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10 July 2011


Another oops - I can't figure out how to put the link to my mug on, so I'll have to get mum to do it tomorrow. I should have known it would go wrong. Sorry!
Well, I had another surprise tonight and I went to the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal and they put us in a gorgeous private cinema room with squashy sofas and coffee tables. Then, they started the film and suddenly, there was Tracey Jackson who wrote the film 'Confessions of a shopaholic' talking to me! She was really nice and quite funny too and she has sent me a huge signed poster and a flip camera I'm so excited about. I did some animation when I was in hospital and they told me about these flip cams so watch out, I'll be making a film next. The film was fab and it was so nice to be chilling on a sofa with Sammi, plus popcorn and drinks of course! Thank you to Tracey and to everyone at the Brewery Arts.
I'm not too good at the moment and so we've had to decide against the trip to Alton Towers next week. I don't think I'd enjoy it and it seems a waste just to go for the sake of it. Hopefully, they'll be another chance.
Mabel has been very naughty again and eaten yet another flip flop (green this time). It's almost funny, because mum shouts at her but you can tell she's not really serious. I know that she has a big soft spot for Mabel and Mabel gets away with murder! Bessie isn't quick enough, she always gets caught!
Hope you're all having a nice weekend,
Alice x


  1. Hi, today is blogging collective Project 10 in 10! 10 photos in 10 different times of the day 10. Join us! Kisses and God bless you.

  2. Hi Alice, reading about Mabel made me laugh - we have a dog called Zoe who also likes to steal shoes, mostly she just takes them to her bed and cuddles them. But sometimes she also chews them,why is it always the favourite shoes they chew? Anyway we yell at her too, bur she knows we don't really mean it either LOL.
    Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell - I am sure you will get another chance to go to Alton Towers, we are all very interested to hear about the chocolate room.
    I was reading about the holidays you go on arranged through THNN ( is that right) anyway it gave me an idea to start something like that here in Oz. We have a holiday home in Noosa ( a beautiful beachside place in Queensland) and we would be only too happy to donate a holiday there for families like yours - and then encourage other people and businesses to join in!!
    See you are giving a lot of people really good ideas all over the world! Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Alice tell your mum not to worry it's only a flipflop, when my girl Charlie was a puppy she ate part of my sofa!!!
    Can't wait to see you're first film :0)

  4. Sorry to hear that your feeling not so well... Hope it passes and you perk up enough to continue on other adventures!!

    I followed your link to your mug, but got the error message too. If you go to the main site, and just do a search for your name - it comes up! I LOVE IT! It's so sunny and beautiful :D You did a great job!!

  5. Hi Alice,

    So glad you had a nice time at the cinema. Mabel sounds like a real handful (in a good way). I had a dog once who loved to chew things, and it was always tough to convince him that household items weren't ideal chew toys. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your blog. I think of you daily, and hope your rough spell eases soon so you get a chance to visit Alton Towers.


  6. I wanted you to know that you were such an inspiration to me that I researched how to become a bone marrow donor...I received my kit today and immediately completed the test and sent it back. I can only pray that it is a match for someone in need. God Bless you and all that you have done...You truly are an angel!

  7. Here is the full URL, hope this helps!

    The mug can also be found by searching "Alice's Mug" at the top of the Emma Bridgewater site.

    Keep living each day to the fullest, dear.

    Mysti T. (Birmingham, AL, USA)

  8. Hey! It sounds like it was a fabulous surprise and you had a lot of fun!;) I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too well for your trip. I keep my fingers crossed that there will be another chance!;)
    Keep on going!;)
    Take care

  9. You'll get that trip to Alton Towers sweetie, hang tight hun :)

    PS i just started blogging too. its not much at the moment, but if you'd like to read it its here:

    Hope you like it hun....if the link doesn't come out like a link in this post just copy and paste it into the web address browswer and it'll come up. Again its not much, and i doubt it'll be updated on a regular basis like your blog is considering the fact its about books but if you do feel like reading it feel free.

    Smilie, and be positive Alice. good things will happen, i'm sure of it :)

  10. Hello dear Alice !

    Well, the link you've given yesterday is not good...
    To find your lovely mug, the good link is this one :

    By the way, congratulations for your appointment with cameron !
    Wowwwww !

