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22 August 2011

Milly's GOSH Christmas Card

Hello, I've had a much better weekend and although I'm still stuck in hospital, I hope to get out soon!
My little sister Milly did some drawings for Great Ormond Street a few years ago and in May, they asked Milly if it was okay to use them to create a new card. Her last Christmas card raised over £50,000 for GOSH, so I hope you'll all buy this one and support the hospital where she has been treated since birth. She loves her hospital and we really hope this gets them lots of money to help the kids there.
Please share the link that I'm going to put on the side somewhere - buying just one pack will really make a difference!
Oh and I'm also going to try and link to a video of Milly's Snowman card from a couple of years ago. It shows you why you should buy charity cards direct from the charity and not through a high street store!
Alice :)


  1. Hi Alice,

    WOW, what talent Milly has and what an amazing amount of money her Christmas card made. I am so glad your weekend was better and I do hope you will be out of the hospital very soon. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Love and hugs,
    Aly in SC, USA

  2. Hi Alice,
    Please tell us how we can get Millys Christmas card.
    Good positive thoughts for you two,

  3. Alice meu desejo é que vc seja alcançada pelo Senhor Deus,e que Ele renove sua saúde e a restaure completamente!!Estarei orando pela sua vida,clamando ao Senhor que derrame cura sobre sua vida!!Um grande abraço,fique com Deus,pois Ele é o melhor presente que alguem possa receber,nessa vida tão passageira aqui nesse mundo!!Por isso o ame de todo seu coração,entendimento vc jamais se arrependerá disso!!

  4. So glad you are feeling better and Milly does paint beautiful cards for such a wonderful cause.

  5. Hi, Alice!!! I'm soooooooooooo glad to know you going better \o/ \o/

    I will try to by Milly's card, even if they do not deliver in Brazil :)

    I hope you leave this hospital realy soon.



  6. thanks for the link Alice - it's a beautiful card and so brilliant to raise so much money. thinking of you on your journey. Lots of Love, Annabel (amy's mum)

  7. Hi, Alice. I am so sorry you have not been feeling well. I hope you will be home very soon. I know you miss Mabel very very much. I just went to Las Vegas for a week for a wedding and the very best thing was getting home to see Bear (a chocolate lab) and Barney Fife (a Shih Tzu)! It was my first and last trip there, such a contrived a superficial place I hope never to see again! I do not think that place would be on anyone's bucket list!

    Following my Bliss in Virginia Beach (and maybe preparing for Hurricane Irene...)

  8. oh the picture is lovely and touching! nice link. Greets from Greece, hope the best for u and hope god gives strenght to u and your family.


  9. Hey Alice - Going to furiously Tweet the link to your blog with a hint to check out Milly's card!!

    Keep smiling huni,

    Bev xx (mojocomms on Twitter)

  10. Hi Alice,

    I have been enlightened by your calm outlook on life. I get mad if I have a temperature! I have only recently seen your blog, and I find it quite charming. Please continue the blog, even during the last days, I promise that I and many others will appreciate it.

    I don't mind if there is no reply, just the fact that Alice "Hero" Pyne is reading it will be just fine.

    I hope that your days will stretch for a while, and if I ever come across a person with a similar cancer, I will think of you.

    I will most definitely visit this blog again, and I shall be investing in your mug.

    Good Luck


  11. hi Alice i am so glad to know that you are feeling better...i hope that you will leave the hospital soon...

  12. I would be honored to purchase Milley's card. Hang in their and stay positive. My prayers and all good wishes are with you!

  13. Hi Alice,
    I am glad that you back online after a short break, I hope you will be out of hospital and will be fine soon. Keep posting!
    Milly, I wish a very Happy Birth day to you.
    Take care :)

  14. Hi Alice, I'm pleased to hear you had a much better weekend.
    I've looked at Milly's cards and they look fabulous. I'll definitely buy some and have them sent here to the USA.
    I've written a children's story about a very cold Polar bear. I can't draw a straight line never mind pictures.
    If Milly wanted to illustrate the story maybe we could have it published and all proceeds go to GOSH.
    I had some teeth out there a long long time ago.
    You can find my story in my blog under "Something Different"

  15. Hi Alice,
    It seems Milly is a talented artist to have cards made from her drawings. I hope her latest continues to raise money for GOSH. While I live in Australia, I do know some who have been/are GOSH patients.
    Buying through High Street stores? It seems some stores chase a profit, forgetting what charity is about.
    Hope all is going well for you and your family.

  16. Não é justo uma garota de apenas 15 anos estar com câncer terminal =(

  17. I'm trying to figure this out!

  18. Hi Alice! I just sent you the photo with your mug in Brazil :)
    I hope you are feelling better.

  19. Hi Alice! I read all your posts and i have to thank God because you exist! Because of you I sure know that world is a better palce to live. You are a shining star my dear. I'm praying for you and all my family too.Your sweet smille gave a reason to be happy! Kisses from Brazil!

  20. Just found you Alice. You are an amazing young woman. I want to hep you with your bucket list. I can get you on a whale watching cruise if I can find a way to get you to Alaska. This will be a process as I don't have the money for a ticket for you. I'm going to contact Alaska Airlines and see if they'll help. My husband used to drive Whale Watching cruises - we're still connected with that company. So Anyway, I want you to know that I'm going to get to work on this. You are an inspiration.
    Lots of love to you.

  21. Got 3 packs Alice, am glad they are Milly's as I wasn't sure but it all goes to a good cause. Take care sweetheart xxxx

  22. Thanks for the blog alince and you are looking gorgeous . best of luck!

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