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31 August 2011

Look no hair!

It's actually look no hair for the 6th time and I was a bit upset at first, but I'm fine now.  The reason it's dropping out is because I've been trying a new drug that will hopefully slow things down and give me longer - I'm aiming for Christmas partly because because it will be my 16th and partly so that I can write my Christmas list to santa.  I didn't want to say anything about it until we knew if it was helping me in any way, but that's why i have gaps away from here.  Anyway, I've been having it for about 6 weeks and it seems to be working at the moment but the downside is that I'm quite tired and also that my hair has fallen out.  Mum has been busy ordering me some new bandanas because we gave all of mine away last year to some other girls on the ward as mine wasn't going to fall out again.  Nice one mum!

I'm glad that I've now got a sim card for my iPad because my mobile phone still isn't working.  Mum and Dad bought me a top up voucher for my new Nokia at the beginning of August and it didn't work and we went backward and forward in-between hospital stays and Tesco gave us another one and then another one.  None of them worked and then the store said it was my phone and we had to call Tesco mobile and sort it out with them. So my mum rang them and spent ages on the phone and they said that it's not their fault and that it is the stores fault and that mum has to go back to the store.  Mum said that she's been driving up and down to Tesco and it's 20 miles every time and that she wanted them to sort it as nothing was getting done and I have no phone and the woman said she'd put her through to another department and then they cut mum off!  So I've had no phone for nearly a month and I can't get a different sim because it is stuck to them.  So Tesco, if you're reading this, please sort my phone out for me.

This is my big surprise.  I got out of hospital just in time to take Mabel for a photoshoot with Jason because guess what Mabel is going to be a Pet's at Home cover girl and go on the front of their new dog treat packets.  So every time you go into Pet's at Home, Mabel will be hanging up on a packet somewhere in the store.  And that's another reason I want to be here at Christmas lol.  We had lots of fun having the photos taken and trying to get Mabel to sit still with her mouth just a little bit open and her tongue hanging out.  That was my first day out of hospital and basically I've slept every day since that until today when I got up at lunch time to go shopping at Pet's at Home.  I bought Mabel and Bess a new squashy bed.

Although I've been tired I do feel a lot better at the moment and I'm looking forward to doing a few more things but I still can't really get on a plane and go just anyway so it's lovely to get nice offers from away, and I'd especially love to do the Whale watching in Alaska but it's not going to happen and I did get a cool video sent to me.  I might try to go to Scotland if Mum and Dad will take me because ages back, we did have a lovely email offering a whale boat trip and things in a seaside village.  That would be quite nice I think :)

Right, I'm going to go to bed now I'm tired but I wanted to update you all and ask you to all keep spreading the bone marrow word ... spit spit spit!


  1. Good to know you're still doing okay, Alice :) Stay strong, girlie. We're all rooting for you :D

    Lots of love and hugs from Oklahoma,
    Whitney :)

  2. We don't have Pets at Home here in the US, but if we did, my version of Mabel would have all he wanted! Get some rest and hopefully you'll get to watch those whales, after all. Cheers!

  3. Nice to hear from you Alice, and I do hope you are feeling a little better soon. Take care and if you get a chance pop down to see the crowd in Ulverston with the I-Pad xxx

  4. Good grief I hope Tesco get your phone sorted. Glad you are feeling a bit better. I will make sure I look out for mabel in her new glamourous role.

  5. Good to hear from you Alice, hope you are feeling better soon. Say hi to your Mum for me and if she needs any help with Tesco just to contact me on FB. Take care and if you get a chance please come back and visit your friends at MIL. A xxx

  6. Take care Alice and hope to see you soon. Say Hi to your Mum and if she needs any assistance with Tesco just to FB me and I will go yell in the Barrow Store. A xxx

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better Alice, and I hope you can get the phone situation sorted out soon. Keep smiling!

  8. I joined the bone marrow registry in America. Praying for you!

  9. Hi Alice, don't worry about the hair stuff. Just remember, we wore the no hair look before it became trendy and some of us just have the right shaped head for it !! Good to hear that Mabel has secured her first modelling assignment - I am sure it wont be the last. My youngest basset and I have just been out to a country dog show which was fun - a long drive but fun!! Let me know if there is anything I can send you from Australia.
    Love, Helen Topalov xx

  10. So glad to hear the drug is working, long may it continue to do so.
    You are beautiful with or without hair!!

    Take care sweetheart,
    mandi xx

  11. you are so strong and cheerful I really admire you :).
    Everytime I go into pets at home, I'll be looking for your dog on the packets!! x

  12. Stay strong Alice! I love reading your posts and can't wait to see the photos of Mabel!

    And Tesco - just figured out her phone already! :)

    ~Olivia from Chicago

  13. re your mobile fone problem.i was having the same thing.hassle from my providers.
    went online and looked about.
    ended up with a sim only contract.tenner a month.seems to be can keep your old handset and your number.all the companies seem to be doing the same deal.just have a look and pick the one that seems best for you.

