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12 September 2013

Winter's Arriving :)

Hey Guys !

Hope everyone had a great summer and just chilled out !!
Everyone's back at school, I missed my friends so much and it's great to be with them again. I'm in year 10 now and starting my GCSE's, which is so scary and much harder than year 9.

The charity caravan was really busy over summer and I hope that all of the families enjoyed themselves and had a relaxing time.

We picked our service choices the other day at school. For those who don't know, service is like helping your community in some way and I'm really excited. My first choice was helping out at a primary school with little kids. I love kids so I thought that would be a super choice for me. My second choice was to help out at an Old People's home, I thought that would be a really nice thing to do because I love hearing stories from when my granddad was my age and I know older people love telling you them :)

It's Kilimanjaro soon :/ it's nerve-racking how fast it's come, but we have been trying to get up a mountain each weekend and just getting that little bit more prepared as each week comes, whether that's working or not i have no idea :) I would really appreciate it if you would sponsor me just a little bit towards it, I'm just £2000 off my target, so like Tesco's say "Every little helps"!

I have just come back from my DoE practice expedition today and I have to say it was so much fun. Yesterday it was really sunny so it was good walking weather. Last night we all put our tents up and cooked pasta with sauce and afterwards, we just chilled with everyone. It was such a clear night and at one point me and my friend just lay on the grass and looked at the stars. I never do that and it was so amazing. However today was raining pretty heavy in Cumbria and it was also extremely windy, but we still walked and then mum and dad picked me up. As soon as i got back i fell asleep for 4 hours :)
Got school tomorrow, I'm going to be like a walking zombie :)

Hope everyone has a great September month and it doesn't get too cold for you all :)

Milly x


  1. Alice would be so proud of you.
    Good luck in Kilimanjaro, you can do it!

  2. I had a shock when I got into year 10 too but you'll be fine!

    I wish that we had the D of E award in my school, it sounds like so much fun - enjoy!

  3. Interesting how much more mature your blogs have progressed, The Kili trip will help you deal with life in many ways for years to come. School is another form of life experiences, you will get out of school what you put into it,you are maturing rather quickly for one so young,,Be a kid as long as you can and experience all the things children should be, before they have to grow up and be an adult.Take care of your self kid,, glad to read your blog,they really are very interesting,,, Tony D

  4. Milly, your lovely smile and positivity shines through your blog posts - good luck with Kili - will be thinking of you :-) You're quite inspiring you know. You'll be good at your service choice too, whichever you get to do - I think you might have some stories the old people (or kids) would want to hear! Good luck and have fun and take care on Kili!! Much love as always xxx

  5. My daughter has just started Year 10 too - good luck with EVERYTHING :) X

  6. Hi Milly,

    What a great, inspiring blog. I would love to interview you for my Dutch blog. Is that possible?

    Good luck with everything!

  7. Good look in Kilimanjaro. I hope see pictures of that trip. :)

  8. I get the feeling you chose the title for this one deliberately, not to be "Winter is coming"! I found it really witty, the way you made it to be nearly that!

    Wishing you all the best with your climb, and with all you are endeavouring in the coming year. It's cliched, everyone is saying it, but it is completely true: you are such an inspiring young woman, and I'm pretty sure you will accomplish great things in the years to come.

    Go Milly!

  9. Very interesting and inspiring was this Kili trip. you are exploring the world every other morning. school days are always great and joyful. One suggestion, keep yourself protective not to going unknown and prohibited places. Wish you a happy life,