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10 May 2012

Left it a bit long once again but I'm still here (how many times have I said that LOL) and now I've figured out how to use colours on here, you're stuck with them!

The biggest thing that happened was that I got to escort the LEJOG cyclists into Ulverston on our charity launch day. I felt dead important cos we had policemen on motorbikes and all the cars had to let us through lol. I did a little interview with Elaine from ITV and she was so nice that for once I felt quite relaxed about it. I'm still no good with the video bits but I'll ask mum to add them for me and a video that we are making about the LEJOG team. They made it up to John o groats on Sunday evening and I was so sad not to be there. They all came round here the other night and I presented them with a little award and they gave me a gorgeous photograph that they'd all signed and I really love it, so thank you. You are all such stars to me :)

My charity is really starting to get going. Mum has contacted the first families and we are about to match them to a holiday which is so exciting cos that's what we're about. We've had more businesses come forward to offer things for our families and we've had more donations from businesses. 

This Saturday is the Kesick to Barrow walk. We have got a huge team entered and I can't wait to see all the purple Team Alice t-shirts on the route. Mum, Dad and Milly are walking as well as loads of our family and friends (even my Nan is walking), so if you see any Team Alice walkers I want you to give them a big cheer and tell them that they are NOT to give up LOL. It's another thing that I didn't know if I'd be here to see, so another special thing for me and I'm going to do a special dance for sunshine :)

In September, Team Alice are climbing up Kilimanjaro so that we can try and buy our own charity caravan for our families to use. That will be as well as the local accommodations and it will just mean that we should always have somewhere to use if a family needs a holiday. I think that there are about 20 of them going up there and I hope there's a link to my mum and dad's Just Giving page somewhere on here (easy cos Just Giving do a code for you to paste on here - I need that for my photos and videos lol) and if you go on there, you can either sponsor them or you can click on the 'Team Alice' bit and pick any of the others as it's all one team really. Even if you can only give a £1 it will be good because there's over 3,000 people visit my page here every single day. I would love to be able to go and pick a caravan for our charity so get giving and then maybe I can tick that off too. I would say that's my next aim, to be here to choose the charity caravan, but I do have something else on my list that's even sooner. It's only little and it's really quite selfish cos it's all about me and not really helping anyone else, but ...

Next month, I'm really hoping to go to my (old) school prom. All of my old class are leaving school this month and although most of us have lost touch, I'm still really good friends with Sammi, Clarissa and Megs and they included me in their school prom. When I first did my blog, a lady called Sharon wrote and offered me a pamper evening trying on dresses at her shop, Promise Bridal. I haven't managed to go yet but she has been back in touch and offered me a prom dress, so I'm really excited. I'm just hoping that they do dresses that make you look fatter - that's a lesson for all of you wishing you were skinnier. Be careful what you wish for LOL. Anyway, I'm so excited that I might actually get to wear a prom dress and go to the ball and I know that my mum and dad will cry if I do get to go (and take millions of photographs I bet)!

One thing that I've been thinking lots about, was what to do about my blog when I'm not here anymore. I've already written loads of instructions for mum but I didn't know whether my blog should just be left, closed down or if I should ask my sister to keep it going for me, so that you can still know what my family are up to and what the charity is doing. Or would it be too weird lol. What do you think? 

Mum is out doing charity stuff (she has about 100 t-shirts to get to owners before tomorrow) and Nan is running around the house tidying cos Mum has invited about 100 to come and stay for the weekend! Milly has been off ill for a couple of days and mum is shoving all kinds of medicine in her because she is meant to be running on Saturday and it's the first year for our own charity so it's really important to us all. I think it might be my fault because I've had a chest infection going on for a few weeks and I might have hugged Milly a bit too much. I'm sure that she'll just get up and do it :) So that's it for today. I need to go back to sleep after writing all of that! 

