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9 November 2011


I'm absolutely worn out but I've had another amazing weekend.
I didn't know if I'd like the football or not.  Paul met us at the QPR Loftus Road reception and Jay, who had invited me, was there too, plus his wife Stella who is lovely. I'd put a pale blue bandana on which is Man City's colours, oops, so I was glad when Bradley Orr gave me his QPR shirt to wear LOL.
We had a lovely lunch upstairs and then we went outside to watch the game and within about 5 minutes, I was hooked!  It was so exciting and I cheered louder than anyone when my Jay scored the first goal.  QPR were really, really good and City who are the top team had to really fight. It was 1-0 to QPR and then it was 1-1. Then City scored another goal and it was 2-1 and I was really tense and then we scored another one to make it 2-2.  Honestly I was so into it, I was convinced that we were going to win. I was willing the whistle to go and then with about 10 minutes left their No 21 who was like a magic man (he was just everywhere) scored for them and I was so disappointed because I really thought that QPR deserved to win or at least draw.  Anyway, that's my intro into football and QPR are my club for however long my ever is! We had a drink after the match and TC who looked after us in the lounge, presented me with a signed team ball which will be kept well out of Mabel's reach LOL.  Thank you everyone for looking after us, we had a fabulous time.
On Sunday, we went shopping and in the afternoon I got to meet up with someone very special to me.  Emma Forbes is my biggest Twitter supporter and we met up because I wanted to ask Emma if she would be the Patron for my charity ... and she said YES! She was really really nice and natural and it was nice to meet her in person rather than through my iPad!  We had a giggle talking about hamsters and rabbits LOL and we're going to meet up again to do an interview for my website.
So, I'm going to tell you a little bit about my charity (just in case ... LOL) even though it's not quite ready to go yet.  Last year, we were all invited on a break by Luke Tillen who runs the THHN in Torbay (have a look at his website) and while we were there I thought that it was such a shame that no one did that in the north as some children just can't travel that far when they're ill. So, I'm doing it -
Basically, we're a network of local businesses joining together to give a free break to a seriously ill child and their family. Any business can help me, you could offer a hotel room or a caravan, a meal or afternoon tea, a self catering food box, cakes or bread, a boat ride, an experience or entry into a tourist attraction.  Little boys would probably love to visit the motor museum and girls might like having their nails done! Anything can be offered and all of these things will be put together to give these families an escape. The businesses don't have to give a certain amount and they will gain so much from knowing that they've made life that little bit better for these families.
I've got to say a huge thank you to 'The Hydro' in Windermere - our very first accommodation supporter, 'The Mountain Goat' who have offered guided tours to our families and 'Verstone Kennels' who have offered free boarding for any families wanting to have their dogs up here with them. And to Ros and Anne who are working round the clock with mum to make this happen for me and other kids like me :)
So if you're a business and you want to offer anything to us (it can be a one off or a regular offer) then please email me on here and you could be one of the first on our charity website which should be launching very, very soon.  I'm going to be as involved as I can be and I'll be checking our Facebook and Twitter pages and responding as much as I can.  Hopefully, I'll get to meet some of our supporters and it will be all go - I've agreed to do some television to officially launch the charity, so I can keep myself busy stressing about that LOL.
I've got to go cos I'm really tired after the last few days, but I'll come back and tell you about my Lush experience which needs a whole bit to itself cos it was so brilliant.
Love Alice x x x


  1. QPR did put a great fight - I think you inspired them like you inspired all of us! Great work on the charity too. What a great way to make some people's lives a little better!

  2. Your football experience sounds like so much fun and I can really feel your excitement just by reading this - hmmm, might have to try it myself? ;-)

    Your charity is a great idea and if I can come up with an idea how to help I'll let you know. I don't know if you could use anything art/crafts based? I can post this on my FB page though and maybe people there will be able to offer something suitable.

    Keep smiling, your positive attitude is amazing. Love from London xo

  3. That's such a wonderful charity idea, Alice! I hope lots of businesses will get involved and that it'll all be really successful! You're doing amazing things and even though I've never met you, I'm really proud of you. You're going to make such a big difference in the lives of the families your charity helps, and you've obviously made a huge impact in getting people signed up to become bone marrow donors too! Unfortunately I'm not able to do that at the moment but if things change then I definitely will.
    Take care Alice and I can't wait to hear about your Lush experience, I bet that was so much fun! :)

    Emily (from Leeds, UK but now in Phoenix, Arizona)

  4. Alice,

    I just heard of your story today after receiving an email from Beliefnet which is honoring extraordinary individuals through its Most Inspiring Person of the Year campaign.

