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12 April 2013

Hey guys ! Its me again.
3 months already! I can't believe how fast the time is going.

I have just come back from a few days at Knowsley safari park, which Alice won for me in a competition.  I had the job of a junior keeper. It was actually really good and i learnt loads about animals, although it did include a lot of mucking out of the animals, including the lions, elephants, Rhinos and Meerkats. We did things such as making a zebra out of cardboard and filling it with food and then putting it in with the lions, which was very funny to watch. Then we filled a log with fruit and meal worms (i had to get someone else to do the meal worms, bit of a wimp when it comes to insects) and we went in the cage with the Meerkats and watched them search for it.
We have also had some families come and stay in the caravan and from the feedback that we got back it sounded like they had a good and fun time in the lakes, which i was so happy to hear. There are lots of local businesses supporting us and it's nice that they are letting our families go to their attraction.
I went on a 20 mile walk around Coniston Water last week and well, I was a bit stiff the next day. At lunch time i got an email through saying that theres only 30 days left until the big walk and i have to say, there's going to be a lot of last minute training walks because i haven't done that much. Going to make an effort now though, going to try and get on a walk or the treadmill every other day.

I have been shopping quite a lot recently and can't wait for summer (if we have one). There is some really nice things in river island at the moment i found and got some tops and a bikini (YAY) from there.
In my last blog i posted about going to see one direction with my friend and i can now say it was amazing, one of the best nights and i swear Niall waved at me :/ I had a lot of fun. Thank you Emily for choosing to take me.

I hope everyone had a good Easter !

Milly x


  1. Milly
    I just wanted to tell you that I am glad your writing for Alice on her blog.
    She was a Beautiful younglady and will be missed very much.
    God Bless You and Your Family

  2. Life is great most times,glad to hear you are staying busy & having fun being a young lady.
    Train hard it will make you feel alive & pay off in the end,Your friend Mr Tillen is proof of that.You have great friends all over the world, remember they are counting on you to give your all,,
    But at the same time they want you to have fun out there and stay safe. Thank you for sharing,,

  3. Thanks for sharing your last experience with us, my dear Milly.
    You are great!
    Kisses and smiles with my wishes to enjoy your life, your Springlife.
    You are so kind my darling!!!

  4. Hi Sweet Milly - Glad to hear that you are well, and that you are continuing on and doing so much - that is good for yourself, and also good for everyone you are helping ! Your big sis must be proud of you, and is looking down and you and are a great young girl Milly - keep on !

  5. I am so glad you are still updating!

  6. Glad you had such a great time =) You're doing your sister proud. Stay strong - blessings & prayers to your family always.

  7. Love reading your posts Milly, glad you enjoyed 1D :)

  8. Hi Milly
    Great to hear what a fab time you had with the animals - I always find being with animals is very healing, and it's great that you have the dogs too. You sound like a really lovely person and I think everyone is very appreciative of you blogging.
    I hope that you have an amazing experience climing Kili, just enjoy yourself and take care, and remember we are all supporting you.
    Lots of love
    Bethan x

  9. Thank you for continuing to share your life's experiences, Milly. I feel I have a vested interest, as I did everything I could, in my own little way, to help publicize Alice's plight. As much as her loss hurt me, I can almost imagine the toll it must have taken upon you. Thank you for staying strong and posting as you can. You are a wonderful young lady with a bright future ahead - keep us informed if you so desire!

  10. Happy to see that this blog lives on!:)
    Clenia Gigi

  11. I miss Alice, I think of her lots, usually when I see something dotty :) I love to hear of everything you're doing Milly. Alice will be so proud of you. Give Mabel a hug, I hope she is ok. Julia

  12. Hi Milly,

    I had been following Alice's blog since her bucket list made international news. I had stopped checking it and happened to see today that she passed in January. I just wanted to post to let you know that Alice really touched people all over the world and it was evident in her writing how much she loved you and your family. It makes me sad to hear that she is gone, but I really marvel at the impact that your family has had on people. I know that you will keep her memory alive and continue to make the world a better place.

  13. I just found this blog and i want to thank you for continuing to write to us and make the world open their eyes and become more aware and appreciative. :)

    Kili sounds amazing. Imagine when you're right at the top, that feeling. That's going to be the best feeling in the world.

    You're awesome and what you and your family and Alice have done is inspiring.

    I might make a bucket list now, but only if you keep us updated of your adventures!

    Keep on keeping on. <3

  14. you are so inspirational, keep your chin up you amazing person x

  15. Milly, you are doing a fantastic job at these posts so keep them up!

    See you next week on C2B ........ go girl you can do it and I will make sure I am in Barrow to cheer you home and hopefully get a hug xxx

  16. Milly, you are doing a fantastic job with this so keep it up!

    See you next week and I will try to be at Hawcoat to cheer you on when you finish and hopefully get a hug (hope Uncle Gary has finished too!)

    Love Andrea xxx

  17. Love to read your blogs, Milly! And I'm certain Niall must have waved right at you :) Keep up the good work.