    Jean-Luc from France

  11. The link was posted by other people on your blog yesterday, not clickable but you can copy and paste it. Here it is again: It's a lovely mug - I've ordered one! Take care of yourself honey. x

  12. I'm sorry you're not felling well enough for Alton towers right now sweetie :( x
    Love the stories about Mabel... she's funny!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x


  14. I'm having a wonderful weekend. I've been reading your blog for a while and think what you are doing is great. You have inspired me to go out and make something of myself. I hope this week is as grand as your last.

  15. It's a bummer that you're not feeling so well, but I bet it was great being pampered and surprised like that with the Tracey Jackson video! I see you've ticked off "Swim with sharks"! Amazing- not many people in the whole wide world have done that- must have been awesome. You seem to be well enough to laugh at the antics of Mabel & Bessie- animals are so good the way they can give you joy while asking for very little in return. Enjoy yourself on the purple iPad while you're having some time at home. G'day to your family too- you must all be doing a fantastic job!

  16. hai

  17. Dear Alice - You have become such an important part of my daily life.. You are such great writer.. Your posts are always such fun and thought provoking.. Shame about you not feeling too good.. Hope and pray that you start feeling better soon..

  18. Glad you had a good time :)

  19. wow girl, you met Tracey Jackson ..what a lovely weekend you had :)

  20. Been a few weeks since I've visited the site and I am amazed at how many things have been ticked off your bucket list. Off to try and find out about your meeting with Take That.

    Hope you feel up to Alton Towers soon lovely.

  21. Oh, Alice so happy you had a good time last night. I wish I could have been there with you. You will have fun with the Flip it's a great toy. Take care of yourself and feel better. You need to be in great shape for this week. Hopefully Mabel doesn't like to eat Flipcams as well is fip flops.

  22. Sorry about your trip being cancelled but the movie and the camera sound wonderful. I'll be checking back to see what great films you've created!

  23. The link is super-long, but if you go here
    and search for "Alice," it pops right up. Hope you're feeling better.

  24. Hey Alice! The mug is beautiful! Good job!!
    Do you suppose Mabel is trying to tell you something?? Perhaps she find flip flops unfashionable or too stinky?? :) LOL
    Enjoy your day!!
    New Brunswick, Canada

  25. Sorry to hear you aren't too good at the moment Alice. The film sounds great though.. Hopefully you can do Alton Towers another day. Naughty Mabel though! I bet your mum doesn't stay cross at her for long though. Thinking of you always xxx

  26. I hope you feel better soon! And wear the mismatched flip-flops, it's more fun that way anyway!

  27. Sorry to hear that you won't be in the chocolate room this week Alice, but it'll still be waiting for you when you're feeling better (hope that's v soon). Clever mum keeping your Arts Centre trip a secret - sounded great fun. Love to hear your updates Alice, thanks for sharing them with us. Wonder if you'll be watching Marley and Me tonight - I cry every time I watch it, and will probably do the same tonight too! Hope you have good sleep tonight Alice. xxx

  28. Sorry to hear that your not feeling very good at the moment, I hope that you are feeling better soon and manage to get to go Alton Towers, sounds like you had a fab week last week! xx

  29. Alice,

    Don't worry about finding this out! All people need to do is go to the EB Website ( and type in 1SPA010002 (just copy and paste the Product # I just typed) and your mug will come up! I purchased two about two weeks ago. I don't think they will ship until 7/18, though.

    I hope this helps!

    How are you feeling? You have talked about a lot of the fun things you have been doing but I am wondering how you are feeling and what the doctors are telling you and your family.

    Take good care, Alice!

  30. Hope you feel a bit better soon Alice ;) Think of you often and read your blog whenever you update. BIG hugs young lady - you truly are an inspiration.... in fact you have inspired my to get on and write my own blog instead of just thinking about it x x Thank you Alice ;)

  31. Hope you feel a bit better soon Alice ;) I always read your blogs and I think you are a truly inspriational young lady. In fact, you have inspired me to get my bottom in gear and write my own blog, instead of just thinking about it... Thank you. PS. hope the dog recovers from his flip-flop fettish LOL x x

  32. Here's the link Alice

    You didn't add the stuff after 'mug' at the end of the link. I hope you're having a nice weekend..

  33. I would love to have one of your mugs :). Is it originaly signed or preprinted? :)

  34. I'm laughing at Mabel! Our lab is nearly 11 & still grabs a shoe if he wants attention. Thankfully he has grown out if chewing!
    Sorry your not feeling up to Alton Towers but you have been a bit busy so after a rest from your hectic lifestyle you'll be up to it soon xxxx

  35. that sounds like an amazing evening!!! Yay :-)...I think of you often and hope the best for you and your family!