Keep smiling :) 
Love Alice x
PS I've come back cos I forgot to say Happy Birthday to my Uncle Gary x 


  1. you are genuinely incredible and so inspirational! the best of luck to Team Alice! xxx

  2. So great to hear things are looking up, Alice. So much going on, no wonder you don't get here to update us often.

    On that note, I hope you'll leave your blog up and visible for people to read, no matter what happens in the future. (You could always disable the comments.) I think your words and this blog are such an inspiration and will show what wonderful things people are capable of doing when they put their mind to it.

    Keep it up! And as always, looking forward to your next post.

  3. Hi Alice, Glad to hear all the exciting things you are doing and have planned! I hope you are able to get to prom as well!!
    As for your blog, I think that is totally up to you and your family. I'm just grateful that I've been able to read along this past year to see all that you've accomplished.
    All my best,
    Olivia (from Chicago - USA)

  4. Alice, I have been reading your blog since day 1 and have been so touched by your story and all that you and your family are doing. Such a worthy and noble thing.

    As far as whether or not to keep this blog going later on, I follow a blog that has kept on going despite the death of the author. I think it's a great way to keep memories going and continue the legacy. So in my opinion, I feel that it would be great if the blog were to be continued. It is, however, your choice :). Here is the link to the blog I mentioned above (the blog is called Avery's Bucket List) ....

  5. I postyed you a parcel yesterday. All I put was Alice Pyne, Ulverston, Cumbria. Hope the postie gets it to you.

  6. Te faltan pocos items para terminar tu lista!!! Qué alegría!!

    GO ALICE ♥

  7. I kind of think it would be nice to keep it up, maybe have your sister keep it going for you I'm not really sure, it's something nice for everyone to visit.

    You are SO SO brave, seriously. And so generous and everything you're doing is amazing, there needs to be more people like you in this world Alice!!
    YAY for prom dresses, I hope that you get to go!! Pleaseeee share pics with us, hehe :) *hugs* xx

  8. Yes please carry on your blog. I would love to hear about how your charity is progressing. And how your family are getting on. :)

  9. Good to hear from you! I'm so pleased that your charity is going well. I don't think it would be weird to keep your blogging going. It is obviously up to you but I think it would be nice if you asked your sister or another family member to keep it going! Or if not, just leave it up so people can read back through it? But it's up to you!

    Best wishes, Beth xx

  10. Very happy to read you again. A big hug

  11. Perhaps you should start a seperate charity blog.

  12. Alice - I'm not even sure what to say to such an amazing young lady as yourself. Your words leave me speechless at times. You're an inspiration to us all. Thank you.

  13. Oh it's always lovely to hear from you Alice! And I don't think wanting to go to Prom is a bit selfish in the least! You're such a wonderful person that if you can, go!

    Lots of Love xxxxx

  14. Lovely to see you! As always. I think you can ask if she'll want to keep on doing it, to have all the Team Alice Charity bits in one place, but it might be hard for her in the beginning. I'm sure everybody will understand.
    Fingers crossed about the caravan - it's great idea!

  15. Hi, nice to hear from you again :) This is my first comment here, but I've been readng you for some months, you are doing a grate job!
    About your question, I think it would be fine to write something so everyone would know that the blog it's fineshed, but they can read it if they want to know your story. Maybe someone will be inspired by it!
    It would be too weird to keep using this blog. She can open a new one to let us know how your family and the charity are doing, we will happy to hear about them! and put the link in that last post :)

    Keep smiling you too ;)
    Greatings from Spain! So sorry for the mistakes haha

  16. Dear Alice, it is so good to hear from you - as always you are an inspiration and an example to us all. The very best of luck to Team Alice on Saturday - fingers crossed for fine weather!! I hope you will be able to choose a lovely dress and have a super time at your Prom. Keep up the good work, you wonderful brave girl.

  17. I love to read your blog! I don't want to think of you not around but I think the blog should still go on. Keep well Alice!

  18. Alice, I'm happy for all the progress with your charity. I hope you enjoy trying on the prom dresses and going to the dance.