  14. Thanks for the update! Hang in there and I hope the new drugs work. Is there an address that we could send bandanas too. I bet a lot of people would send them, and it might be fun to get them from all over the world.

  15. Gosh. Your dog will surely make a beautiful cover girl! I will keep an eye out for her from way up here in Newcastle!

  16. Hi Alice! Your post today is full of good news, I loved it!

    I'm so glad to know that you are trying a new treatment and that it is working for now! Hair grows back, you will see: on your birthday it will be beautiful again :)

    I loved the part about "top Mabel," it must have been a very funny day.

    Did you get my picture with his mug in Brazil? :)

    Lots of love,


  17. that sucks with your phone! Someone needs to take responsibility for it!! grrrrr but glad your feeling better and the new drugs are helping! :D

  18. I hope your phone gets fixed soon, such a pain! The Scotland trip sounds lovely, definitely worth doing, my family and I go to Scotland on holiday every year (to the Western Isles) and they are absolutely incredible. If you want a tropical-looking beach without the plane journey, go to the Western Isles! (Google 'Hebrides Beaches') Hope you are feeling better my lovely, hope the new drugs continue to help! xxx

  19. Alice I write blogs for a living (which means reading lots too) and I have to say yours is my favourite. You give me such hope just through your spirit.
    I am so happy the drugs are working for you. Don't worry about the hair. My mum lost all of her hair and I have her silk scarf that she wore still. It's not fashionable but it is soft, you can have it if you like. My mum was always kind so I know she would like you to have it. She turned her wedding dress into clothes for children in a home which I always really admired.
    I lost my older brother in July to a disease called Neurosarcoidosis (he was 38) and we are trying to raise awareness of it. What you have done with your blog is amazing so keep up the good work!
    I have a spare mobile too if you would like it but it is nothing fancy. If you have a P.O box address (giving out your address to random strangers is never a wise move!)let me know.
    All the best, rest and keep smiling :D

  20. We're thinking of you and we will continue to spread the bone marrow word.

  21. A big hello hug to you Alice from Washington state. Glad to hear the meds are doing some good, and I'd be chuffed to make you one of my super-comfy chemo caps if you'd like. Here's the link to my cap blog:

    I love the thought of my hats keeping heads warm all over the world! Just drop me a note and I'll get stitching.


  22. Glad you a feeling a little better at the moment Alice xo

  23. Great to see another post, glad to hear that you getting a new drug, even though it does have the side effects. Don't worry about the hair, now you know what us boys feel when we start to get a bit thin on top!! :0)
    So Mabel is going to become a superstar, that's excellent. I hope that they are paying her in doggie treats, big massive bags of them. I could just imagine my Bracken (golden lab) scoffing into them until bursting point.
    Looking forward to your next blog
    Take care

  24. Hi Alice!

    It's great to hear from you again. I'm glad that you're feeling a little bit better. I am definitely hoping that you have a lovely Christmas with your family and your celebrity dog Mabel.

    Good luck with everything!

  25. Alice, you are so inspiring!
    It's good to hear all the great news :)
    Stay strong sweetheart,
    Mhiara xxx

  26. you are so inspirational.
    i don't know you, but i look up to you.
    you're FANTASTIC :)

  27. Sending love from Germany, Alice! Love reading your updates :D

  28. Glad to have an update and wishing you the best from US.

    Hope your phone problems get straightened out. How frustrating.

  29. Thanks for beeing so strong Alice and keeping us informed. So now you are imposing a new fashion of hairstyle:) Kind regards of our two dogs Tsuki and Jony, our rabbit Felu and the iguana Juana.
    A big hug

  30. Hi Alice, dont worry about the hair loss, it'll grow back quick im sure and the idea of people sending bandanas from all over the world is a fab one!! As well as Leo the lab, we have a new pup now..a smelly basset hound called June-she eats my house, name it lol. We are avid fans of pets at home and cant wait to see your mabel on the dog treats!
    Once again..your amazing and myself and the kids are always willing you on in our thoughts.
    Lots of love Emma, Alice, Tom, Olivia, Max, Teddy and the dogs Leo and June and cat James :) xxxx

  31. hello alice, im pleased to hear mabel is on the front of pets at home packets! how exciting! :)
    i hope you get to go to scotland, i went to edinburgh and the highlands and they are lovely.
    hoping you feel better and brighter, and get a bit more energy to do all the lovely things you want to do!!
    thinking of you
    eleanor xxxx
    ps re the hair, it will definitely grow back and until then you can wear lovely scarves!

  32. Great news about the drugs, Alice, though it sucks about the hair....maybe you should have a new photoshoot all bald and stuff: that'd make people volunteer to be Bone Marrow donors in a heartbeat :D
    My girls are looking forward to going to Pets at Home (it's our wet weather activity to go and see the animals!! Well, they are only little) to Mabel-spot.
    Keep well, and I hope you're up to doing loads more fun stuff- I steal all my best ideas from you!!