    Best Wishes,
    Amy ~USA

  36. Good weekend to you too, Alice! Your dog sounds like a real joker.

  37. Bummer about Alton Towers :( But so glad you had such a great night out. I enjoy reading all your updates. I hope you continue to do well :) God Bless

    Toni King
    Tulsa, OK USA

  38. Lots of love, Alice. I hope you feel better very soon.

  39. Sorry you cant make it to Alton Towers, Sounds like you had a fab time at the cinema. Loved the whale watching video ... that was really special wasn't it. Hope you managed to have a nice weekend. Good luck meeting the PM

  40. Alice,
    You are a lovely girl, and I've been following your blog and will continue to do so. God bless you and your family!

  41. Feel better soon sweetie, sending big hugs and many prayers from Canada.......:-)Hugs

  42. Sounds like a good day =o)

  43. Hi Alice I read ur posts all the time, u won't remember me my daughter was in Alder hey oncology with u. you need to rest then give us ur next update what you've been upto. xxxx

  44. That;s so awesome that you met her!! Sounds like she was great to talk to. Sorry you're not feeling up to your trip next week. I am praying for you! Thanks for updating!

  45. I love your mug, you are so creative.

  46. Aaah you gotta love dogs! My first dog LOVED shoes and sock and was particularly fond of my grandma's slippers. LOL

    I hope you will soon be feeling up to your trip to the chocolate suite. It sounds like fun. I know how you must feel (in a way) because my vacation plans recently fell through after looking forward to them for months. We're going to reschedule and I hope you can too! :)

  47. Hope you feel better soon Alice. Your cinema experience sounds wonderful! I love Confessions of a Shopaholic. Take care, hugs to you and Mabel from Western Australia xx

  48. Hi Alice,

    I was thinking about you today and hope your're feeling a bit better. I love reading your posts. Reading about Mabel made me laugh!!!

    Take care and I hope we see another post soon!! :-)

  49. hey alice.... hope ur fyn by nw.. al my friendz n myself are praying here 4 u... u wl be fyn soon and then u can enjoy ur choclate room:-) keep smiling dear :-) god bless u

  50. Hi again, Alice,

    Here's a short link for your mug:

  51. Hy!:) I'm Gaby, and I can't speak English :$ (I learn English 1 year ago) And I can't read your posts, but I read a text about you. ( ) <---- this. I want only say for you: I belive in you!!! :) ( I'm so sorry... I can't speak English. :( ) a hungarian girl=)

  52. Hi Alice, I hope you feel better soon. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and I must admit your youthful enthusiasm always gives me cheer. If only everyone can look at life the way you do, then this planet will be a better place to live in. I hope you get to enjoy your stay at Alton as rescheduled! :)

  53. Hi, Alice,

    I just love that mug, seriously. I especially like the castles on the inside of the rim - keeping with the beach theme, yes, but it also strikes me as "you" (if I may be so bold) - letting nothing stop you from building castles even though some people might just see piles of sand.

    I hope you're feeling better and that you'll make it to Alton Towers before the summer's out. Lots of love/positive energy/prayers from this end to you and your amazing family.

  54. Hi Alice, youre such a big inspiration for all of us. Keep goin and good luck.

    With Love, Charles from Czech Republic.

  55. Hi Alice,

    So sorry you aren't feeling well enough to go to Alton towers but I'm sure another opportunity will come available. I'm glad you had such a good time during your Cinema experience. Your mug is adorable! So sweet! I hope you will soon feel better. Sending you lots of love and prayers!

    Hugs and love,
    Alyson in SC, USA

  56. Hi Alice

    I run a little media outfit in Manchester and I thought I'd do some digging about response to your efforts. This then from Anthony Nolan: "We had a huge surge in enquiries after media interest into Alice Pyne’s story. To give you an idea, we usually have around 1000 hits to our website daily, but on the Wednesday and Thursday of the ‘Alice Pyne week’, we received 5000 and 17000 respectively.

    Also, the amount of people who applied to join the register as a result was over 2000 from the afternoon of the Wednesday, when the story broke, to the Friday. That usually takes about a month to accumulate." I don't think your ever going to get everyone to sign up :) but I reckon that this level of response (and remember she's only referring to the first few days) is easily enough for you to tick the second item off our list! Keep up the good work Alice, you've impacted on the lives of tens of thousands of people. There are very very very few people who can ever say they did that, and even fewer (like you) who have done it for all the right reasons!