    I've gained so much from reading your blog. As everyone has said, what to do with the blog is of course your own choice, but I think that you'd be doing the world a service to leave it up as long as blogspot is around.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.

  19. You are such a wonderful example of what someone can do and become in spite of the challenges before them. I so hope that you can so to the prom and if you do, please post some pics of you and your friends so that we can all celebrate it with you. God Bless you and your family.

  20. Hello Alice!

    Did you know that news about your bucket list did spread to Singapore too? Just in case you don't know where Singapore is, it is a very small country in Asia, but relatively well-known. But anyway, back to you.

    I have a teacher who fought cancer and she won. She was an inspirational teacher who excelled in both the arts and music. She was an artist, keyboardist, and when she played in a band, she met her current husband and now she is living a happy life with her first child.

    She could beat cancer. So you can. She did so many things. So can you. I understand how it is like to be sick-I've watched people I know suffer. But I know you can.

    You may not see this message, but with me, you have one more person supporting you. I promise that I WILL donate my bone marrow when I am of age to do so. I'm 13. God Bless You, Alice. My heart is with you.

    All my love and support,
    Shiyun Lim

  21. Dear Alice, all the news in your blog was so good to read. I wish you joy and happiness at your prom and that you feel like a fairy princess. Please post pics. As for the blog, if Milly and/or your Mum were able to keep it up, that would be wonderful. Hearing about the families would allow me to lift more deserving folk up in prayer. XO. Susan in PA/USA

  22. It is always to hear the updates on you and your charity. PLEASE have someone keep up the blog...

    I think it is awesome that you are going to get to go to Prom...I hope it works out for you can't wait to see a picture of you all dressed up...

    I follow you from Florida, USA

  23. Hi Alice!

    So nice to hear from you again! I love checking my email and seeing you have an update. It makes my day! I hope you will be able to attend your prom. I know you will have loads of fun. Would love to see pictures too! I think it would be a great idea to continue with the blog after you are gone, which I pray will not be for a long time yet. I would love to hear what all is still going on with your family, the charity, etc. You are such a wonderful, upbeat person and I pray God continues to bless you and your family. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and love,
    Aly in SC, USA

  24. Dear Alice,

    Just coming to let you some love from Brazil. About the blog in the future, I trust in all decisions you take with your family ;)

    Go Team Alice <3

    P.S. Don't forget ALL the pictures involving the prom dress! Even just trying on!!

  25. I love the idea of your mom or sister posting a letter written BY YOU after your final day is done... I say this, because you certainly seem comfortable with the idea of passing sooner than later - and you have come to terms with this.

    Naturally, we will mourn with your friends and family when we log into the blog to read your final words... a goodbye, if you will.... but we will know your fate and won't be left wondering what happened to you.

    You are SUCH an inspiration to many.... facing death with smiles, not afraid. Doing SO much for the living community! You're simply amazing, Alice!

  26. Hi Young Ms Pyne,, I love your story,like the rest of the World,you are truly loved by many, You have so many close friends,,they would carry on the blog if you wanted,,, as long as there is a blog here, we will come
    Your eternal naughty friend, ha

  27. Chère Alice,
    Je pourrais écrire en anglais, mais c'est intentionnellement que je vous envoie ce message en français pour vous faire savoir que votre magnifique exemple donne espoir et courage à tous ceux qui depuis la France suivent votre parcours de vie.
    Que tout le bonheur possible l'accompagne.
    Ici aussi, dans les Pyrénées, les montagnes sont belles.

  28. It's lovely to hear from you Alice.
    I just want to send a big hug! And I think it would be nice to finish the blog but in a way people are still able to read your story. And maybe someone of your family can write a blog about the charity, linked in the last post.
    Lots of love!
    from Bern, Switzerland (hope this explains my english) ;)

    looking forward to the next post; written by you! and hope you can enjoy the prom

  29. Hi, Alice, I'm happy to "see" you again! You have been so, so busy, I am just amazed at what you accomplish.

    As to whether this blog continues, I think it would be nice to know how your family does and how the charity carries on, on the personal level, if you understand what I mean? And I feel we've gotten to know your family a bit, and I know I would miss them!

