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21 April 2012


I'm writing this and I've got to publish it completely on my own (I usually get Mum or someone to check over it) because mum is away for a few days with the LEJOG team. Well, she's not actually doing the LEJOG, she'd driving one of the support vans :)
Please follow our Team Alice on tour LEJOG blog HERE - they are posting every day that they can. They will be continuing onto Scotland from UVHS at 9am next Wednesday morning, so come along and cheer them off. Then, they are hoping to cycle along Milly's school drive to gather more support on the way up to the next overnight stop. I've just done a long car journey to Bournemouth and I can't believe that they are cycling more than all the way there and back again. Gulp!
So mum is somewhere in Cornwall and it seems such a long way and I'm counting the days until she's back again. I won't see her until the cyclists arrive in Ulverston next Tuesday for our launch. But Dad has got a full weekend planned with me and Milly and Marlene from the Rainbow Trust coming some of the days so it will be fun as well. 

I'm quite excited about officially launching the charity although we'll probably have 10 people turn up and we'll all just stand there and eat a cake and smile lol. I'm dead excited because we're being given a police escort to bring the cyclists into Ulverston. I'm hoping that I stay well - I usually get temperatures when there's something decent happening. I actually feel better this week than I did last so that's got to be a good thing. I've been having some chemo tablets just to calm things down and they've helped my itching quite a bit - I still itch but I'm not making holes in my skin anymore lol.  The other day I was having my normal bath and enjoying laying down (because I haven't been able to do that for 4 years) and when I sat up, just about all of my hair was floating in the bath. I can't believe it could drop out all together like that. This is about the 6th or 7th time that my hair has fallen out and usually it's little bits but this was just about every hair all in one go. I'm not going to waste too much time worrying about it but it's a bit of a pain because having no hair means that I definitely look like I've got cancer. At least with hair people just think I'm too thin and a bit pale! So it's back to bandanas for me and I'm just glad that the summer is just about here and my head isn't too cold.

Last weekend I did the Rotary Club awards in Bournemouth - well, I half did them! We drove all the way down there but when I went to the rehearsal the BBC presenter had a card with lots of questions for me even though we'd agreed that I wouldn't be doing questions because I get very panicky. They did eventually say that they wouldn't ask me them and I could just say thank you, but I didn't really trust them and because it was going on live television, it worried me too much. My mum and dad were furious with them and I was quite glad that I didn't have to go up and do anything but I felt really sad for the Rotary Club who are wonderful and they were all so nice to me. Anyway I got my award presented to me in the break and Peter who was from the Babbacombe Rotary Club and his wife were so lovely and said that it really didn't matter to them and I wasn't to worry. Peter took my to meet a gorgeous puppy called Jason (my friend Jason will laugh at that) and he was so gorgeous that I almost want another one! I bumped into lots of other lovely people who recognised me, including three ladies from Ulverston and had my photo with quite a few, I felt like a bit of a star! I also got to see Luke (who started the THHN and is where I got the idea to start Alice's Escapes from) and we had a meal out with him and Hannah and her family who are amazing people. I think that Peter is going to send me some photographs so I'll post them on here when they come (but they might go to mum so I might have to wait a few days)!

The next big thing after the LEJOG is the Keswick to Barrow which is 40 miles in one day. I think that we have about 120 walkers doing that or the Coniston to Barrow so if you are watching on the day, give a special wave to all the special people wearing purple TEAM ALICE t-shirts. You can read about the walk HERE and have a look at the route. My sister is walking so look out for her too.

Right, that's it and I hope it's okay. I could ask Milly to check it but her english is quite good and she would start correcting it all and then it wouldn't be like me.
Have a nice weekend :)
Alice x


  1. Dear Alice, your post is absolutely fine - you are a natural writer. As always you are wonderfully positive and enthusiastic. We are thinking of you and hoping that the launch will go well.

  2. Excellent posting. I am sorry your hair has fallen out all in one go and as you say it is a pain, but you will still look lovely no matter what.
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  3. Love you Aliceeee!!!
    Hugs and kisses from Argentina! ♥♥♥ you're great!!!


