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12 August 2014


Hey Everyone,

Sorry I haven't written a blog in a very long time and i wish i had an excuse but i don't. I am so sorry for not keeping all you guys up to date and from now on i will get back in to the habit of writing a blog every month. When i came on to write this blog, i didn't realise how long it had been since i had posted something. It made me recognise how quick time goes by. I just hope that you can forgive me.

So, a lot has happened since February. Unfortunately i have the memory of a goldfish and can't remember much of last week let alone 6 months ago but i will try and work my brain for you guys.

Me and Callum
I guess the first thing to tell you all about is the Keswick to Barrow / Coniston to Barrow walk back in May. This year i did the Coniston to Barrow again and i walked it with my friend, Callum. The weather from what i remember was actually good for a change and we didn't get drenched :) However my knee started playing up this year which wasn't great because it kept doing spasms but everything was fine thanks to the support we had from the fabulous TEAM ALICE.  It was an amazing team yet again and although its late, I can't thank you enough. 
As me and Callum were doing the last mile on the walk, my uncle gary caught us up (he was doing the K2B and is the fastest walker I've ever known :D ). We all finished together which was really cool because a got to finish it with my uncle and one of my best friends. 
I would also like to thank every person who sponsored me, I have raised £4019 for Alice's charity because of your help. I have such incredible support from you all and i am so so grateful for that.  

Climbing Scafell Pike for COPS
A couple of weeks after that i climbed Scafell Pike in the dark for COPS a charity looking after police survivors. Everyone of Wainwrights peaks had a team climbing it and at 3am we all lit our beacons. It felt funny to have my head torch on again but at least I got to have Mabel and Lottie keep me warm :)

I had my biology and PE GCSEs in May and they were much harder then i thought. Its the first exams i have done that are actually serious and i know looking back now i could have revised more. The thing is I get distracted so easily and when i'm meant to be revising, i just want to be outside by the lake or on the mountains or with my friends. 
In less than 2 weeks i will be going back to school to be in Year 11 which is top of the school and i know how hard i have to work. Its ridiculous that i'm in year 11, i still feel and look like a year 7. 
Trip to Paris with Mum
Anyway enough talking about school. At the beginning of my summer holidays me and my mum went to Paris. My mum surprised me with a Segway tour so that we could see all the sites. It was so much fun ( a little scary ). I didn't realise how hard a Segway was to control and ride. Me and mum giggled for most of it. It was a good trip except most people we met were completely miserable and rude, which in a way made it a bad trip. It would of been much more enjoyable without the people being arrogant. 
I didn't realise how expensive Paris was and i just want to thank my mum so much for taking me there. 

Me, mum and dad also went camping in 'amazing' Cornwall. I loved this holiday so much, i actually learnt to surf with Big blue surf school .... properly. I spent everyday on the beach with my surfboard and i think i have the surfing bug now. I just always want to be improving my surfing, its a shame Cornwall's so far away because i'd be out on the waves everyday :(
Mabel and Lottie were also with us, so by the end off the week they were also in love with the beach and the ocean (swimming). 
Mabel & Lottie had a lovely time
Yummy food in Cornwall
We visited a place called Lanhydrock House, it's part of the national trust and we looked around the house, it was massive and so interesting to look at all the paintings. We went to Watergate Bay for a day, the beach was so clean and big. My dad actually lost his phone in the ocean there whilst "paddling" with the dogs :) To be honest it was quite amusing to watch him looking for it :) 
I didn't want to leave at all and i could quite happily move there now but i'd miss the mountains.

Recently it was the North Lonsdale Show where Alice's dog show was held and it was fantastic. I didn't think it would be so popular but it was. Mabel actually won the 'best trick' which was to pick up a balloon and return it to my mum without popping it. It was so funny to watch and i was very proud of her :D  

The charity is doing well and we still have great support from everyone around us. The caravans are busy and the families are enjoying there time here in the Lake District. I sometimes get to say 'Hi' to the people / families who come and it's so nice to meet them. Just to see the impact the holiday has on them and how they are having such a wonderful time really does show that spending time with the people you love, is more important than anything. 

It was Mabel's birthday today, she turned 4 and yes, she did get lots of toys and biscuits from us. It is also my birthday next week and im turning 16. Which is so crazy to think that next year i can start to learn to drive (which i cannot wait for). I am hoping to run a special bone marrow clinic, as i'm turning 16 i can officially go on the register and i am so happy about it. If you are 16-30 and aren't on the Bone Marrow Register yet, you really do need to get on it because you could potentially be saving a life JOIN HERE 

So again i want to apologise about not posting for such a long time, and i feel bad now that i haven't.

I love all you guys for supporting me and the charity. Thank you.

Promise to post next month,
Milly xx 


  1. Very good to hear from you , Milly - we have been wondering how you are getting on and now we have the answer - just fine! Keep up the good work.

  2. You are totally forgiven :0) Live your life - that is the must important thing....Love from Denmark

  3. Hi! So nice to read what you've been up to - (hope this comment doesn't appear twice as I've just messed it up!) No need to apologise at all because it's wonderful to read everything you've been up to. I am so glad everything is going well and that the dog show, fund raising, caravans and walking is going well!
    The segway sounds fun - Paris is known for being rude, dunno why! I suppose cities are less personal.
    Alice would be very impressed that you are living life to the full.
    I think that you are in fact much more grown up than you feel - you write with a maturity and experience and come across as a very lovely person. I hope you have a great time in year 11 and a fabulous birthday!!
    Love Bethan x

  4. Lovely to hear all your news.

  5. It is really nice to see you back here, dear Milly. I thought you stopped blogging as many other had stopped!

    Love you.

  6. Good to see you back....... Birthday Wishes for you :) :)

  7. Lovely to hear from you Millie

  8. Happy Sweet 16! Sounds like you've had an incredible time this year, with your fund raising, work and travel. All the best for the year to come.

  9. you never have to say you are sorry. glad that you are busy living your life and having fun with mom and dad. Becky in NC, USA

  10. Absolutely no need to apologise, as it is lovely to have a super long update from you! Hope you had a lovely birthday and that your bone marrow clinic went well :)

  11. Great to see you've had such a fun summer Milly. I was also in Paris this summer (minus the segways though) and I agree there is a good deal of grump around that city :)

    I'm glad your exams are over for now, I know year 11 is going to seem tough and super stressful. But, it will fly by and honestly it isn't such a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. Do your best, work hard but keep doing the fun stuff too. There really is a great deal of reward to be had from hard work but that is only one part of your life, life should mostly be about sucking every experience you can from it and having a blast along the way.

    You blog as often as you need to, you don't have to update monthly, just pop in when you feel there is stuff you want to share. Alice's blog will always be in my favourites and I'll pop in now and then to see how you're all doing.

    Take care, Julia

    P.S my little girl has been nagging for a dog for years. We're going to surprise her soon with a labradoodle and I've got a feeling she's going to be called Mabel, hope you don't mind us stealing the name (it's super cool)

  12. Sometimes blogging also found the saturation point, and we are lazy to make new posts. All bloggers have experienced it, so you do not need to apologize.