    There was a suggestion to start a new blog. I'm not sure about that, because I think that newcomers later should be able to go back in the archives if they need to and see what an incredible, outstanding, amazing person you are!

    Of course, at the rate you're going, this won't be happening until around, oh 2100. :-)

  30. Hi Alice

    Your charity sounds wonderful, how proud you must be and you did that! Think of the families and the difference you've made in their lives. Well, there's nothing like a police escort to make a girl feel important, what an exciting time. I hope the blog continues no matter what. I want to continue to read about your wonderful family and that charity is your legacy and will go on to inspire many other people to do good things. I am so excited for you to go to the prom, it's something every young person should experience. You're a selfless person Alice, but come prom time you need to allow yourself to revel in the joys of being a pretty young girl and let that spotlight shine on you and live in the moment. I truly wish that for you. Take care of that chest infection and rest up. Hope Milly feels better. Love and hugs from MEM, NB, Canada.

  31. Hi Alice

    I also love reading your blog and would be interested to know how the charity is going into the future. But I think it is up to your family, maybe just leave it up to them and how they feel. I know it will be big loss to all your followers when we don't get to hear your fabulous updates anymore.
    Sending lots of postivity out across the seas
    Nay from Oz

  32. I have a simple cure for you. If your open to it I will share this with you. Please just email me at hope you have a wonderful day!!

  33. Good to hear the latest news - it sounds like all your fans agree it would be great to keep the blog going (with you as author for as long as possible of course) and yeah you have the choice of new charity blog (you can link from this one) or maybe one of your family will want to write on here too. Look at all the achievements you have made possible and all the good things that will be possible because of you and your charity. You're quite special, you may not think so, but I think it's true... Lots of love to you. xxx

  34. You're an inspiration and an example to everyone!

  35. Hello Alice,
    You sound nice and cheery as always. And your post is so eloquently written again too. I bet you will look so beautiful at your prom. And you're right, your parents will cry! It's their prerogative! Please post some pictures. We would love to see you. I'm sure when the time is right your blog will sort itself out with or without you. Fate will take a hand as always. So don't agonise over what is the right thing to do. By the way, your dancing worked! The sun shone this weekend! Thanks!

  36. The support for Team Alice yesterday at the k2b/c2b yesterday was amazing. Was so uplifting and so empowering to have people cheering you on because you were wearing a team alice shirt. Everyone who took part did amazing for such a fantastic support. Thanks to you,your Mum and everyone from Alice's Escapes for letting me wear a Team Alice support and have the honour of walking the c2b for such a worthy charity. Kelly.x

  37. Dear Shiyun Lim, I know you meant well, but very sadly, no amount of fighting is going to cure Alice's cancer. Your teacher is one of the lucky ones, Alice is not. She has fought harder than most people, which is why she wants everyone to join the bone marrow register, and has set up a charity to give ill children holidays. Please do give blood and bone marrow when you are old enough, then maybe another teenager like Alice will beat their cancer. Alice, you are truly amazing. I hope Milly was well enough to do the Keswick to Barrow event, and that you DO go to the ball!

  38. Horrible to think about but I would write up a final message to be posted here. Then leave this blog online so people can read the entire breadth of your story. I would link to a separate blog for your charity. I imagine it would be easier for your family to keep up with that one than one just focusing on personal stuff.

  39. Hi Alice,
    I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me. Your desire to give back in so many ways is unmatched. I have been wanting to join the registry for quite some time but just hadn't. I recently did and I want you to know that it is because of you. Thanks for spreading the word. I have no doubt that your most meaningful, memorable days are still ahead. Your positive attitude and energy is simply contagious. Sarah B.