  33. Waheyy we have a local pets at home, i'll have to go in and look out for mabel the cutie :) You really are incredible alice! your 16th will be a milestone i think. i"m 16 myself :D good luck, you have so much support out there! xoxox

  34. Keep it up, Alice! I love reading your updates via the email feed. From one cancer survivor to another: I will be wishing you a Merry Christmas from Canada :)

    -Marc, Ontario, Canada

  35. Alice I hate so much that you have to go through this, but you know you are so extraordinary - I read your blog and honestly I feel the size of Tom Thumb.
    Sometimes I act like a big baby who is not getting my own way, and then I read you and I think Alice Pyne is the most amazing person on the planet, and my goal is to be one one sixteenth as positive and centered as she is.
    You see the bright side in things and have gone through so much and just keep going and manage to find the joke. These blogs should be posted in every Newspaper for everyone do to read, and every time one of us starts getting our knickers in a twist because some minor detail isn't working out in that second we should read Awesome Alice and send ourselves to the corner for a time out.
    Now, re the hair, I'm sorry about that, but again you are being a good sport. Think of all the times people mope around, because they are having a bad hair day. Well one thing, that is eliminated and I like the bandana look. I just found a photo of myself from the 7th grade and I wore them for a year and I think I looked better. Scarves are so pretty now and your hair will be back soon!
    But the good news is your medicine is working out.
    Now the phone service, if we all write in to Tesco maybe they will send you new phone...
    Phones are too weird.
    I can't wait to see the Mabel photos will you post them on the site?
    Today I am sending you tons of good thoughts, an ocean liner full of admiration and know that you are such a giant human being Alice, the rest of us are like like baby smurfs in comparison.
    Love, Tracey

  36. look to the fabien barthez former goalkeeper of the french national football team in the mid nineties! he was all the time with no hair and smiling, goalkeeping well, with a great attitude on the ground he is even today a great man! so, you have nothing to worry about! feel fine and go to the scotland if it can be done!
    best regards, Alice! :) :*

  37. You are an inspiration to us all or at least to me.

  38. Glad to hear about the new drugs Alice, hopefully the good effects will be massive and the bad effects minimal! Remember stay positive, you are great and we are all rooting for you x

  39. Glad to hear the drugs seem to be helping, apart from losing your hair that is!

    You've really inspired me with your blog and your positive outlook on life! I've organised a donor recruitment drive this Saturday in Aspatria, so hoping we can get some more people signed up onto the register.

    To be honest i probably wouldn't have organised had, had it not been for you.

    You're doing an amazing job raising awareness for Anthony Nolan and the bone marrow register, you should be extremely proud of yourself

    Much love

    Catherine xx

  40. Glad to hear the new drugs are helping, Alice. I just KNOW you're going to enjoy this Christmas - and I pray you will enjoy many more.
    And about the hair - it will grow back and anyway, some people think no hair is sexy! Well - it worked for Yul Brynner ;-)

  41. best wishes to you alice! hang in there and stay positive! you're doing great :)

  42. You sound like such a lovely and extremely brave girl Alice. My hair has just grown back and I remember how hard it was to lose it. I luv reading your blogs and I admire the way u r dealing with your illness. X x x

  43. Hi Alice-
    I just came across your blog and I just wanted to let you know that ur an awesome kid!! Thanks so much for allowing us all to be a part of this and I hope the new drugs continue to work for you!

  44. courage my little one ! In life we all have to learn that the only certainty there is uncertainty and the futility of things from a point onwards ! All there is up to us after teaching changed and transformed into something else, unknown until that time will come !

  45. Hi there! I came across your blog site and just knew that you're sick. I'm verry sorry and yet I want say, YOU'RE BRAVE, Girl! I love the way you intended life with by writing your experiences here and share yourself with us. I'm praying for you! Be happy always. ;)

  46. hey i just read your blog and i have 2 say..its really awesome and inspiring..what you're doing :D i hope everything goes well for you ...
    lots of luck!!
    Namrata ::Darjeeling,India

  47. hey Alice, good to see you back, hugs from kendal, if you feel up to it you are welcome to come here for torchlight, private seats and lots of food..lots of love xxx

  48. Hi Alice, I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. You have given people so much hope and inspiration. If everyone would have the same positive attitude as you, the world would definitely be a better place. I am also huffing and puffing and trying to get as much rest as I can, as I am soon to deliver a baby girl! I will tell her all about you when she comes out. Take care, girl!


  49. Dang that Hair Loss eh! Roll on the new Bandanas. Make sure you get funky colours!

    I'm going to make a trip to Pets At Home so that I can see Mabel!

    Nice One!

  50. stay strong beauty :) be happy :) i follow you^^

    xoxo from

  51. I wish for you a wonderful Christmas with your family and Mabel! Sleep as much as you need it, feel good, have beautiful days. Take care- I am glad you share with us so I can read how you are.