  57. Hi Alice,
    My friend brought to my attention your blog as she follows Twitter (I'm afraid I do not! :>) and that on your bucket list was to go to Kenya! I went to Kenya in 2007 to teach and wrote a blog about my experiences there for my family and friends back home who had supported my endeavour. My friend thought you could get a sense "virtually" of what it is like there. Here is the link: Thanks for your positive spirit. I wish you all the best in your tough battle. It can't be easy. Jennifer

  58. Alice if you type this into your post (excluding the spaces after these symbols <) you will have a clickable link ;)

    < li>< a href=''>Alice's Emma Bridgewater Mug< /a>< /li>

    Hope that helps :)

  59. Hi again Alice,

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling too great at the moment, but like you said, hopefully the opportunity for Alton Towers will come around at a more convenient time for you ;)

    Sounds like you had a blast at the Brewery Arts Center, ha ha I would have loved to have seen your face when Tracy started talking to you - lol I bet it was a picture :D

    Can't wait to see whether you master the flip cam and whether Mabel the dastardly flip-flop thief is shown on crimewatch next month lol.

    Hope you feel better soon sweetie, big hugs to you and all your family.

    Debbie :)

  60. Hi Alice,
    I have a labradoodle who is alsocheeky. My favorite thing is to watch him and 'do' his voice. I love putting words into his mouth. Dogs are the best friends, especially if you need a boost and a cheeky dog is the very best kind you can get. What does Mabels voice sound like? My dog is called Lennie, he is huge but I think he calls me 'Mummy'.I probably sound like a proper mad old(er)lady. Anyway, hope you get your line sorted and feel better soon

  61. Hi Alice! Just like Jen in Africa, I noticed the Kenya entry on your bucket list and wondered if I could contribute! I was there in 2008 and a friend of mine from the trip now lives and works in Nairobi. I told her about you're blog and she'd like to send you a postcard! Is there a post address or a mailbox where I could have her send it? Thanks so much for your blog, it's truly wonderful! I'm so glad I've come across it; I'll be joining the bone marrow registry this summer and talking to my family about it too! :) Best, Rebecca

  62. Oi! Eu me chamo Cecilia, sou brasileira e não falo ou escrevo em ingles. Porém recebi um email sobre a historia de Alice e pude comprovar o quanto sou imatura apesar de meus 50 anos. Me comovi com tua historia e me deu vontade de lhe dizer que estou aqui e se for possivél lhe doarei a medula, me diga apenas o que fazer. Meu telefone é: (32)32362024 moro em Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais e você Alice mora prá sempre em meu coração e em minhas oraçôes.

  63. Prece da Serenidade
    Concedei-me, Senhor, a Serenidade necessária, para aceitar as coisas que
    não posso modificar;
    Coragem, para modificar aquelas que posso. E Sabedoria, para distingüir
    umas das outras!
    Vivendo um dia de cada vez;
    Desfrutando um momento por vez;
    Aceitando as dificuldades, como um caminho da paz.
    Tomando, como Ele fez, este mundo pecaminoso como ele é, não como eu
    gostaria que fosse;
    Confiando em que
    Ele fará todas as coisas certas, se eu me submeter à Sua Vontade.
    Que eu seja razoavelmente feliz nesta vida
    E infinitamente feliz com Ele,
    para sempre, na próxima.
    (Reinhold Niebuhr)

  64. Hi Alice,

    Feel better soon! There will be another chance for Alton Towers, don't worry. I'm glad you had fun at the cinema!

    Good luck with everything.

  65. may god bless you!!

  66. - would help you be able to link it in the blog. Preview the link (see the long version to make sure it is the site you wish to visit) try

    That will make it easier to link to and for others to find without having to copy so much.


  67. hi alice, given you another blog award (its a different one this time!!). see my page with love xo

  68. I hope you feel better soon, and I'm glad you had a great time at your cinema party! Thanks for sharing so much with the world, especially your strength and good nature. You're an inspiration to us all.

  69. My dog Jovi (named after Jon Bon Jovi- my silly husband!) When she was a pup she would climb as far as she could into the husbands stinky shoes head first and fall asleep. Now, Of course, since she is a lab she is WAY to big so she gets her whole head inside them. What is it with labs and shoes? lol! Love the Mable stories!