  40. Chère Alice,

    Comme a chaque fois que je viens dans votre blog, j'éprouve beaucoup de joie de vous savoir heureuse, et aussi généreuse avec les autres; pour le blog, ce serait une très bonne idée de le laisser ouvert le plus longtemps possible car votre histoire est une leçon de vie pour tout le monde et peut être pour ceux qui ne seront pas aussi forts et courageux que vous, cela les aiderait à faire face à la maladie, mais quoiqu'il en soit, je sais que vous et votre famille prendrez la bonne décision car vous laisserez parler votre coeur; j'espère que vous vous amuserez au bal et il n'est pas égoïste de votre part, Alice, d'y aller et de vous y amuser ! votre témoignage est un exemple pour beaucoup et pour moi, chaque fois, que je viens, votre vie et votre générosité de coeur, me donnent du baume au coeur; vous êtes un magnifique rayon de soleil ! que Dieu vous bénisse, ma chère Alice !
    votre courage et votre force sont un exemple magnifique ! Dieu vous aime, vous êtes précieuse à ses yeux ! a plus tard de vous lire;
    bisous fraternels

  41. Hi Alice, I'm glad to hear from you again, since you lost twitter, hopefully not too late, I found your blog tonight. you are a great example for me and I can see that for many people, too. I want to be on your list of friends. Cheer up. you remind me of my dad and his strength, he had cancer too, now tranquil awaits me in heaven and I hope to be lucky enough to be with him again, someday we'll all be together again, this life is only One small step ....
    God bless you always Alice ... A big hug from Mexico.

  42. hi Alice,

    I walked the K2B on Saturday in aid of Macmillan who were amazing during my Mum's last few months of life. You should be very proud of the all the Alice walkers - i cheered on every Alice walker i saw. You are truly an inspiration. You will also be pleased to know that during the walk - all my tea breaks were taken with my Alice Emma Bridgewater mug :). Sending lots of love and positive thoughts from stoke.

  43. Hi Alice, Sorry that I missed your birthday wishes for me last week but I was a bit busy with the K2B stuff ;o) Great to see you at the finish on Saturday it made the 40 mile walk worth every step xxx

  44. Alice, I have followed you since you started the blog but never made comments. I think that it is a good idea for you to blog because there are people like myself who care and want to know how we can help you with your journey. I think that your charity is enough for them to deal with along with the day to day as a family. It would be nice to know that they are doing okay and going on but it should be their choice.

  45. Hi Alice. You are such a star and have achieved so much. What happens to your blog is up to you. I like the idea of a Team Alice blog... You have set too much in motion not to live on in the cyber and charity world, as well as in the hearts of all those who love you. My brother died six years ago but I can still hear him winding me up, or egging me on! Xxx

  46. It is always great to read your posts, Alice. I check your blog daily to see if there is an update, though I do understand that you are busy with your charity and also spending time with your family, which is the most important thing. :) I hope you have a lot of fun at prom.

    As for the blog, it would be nice to keep it up. Some of us may be thousands of miles away, but we do feel a part of things and feel close to the family in the spiritual sense of reading all that is going on, contributing to the charities, etc. Though I do hope you are with us for a long time. :) The blog is what sparked a lot of the interest (if I remember correctly, your bucket list made it around the world in less than a day). So it's historical significance as to how the charities got started to begin with is very important presently and in the future years to come. Plus, it is an extra means of support for your family. We would love to keep reading about your family and the charity events and such. However, you're still here. We hope you remain with us and are able to fight this off, so don't give up!

    With that being said, you are an inspiration to us all. I came across your blog something like a week ago somehow (I don't even remember how. lol) while browsing. Since reading your story and seeing what all you have been able to accomplish, it has inspired me to start reaching out and trying to write to children who are ill and need encouragement, support and something to look forward to. That is something that I didn't really think about before.

    I look forward to your next post and many, many more to come. I'm glad to see that you have a very understanding and caring family that works together and helps out with everything. You're a very brave young lady and you're doing more than most people 3 times your age have done in their lifetime. Please post pics from prom. :) It isn't selfish at all for you to want to go to prom. You deserve to have fun just as much as anyone, even though I know that your heart's desire is to see others who are ill have fun and spend time with their families, also. In the same way that you want others to be able to spend time with their family and have fun, we want to support you in spending time with your family and enjoying your life.