  4. I'm so glad to see you posting again, and happy to hear you feel better. I wouldn't worry too much about the hair, it will just be cooler for summertime. I am better now, but, I know all about that crazy itching thing, I used to scratch till my legs bled. Sorry to hear you have to deal with it. God bless and take care of yourself. Ll

  5. I'm going to have to give up turning to your blog: I get exhausted just reading it. I am sure loads of people will turn up to the launch of your charity - so good luck with that - and let's hope the weather cheers up for us baldies (though it's my fault I'm bald. It's called old).

  6. The World admires you, if you need to be shy then that is ok,,
    Just know your friends and followers like you just the way you are. Sooo glad to hear you are happy and feeling ok.

  7. Hi Alice, good luck with the official launch of the charity, I wish I could be there but I'm a bit far away so I'll be with you in spirit along with all your other fans. I hope you'll remain feeling well and not too scratchy - lol. Your post was of the the finest quality and FYI, hair is so overrated!

  8. It reads perfectly Alice :) I didn't spot a single mistake and I'm an English student! Glad you're feeling a bit better this week.

  9. Hey Alice,

    I think you did a great job posting on your own. I regularly read legal opinions from all across the country (US), and I wish each of those could be as coherent as your post. :-) Also, congratulations on your Rotary Club award!

    Hugs from Maryland,

  10. Well done on another brilliant blog post - you don't need your mum or Milly to check them; you're managing just fine on your own! You really do write incredibly well, Alice. What a pain about losing your hair again so suddenly. Hope all goes well. And good for you, not letting yourself be intimidated into answering questions from TV presenters. You're a star!
    Jill Mansell

  11. Alice, your writing is perfect and I love hearing how you are doing. I'm afraid that I would have been upset about the questions on live TV also!! Glad that the itching is better and sorry that you are back to the bandanas. You have the most amazing adventures and I keep you in my prayers always. Pam :)

  12. Hi Alice,

    You have been busy as usual! Sorry to hear you're losing your hair but glad to hear the medicine is helping with your itchy skin. I think your post was very good. You did a great job with it. Take care!

    Love and hugs,
    Aly SC, USA

  13. great post Alice. i always read up on what you are doing. keep being your positive self, you're helping people all around the world. God bless.

  14. So glad to hear you're doing well, Alice! And don't worry, your post is very well-written and your English is great! :0)

  15. Hi Alice - i'm echoing everyone else but it's true your post is fine so no worrying about your English! That's irritating for you about your hair but what better excuse to wear this season's most stylish bandanas. Hoping the LEJOG team and everything goes well! xxx

  16. I get exhausted just reading it. Just know your friends and followers like you just the way you are. I wish I could be there but I'm a bit far away so I'll be with you in spirit along with all your other fans.

  17. Hey Alice, greetings from Oregon. I've been following for a while now and have to say I'm amazed at how much you managed to accomplish in spite of the cancer. Sweetie, you may have cancer, but it certainly doesn't have you. Sorry to hear that your hair fell out (again!), but glad the itching eased up. Just put on your prettiest bandana and flashiest earrings, and stick your tongue out at the world if you feel like it. :)

    Hugs to you ~

  18. I see you haven't posted in a while, I hope you're doing well and that chemo isn't making you feel to bad. I'll be back again to read more; you have an inspiring story, Alice! Keep on keeping on.

  19. Hi to Alice from Indiana, USA. I was wondering what is stopping you from visiting Cadbury World. Is it financial,or the health strain? I genuinely wonder. Please let me know the reasons. Thank you.

  20. Hi Alice,
    This is the first time i have ever commented on one of your blogs but I've been following them for a long time. I don't expect she would remember me but i met your sister milly at an over the wall camp something like 4years ago whilst i was volunteering and have been following both of your stories since then!

    I hate repeating clich├ęs and what thousands of other people must say but i can honestly say that if, in my life, i can achieve just half of what you have then i will be a very happy person. You're an amazing example of how much difference one person can make if they have enough determination.

    Keep writing Alice! I check your blog every day. and having just graduated from an English degree im still pretty sure your writing in that blog is better than this comment! So never doubt yourself!

    lauren Xxx

  21. You are always so busy doing wonderful things! I think yo uare amazing. You haven't posted for a while, I hope all is well! *hugs* to you. xx

  22. Dear Alice, I read about you in a hungarian magazine. You are a very strong, nice and lovely young girl. I wish you can to do everything from your list, and I wish you can expansion your list.