with you. Number 2) Giving you a link you'd probably like. it talk about life. Pure life lived with indestructible will. i hope you like it. :-))

    the are several other reasons though:

    Number 3) The power of a smile( maybe a lot of smile, if possible). There was a time when i only see the world's greatest injuries and wickedness and nothing else. After a series of facts(which are not important for the matter of this discussion) I finally see the reality. It was composed by both evil and good. And I entirely enjoyed all the moments I spent with things and people i really like.
    Number 4(this is the last one, i hope you're still reading eheheheh :))
    not enough people know what their desires are, and how to achieve them. I'm proud to see that you are more clever and really mature than many people of my age.(ok, this is a comment, but forgive me this time ok?)

    Ending this comment is difficult, i don't want to but i have to revise for an exam at university today. My exam will not be in english(luckily :) ). I close it with a wish: having some fun by sending email to you once in a while so and i'll happy if you answer me. (my address:
    excuse me again for the language. bye!!! And....

    ....many Hugs from Italy, Sicilia, Santa teresa di riva(me).

  200. Hi Alice,
    I just wanted to let you know that after reading your blog I went to and joined the bone marrow registry and I think many more will too. Thanks to you and twitter many lives will be saved. I am so glad that you are getting your wishes.