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12 May 2013

Isn't it meant to be Summer ?

Hey Everyone ! It's Milly again ;)

After April and the start of may, i have officially decided that i am moving to some where hot like America when I'm older. I don't think its normal to have a cold this time in the year :) i guess thats the UK for you.

I am going to tell you a bit about the K2B and C2B which took place yesterday and i don't think i have ever walked in such bad weather, it's so hard to even describe how horrendous it was. Me and my friend Callum were doing the C2B and luckily he stayed over the night before, if not i honestly don't think i would have got up, i felt sorry for all the people doing the K2B because they had to get up 3 hours before us. Well, we got on the bus up to Coniston and after an hour of waiting we set of into the hail and the crazy winds. The Coniston Lake bit wasn't to bad for me and i was making quite good time but then it was a stretch of up and down hills called Kirby Moor and this is where i struggled a bit (not going to lie). I was walking by myself on Kirby Moor and well i was really fed up, it felt like i was in Antarctica and i was only wearing a very thin waterproof, it was so so cold and the wind didn't help at all, i was wrapped in tin foil (apparently it was meant to keep you warm) and i looked like a complete mess, the thing that kept me positive was thinking about alice and how she would be proud of everyone on TEAM ALICE. Typically as i just finished, the sun came out, however it was still beyond freezing. I was so happy when i finished it and went home to get a shower, clean clothes with UGGs and a baggy jumper. I came back to cheer in my mum and dad and all of team alice. Our K2B ladies team won the trophy for the fastest ladies team back and that was a great achievement, so a huge well done to them. I want to just say a massive thanks to all the team alice support stops, i really don't know what i would have done without them, but also thanks to the K2B/C2B support, specially to all the marshals that had to stand in that awful weather and finally to the K2B organisers, you did a great job. If anyone would like to sponsor me please do, we have very little time until our sponsorship needs to be in and we are still in the running for the Alice Memorial Trophy, i am so grateful to everyone who has sponsored me, massive THANK YOU to you guys.

We had exams at school all of last week, i don't think it went to bad (fingers crossed) they were super hard this year. I have my citizenship and ICT GCSEs this week coming, better get revising (yikes). I am a bit upset about my GCSE options because we handed what everyone thought was our original options in before December but we have just got an email saying heres the new option sheet and i can't do 3 of the subjects that i wanted to do. Just looking forward to summer although by the looks of things its not going to be a hot one, looking forward to just being of school for a bit.

I will post agin in a month and i hope everyones had a great April and start of May.

Milly x


  1. You have just taken another step closer to be comming a beautiful young lady. C2B & K2B are character building blocks of what we are made of. You will always carry the memories and emotions of the events with pride and a sense of accomplishment.
    And we in America would be proud to have you here, you would be welcome in any one of my homes, we always have a spare car for guests and have spare apartments for such occasions.One of our houses is in Las Vegas,Nevada,, Average tempture is 20 degrees Celcius.
    Thank you again for the updates,and I hope you always remember, we are not friends in the traditional way,,but we care about you and would do anthing in the world to help you any way possible.
    1 life, live it. Tony D

  2. Omdz, I agree the weather is
    dreadful isn't it?! It's suppose to be May not October! Argh. WTG though, Alice would be very proud of you.
    Good luck with your exams! xxx

  3. And here I am in the US begging for cold weather! ^_^ Enjoy it while you got it! I swear I am going to melt!

  4. Milly, please fight for your options at school, you only get one chance at your education and you should be able to make your choice not "what fits".
    Congrats on keeping up Alice's blog, you are a star as always and don't forget to fight :) x

  5. Well done, Milly. Even just getting through that weather is a major accomplishment! x

  6. Good luck with your revisions! As someone who lived in the UK for a while but am American, I'm much more fond of America's weather :)

  7. Hello Milly!
    Good job getting through all that horrible weather! Good luck on your exams. It can be very disappointing to the not get the courses you want, but you can still read about them, prepare for the future.