  47. You are amazing Alice with how you keep up with all of this. You are a gifted writer, and have done so much to bring attention to bone marrow registries. You also have an amazing and very athletic family. Even your Nan can do all these things :) We all hope that you are with us for as long as possible Alice. You have brought hope and joy into so many lives. I am amazed that you have even planned for the future of your blog, and I know that I would love to know how your family and charities are doing all the time. You have so many people who carry you in their hearts every day. I hope you always know how special you are! Pam

  48. Hi Alice,

    I have also been following your blog closely from many months and I love to read about you, your family, your charity and your adventures.

    You are a great inspiration to me and you have an amazing family and friends.

    Sometimes you make me laugh and sometimes I am overwhelmed by the things you treasure and which the rest of us so easily take for granted.

    I also would love it if your blog would stay online so that your words can touch a million more hearts.

    It makes me so happy that there are still people discovering your blog and becoming inspired!!

    If your family will be ok with keeping the blog alive, I would love to hear how they are - but if it is too difficult for them, we will understand.

    However, I like the idea of a new blog and that this one just remains online - this is your story and your celebration of your life :)

    If I could go to the UK now my only wish would be to give you, your Mum, your Dad, Milly and your Nan a huge hug because you are all such special and amazing people.

    It made me so happy to read how excited you are about the prom and that you are looking forward to being dressed up!!!!

    And I agree, please put up the photos!!! We would all love to share in your joy.

    Also to everyone who has posted comments here, it is so wonderful to read how there are so many people all over the world who are sending love to dear Alice, her family and all her friends who love and support her daily!!

    Lots of love from South Africa to you Alice, your family and your friends and off course to Mabel :)


  49. Alice-
    You are such an inspiration. You inspired my mom to become a marrow donor, and me to start a blog. (I would sign up to be a donor too, but I'm only 13. So I wrote a blog instead.)You're so incredibly cool!
    (Here's the adress for my blog by the way, inspired by you! )

  50. Alice, I forgot to ask in my other post if there are any plans for some type of t-shirts for the charity, in a similar way like the mugs? Or would it be too hard to find a vendor that could produce them?

  51. I've been to John O' Groats twice, my wife's mum lives up there. Lovely area.

    In my opinion, you should leave your blog up, as it will give others hope & inspiration on their journeys. And according to Google, it will remain in place forever, even without updates. (Although having said that, having your sister post would be fine, too.)

  52. I agree with those that suggested this blog end with a final post and a link to a new site for following your family and their efforts. This is your story and I've been reading from the start, thank you for keeping it updated.

  53. Glad to see you finished that walk!

    Thanks for being an inspiration,
    Bucket List Blogger

  54. Whether your family continues this blog or starts another, I hope that they'll keep this one available so people can continue to be inspired by you (which they will be).

    I also hope that you find a prom dress that's as bad-ass as you are, and that you'll share some photos with us all. :)

  55. I kind of think it would be nice to keep it up, maybe have your sister keep it going for you I'm not really sure, it's something nice for everyone to visit.

    You are SO SO brave, seriously. And so generous and everything you're doing is amazing, there needs to be more people like you in this world Alice!!
    YAY for prom dresses, I hope that you get to go!! Pleaseeee share pics with us, hehe :) *hugs* xx
    The Hollywood Gossip

  56. Dear Milly and Alice,
    Wow. I just became aware of this blog. I'm addressing to Alice as well because I'm sure she can read it... Milly you're doing brilliantly! A testament to sisterhood, life, and love--thank you for this. Your sister's battle is inspiring, and I commend you and your family for getting through this difficult time.
    many good vibes and much love from the States.
    P.s. hope your mum finds her necklace in NY!! (article on Yahoo News).