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12 August 2013

Summer is nearly over :(

Hey Guys !

Firstly i want to say how sorry i am for not doing a blog post last month. I feel so bad about it but we were in the Maldives and the wifi was the worst I've ever experienced. I think me and mum went through 10 wifi slips to just get 5 minutes.

Last month, as most of you know, we went on a holiday to the Maldives. I'm not the most confident flyer and it was a 12hour flight, so that was an experience for me :) but we did have a TV each and i watched films the whole way there and back :D. When we arrived the white beaches and the clear ocean was truly amazing and the holiday was great. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but it did get quite boring and i think as a family we have decided that we like to be doing things instead of, well.. nothing. Don't get me wrong i loved the sunbathing but i found myself in the shade a lot as it was baking hot.

However on the 12th (6 month anniversary) we went to Kuda Hurraa - the four seasons resort and it was so beautiful, the island, the people and the food :) and we had the best day ever. We made a coral reef planter in memory of Alice and we went out onto the reef and planted it under water. Me and mum were a bit nervous, as we weren't great with the fish and sharks :) I remember mum saying "The things you get us into Alice" as we jumped in off the boat. We actually scattered some of Alice's ashes out there with her coral frame, it was really special and we plan on going back in a few years and seeing it.

I have just started training for Kilimanjaro which is only 9 weeks away ( oh god ), well by training i mean going up Coniston Old Man :) but I'm planning on going every week, especially now i realise how close we are to it. Need to get back in the gym as well, haven't been in for ages. We had a Kili meet up the other day, it was great getting to meet everyone and they are awesome people to be going up with. If anyone would like to sponsor me i would be so grateful, just a pound makes a difference.

Cant believe how close it is to school though, it has gone so so fast. We go back on the 29th August, so have 2 weeks to do my homework in :/. Super excited to see all my friends again, i have met up with some off them but quite a lot of them are away on holiday. We also have 15 new people coming into our year so that should be fun !!!! It is my birthday on the 19th, so i will be 15, quite excited for it. Can't believe summer is so close to being over, I'm sorry to say but i can feel it getting colder as well :(

We had such a lovely surprise from Alan Titchmarsh last month when he came to give our garden a makeover and it's now done and i love it, especially my pod. I spend hours and hours in there, i take my book and music out and I'm sorted. Just want to say a massive Thank You to the whole team at "Love Your Garden" for doing it and we all practically live in it now :)

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Will post again next month - promise.

Milly xxx


  1. I saw the Love your Garden episode and i think your family is brilliant! You are so brave and i wish you all the best for your expedition up Killimanjiro! I have just done my Duke of Edinburgh expedition so know what long walk feel like, although im sure yours will be harder! :)

  2. Good to see you posting any time
    Beautiful photographs!
    Wishing you a fantastic school year and a safe and rewarding climb up Killimanjaro

  3. I saw the Titchmarsh show last night and thought it was beautiful! You guys have been through so much, and now, without Alice - are still so brave... Not only are your remembering Alice in these posts and on this blog - but you are continuing her legacy. Bless you all. x.

  4. GOD Bless
    I just want to shower my love to you
    You are a beautiful brave girl
    Continue to keep Hope Alive
    To be Strong in Faith
    All things are possible in

    Please check this blog if u have time
    It is inspirational

    We all love u lotts xxx
    GOD Bless

  5. The "Love your Garden" episode is available on ITV Player for the next 29 days.

    Just about to watch it.

    Have a great birthday on the 19th Milly!

  6. I think the coral frame is a great idea. I always thought I'd want my Ashes planted with a young sapling.
    Your sister achieved a lot with her time. He greatest achievement was inspiring you to live a full life. Honestly, how many 15 year olds climb mountains?

  7. Sounds like you've been pretty busy! What a lovely idea to make a coral reef planter :) I understand what you mean about holidays where you just lie around, I need to be out and about wandering and discovering stuff. And I LOVE your pod, that's amazing!!! What a great place to hide away :) Best of luck with the rest of your training for the big hike up Kilimanjaro and enjoy the rest of the hols before you go back to school!

  8. Beautiful memories, keep hold of them. I need a pod like yours - good luck with the training and enjoy school because when you get to my age you will wish you were back there!

  9. Hi Milly! Another great post, thank you for posting. Don't apologise for not posting when you were on holiday! You are allowed a break you know..! Glad the Maldives was nice.

    I have just watched the Love Your Garden episode and cried at the beginning and at the end - soppy me! But it was sooo nice to see you on tv and to see someone doing something lovely for your family. Your pod is great! Do the dogs join you there?

    You and your family continue to be an inspiration and I must keep OLLI in mind always. Wow Kili is creeping up fast - it's very exciting.

    As for school - can't believe you go back that early!

    Oh and have a really happy birthday, hope you have a fabulous day. Lots of love. Bethan xx

  10. It was a great program Millie and your pod looks amazing. I am 50 and I would love one :) x

  11. This blog is just so inspirational, good luck on your fundraising and the climb x

  12. Happy birthday Milly! Keep on keeping on! I will look for your report after your summit of Kilimanjaro!

  13. Bless your little heart. You are so so brave and I'm sure everyone is wishing you the best of luck!

    Your a very special girl I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!


  14. This is the way most people thought of Alice,,and now this song is for you to. Your life adventures will always have ups and downs. We all pray for more ups,,than downs.
    No scuba certification,, too bad,,snorkeling is ok,,maybe next time.
    Hope all is well in school this year,,, You have a little more star power from all the media exposure. So use the power wisely,,Anyway have fun going up the mountain,,U will B fine,,U have Alice watching over U,,
    Thank you again for the up dates,,, As always if there is anything we can do for you in the U.S,,just ask,,, B careful out there,and have fun,, Tony D

  15. Good luck with getting back into the school life Milly - haha it's amazing how quickly the holidays have gone this year - my 14 year old was definitely NOT in the mood for the early starts after 6 weeks of chillaxing lol

    I love the photograph of you all diving to place Alice's coral planter - how truly beautiful.

    I hope you get lots of new sponsors for your climb, and the very best of luck with your training, I do hope it serves you well and are fully prepared to enjoy the experience.

  16. Let try this again,,, Last comment never showed up?? There are,and always will be people who will like you, care about you, and even love you. You do not have to be anthing but your self,, no pretending, or excuses ,,, just blog what is on your mind,as you have been,, Your mom said it best, Alice was never alone, we were always there if she needed some one,,same goes for you young lady,,If you ask for help,some one out here will respond,, Take care of your self, be careful and have the experience of a life time going up the moutain,,and always remember,you are never alone.
    Tony D