    Your story and what you are doing is wonderful. My nephew was diagnosed with cancer when he was your age a few years back now. He is now in remission. I never considered registering on the bone marrow register before he was sick. I am now proud to say that I am now registered.

    Keep up the good fight Alice. You are a beautiful young woman. I sincerely hope you have mountains more of bucket lists accomplished.

    We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails. Best of luck to you Alice, you are in my prayers.

    Boston, Massachusetts

  5. Glad you're enjoying asll your new experiences. Looking forward to hearing about the Lush one! Your idea to set up your charity is brilliant, and I hope all goes well with that. *Hugs*

  6. I'm so pleased you had a great time at the game. I'm a Man City supporter so I'm glad they won ;)
    Live matches are so much better than watching televised ones aren't they?
    Hope your plans for Xmas are going well. Much love xxx

  7. Amazing. What a marvelous contribution you are making Alice. Talk about a life - what a life yours is (and the rest of your family's too from the sounds) xxx wishing you all the energy you need

  8. I love this girl... living a purposeful life despite illness. Beautiful.

  9. Alice, your description of the football game makes me want to see one! Can't wait to hear about your visit to Lush and more details about your charity. Sending you a hug lots of prayers :)

  10. You bring me to tears almost every time I read your blog. You hear these things all the time, but you are such a beautiful, charisatic, charming, vibrant girl, who is definitely changing the world.
    I'm so sorry that you (and your family) have had to travel such a treacherous road to be able to help so many others, but I hope you all take some comfort in knowing you're really making a difference in our world!
    Your parents sound extraordinary! I can only imagine how proud they are of you (and your sister).
    I thank you for sharing your life and your experiences with us. You move me.

    Please take care and keep living life!


  11. Hi Alice,

    What an awesome Charity! You are such a wonderful girl. So many children will be able to have dreams come true thanks to you and the businesses that are going to help make those dreams happen.

    Hugs and love,
    Alyson in SC, USA

  12. Alice you are an amazing young lady! I pray that God gives you strength to complete your goals, comfort in times of need and healing.

    If we all had the determination and selflessness that you show the world would be a much better place. I look forward to reading your blog to see what amazing and fun thing you will do next. LOL

    Here is another blog you might like to read. It is about a little boy over here in the states that due to his illness has encouraged people here to join the registry. He now has a new baby brother who will need a donor very soon.

    Keep enjoying life and living it to its fullest!!!



  13. Your charity is such a lovely idea and pets are included too.
    Glad you enjoyed the footy it sounded so exciting. Have fum :-)

  14. I just heard about your blog and wanted to express my support. Your amazing attitude is nothing short of inspirational. I love the idea of your charity and hope you're able to make it a success.

  15. If I can accomplish just 10 % of what you have in the short time you've been here ( and I am nearly 40..shhh), I will consider myself very accomplished indeed.

    Whenever I feel down, I come and read your blog. Not to compare and be grateful (although I am), but because you always fill me with hope. You have such a grace about living and such a generous heart, that I cannot help but believe the world is a beautiful place to be.

    You make people happy, Alice, and your charity will touch so many lives.You make us all want to be better people, and to make a difference. You are the change we ALL want to see in the world!

  16. Dear Alice,

    I read about you on the news somewhere and have now read your blog from start to finish. I just wanted to say you are an absolute inspiration. Your charity sounds amazing and I would like to donate some money. I'm not a business - I'm a maths lecturer and I don't think ill children will want a maths lecture for their holiday! So I hope I can donate some money instead. I'll try and send you an email as well.

    With best wishes and massive respect,

  17. Hi Alice,
    My first time commenting, but I absolutely love reading your posts! Can't wait to read all about LUSH! You are an inspiration to all and truly an amazing young woman! God Bless,
    Cathy from Massachusetts

  18. Well Alice, you are light years ahead of me with football! Although I have sat through many games over the years, I am sorry to admit I still have no idea what's going on. LOL I guess my mind just isn't wired for sports -but I do enjoy eating the hot dogs that always accompany them!
    Fantastic news about your charity, you awesome woman! I have two stepdaughters in England, one of whom is coming to visit next week, and I will be hooking her up with your blog!
    Hope Rumson, NJ USA

  19. Hey Alice! I'm very impressed with your charity! So exciting. Hope your Christmas in november is fun! Take some pictures!!
    Big hugs gorgeous girl

  20. Wow, that's a class idea for a charity, I wish you the best of luck with it.

  21. What a brilliant charity idea. Torbay is a bit of a trek for children in the North. My OHs family live down there and it's a 7 hour drive for us so can't imagine how poorly children do it. Best of luck with it all xxx

  22. Dear Alice,

    I am deeply humbled by your dignity, grace, compassion and courage.