  8. Well done Milly. It sounds like it was awful. I am sure Alice would be really proud of you and your family and the team.
    Hope summer comes to the UK this year, you certainly all need it.
    a bientot.

  9. Hello Sweet Milly So happy to hear that you are doing so well, and continuing on with your successful life, and never forgetting your dear sister, Alice. You are right - she would be very, very proud of you with all that you are doing !
    I'm sorry to hear the weather is so miserable across the pond in beautiful England - but guess what ? Here in America, we are having a freeze tonight ! I had to go outside and put plastic bags over all my plants on the deck to stop them from freezing during the night ! So much for our Spring over here too - the only place it's hot here is way down in Miami,Florida !! So don't feel too bad - it will pass.....
    I'm sure you did well on your exams - you seem like such a bright young woman ! Keep us posted on all your successes !!

  10. Hi Milly,

    It is cold and wet here today and I hated just going from the car park to my office, so well done to you and everyone who took part in a fantastic challenge in such awful weather! xx

  11. Thanks for the update Milly, it's great to hear what you are up to.
    I've been walking (and camping!) in the Lake District before in weather like you had so I know exactly what you mean. Well done for keeping going. It will be great training for the Kilimanjaro trip.

  12. Milly!

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your posts and I'm so glad that you guys are doing well.

    I'm from Minnesota and I'm glad to know that it wasn't just MN weather being weird. May 1st into the 2nd it snowed 14 inches!...then we got into the 60's...that next week we got another 8 inches of snow and then by the end of the week it was in the 70's. This past week, it snowed just a couple flurries though and tuesday it was 98 degrees!!! I'm sure your weather is much nicer than mine!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. Haha depends where you want to live in the US:)

  14. Hello Milly,
    We would be glad to have you in America but I live in Missouri and only a week or so ago we had a snow warning! So much for the warm weather. LOL Well it has gotten a little warmer now though. I am sure Alice would have been wonderfully proud of you and all those on Team Alice. Thanks for keeping us updated. How are things going with Alice's Escapes? God bless you and your family for all that you are doing for so many.

  15. Well done you! I can just imagine how cold and lonely it felt out on the moor, but I'm sure everybody - including Alice - is very proud of you!
    Good luck on your exams.

  16. Hey Milly it is always great to read your blog posts. You have such a nice writing style - I hope you will enjoy taking English GCSE!
    It sounds like you are doing Alice proud as usual and yourself as well - well done for walking in the horrible weather, that was good of you! And well done to everyone else too. You're as much of an inspiration as Alice has been, and you will always have the support of everyone who read her blog and now reads it for your updates. Much love as always xxx ps hope it warms up soon!

  17. Your family is amazing. You are an incredible sister. Alice inspired me to register as a bone marrow donor (I even have my card!). Your family is in my thoughts every single day. So much love to you guys!

    PS: Don't move to America. It's cold here too.

  18. Don't worry about the exams. Do your best there is nothing more that can be asked. I'm impressed by your walking especially as, as you say, the weather hasn't been particularly friendly. My greenhouse is fit to burst but after the two hailstorms today I am wary about planting anything out.

  19. Dear Milly,

    My name is Carol and I ran across this blog last week. I was looking for an exercise in creative writing and saw Alice's bucket list. I thought of how wonderful this would be to participate in helping her to fulfill one of the things on her list. In my hurry I didn't read further, to find out that Alice had died. I am very sorry to hear this and I am very grateful for Alice engaging me to think about what I would put on my Bucket List, as well as the 13 women that I work with that reside in prison. So, 14 people have made our list, in Texas. I appreciate that you are keeping her blog alive and that you are now sharing about you and your journey. I wish you all the very best and am so sorry for your loss.

  20. Kirby Moor was the part where I lost some momentum. I thought after last year I had prepared myself for it. Obviously not. Ah well here's to next year and to better weather. :)