    All I can say is that you embody the true potential of human beings.

    You are a gift for all of us!

    Rome, Italy

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  24. Your blog moves me not so much because of your youth or the fact that my own mother is fighting cancer but the fact that you are making a difference in other peoples lives.
    So glad to see you are almost done with your bucket list!

  25. Alice you inspire a lot of people with your bravery. Try the blog best iphone 4 apps. The games always make me feel better.

  26. Hi, Alice. You are so brave. There is a fantastic doctor in the United States that cures terminal cancer. PLEASE look at his website, read the stories, and consider going for treatment. Just look :

  27. Hi!
    Is there any way I can help with your business or charity? I'd love to advertise on twitter or my website. Could you email me if there's any way I can help? Thank you!
    My email is

  28. Alice--
    Your charity is an amazing idea! I can't believe how big your heart is and how strong your will is to help others, never once thinking of yourself. You are the most selfless person I've ever known, and I don't even personally know you. If single people can help in any way, please post it, I'm sure we'd all like to help you out!!! Take care Alice!!!

    Minnesota, USA

  29. hey Alice what a fantastic idea, not sure if you can use me. maybe i could go and cook up a thai banquet or a picnic? i also do massage so could do a pamper session, or anything really, let me know and all the best sweetheart, helen chang thai kendal xxx

  30. Alice, what a wonderfully uplifting post (as always), you really brighten my day! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the football, and I can't wait to hear about your LUSH experience. THHN is a really wonderful charity and it sounds wonderful that you are following suit up north to help lots more children have some really special holidays. You never seem to stop thinking of others and you inspire me to do the same. I am involved with the CLIC Sargent big bucket collection again this year and hope to help them raise lots of money for one of my favourite charities. Keep smiling Alice, lots of love Nicky, Mark and girls xxx

  31. Alice, this is Jackie again. :P
    I just love how cheery your blog is. When I get stressed out from studying I really enjoy giving myself a treat and hearing about your adventures.
    Which by the way, I have got to mention, you are a great writer and I've really noticed how gifted you are with words.
    Next, I'd like to say that I've been really thinking about how to go about recruiting these healthy young individuals...and suddenly as I sat here today in my university's cafe, that I am in a place which is made up of thousands of them. Soooo what I'm getting at is I think it would be absolutely incredible, if you could have some sort of website where individuals could sign up to be leaders or trainers. You could send them information, and then they could have presentations at their universities- hosting their own big events.
    My school is wild about things like this, and I know tuns of people would be psyched to get involved. I would love to do this at my university here, if you could get in touch with me. I thought you could name it something like "Ask for Alice" or whatever you want :D
    I'm a second year student at The University of Vermont
    my email is
    please contact me if you have the chance, because I really want to get this rolling ~~
    Thanks Alice and Alice's mum! :P
    ohhh and lastly, your british english has been so fun for me to read. I really want to visit now. .. I hope people won't make fun of me for my improper English ahaha

  32. Feliz Cumpleaños Alicia al igual
    que Marián Said... Tengo que escribirte
    en castellano, me dá gusto que seas una
    guerrera en la vida.

    Tus deseos son buenos y tangrandes cómo
    el estar aquí en la tierra con tus seres

    Dios es tan grande que solo él sabe por
    que hace las cosas, Pero no pierdas fé
    que el te guiará por el camino de la

    Saludos desde León, Gto. México.

  33. "Hi Alice", from America's states.

    I'm joyous that a young girl such as yourself is working with what you have, where you are, NOW.

    The Present moment is all any of us ever have access to, and you are a representative embodiment of NOW and LIGHT.

    I wish you the best blessings.

    Continue to BE here, in THIS moment, love. Don't fight the war with reality, and live your life full of love. I think you know in your heart what to do and "how" to BE.

    Many blessings.

    ~ Dathaniel Eden Heartson
    from the U.S.