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16 September 2012

Summer time LOL

Yes it's supposed to be summer but we should have got a waterproof parasol cos then it would be useful lol. It's done nothing but rain and rain - it's rained so much that the grass isn't green anymore, it's mud!

I've been so busy the last month that I'm a bit late updating again. Sorry about that, it's quite hard trying to fit so much into the limited time that I'm actually awake! It would take a normal person about 2 minutes to do a blog entry but it takes me about 2 hours cos I keep changing bits and remembering more and sometimes I even fall asleep midway. So I'm not the best blogger but I'm trying lol.

When I got back from Vancouver, everything went mad and people made a big thing about me ticking off the whale watching. I think that they kind of expected me to drop dead there and then just because it was all done but I've got to tell you that I've got another list I'm working on. But this list is in my head and then no one will no if I ever get to do everything on that one! I had such a wonderful time in Vancouver that I don't think anything could ever be better than that, but I do still have some pretty important things to get done.

Loads of people have been doing fundraising things for my charity and I want to say thank you to all of them. I'm worried that I'll miss someone out if I start putting names down so I'm just saying a big thank you to you all and hope that you feel good about what you've done.

The week after next, my mum and dad and 14 others are flying out to climb Kilimanjaro and we're hoping that they'll raise a lot from that.  One of the dreams I haven't yet ticked is to get a nice charity caravan (like a chalet type thing) for our families to stay in. This will be really good for larger families and for those who just want to be on their own and it means that we don't have to wait for a hotel room to come up to sort holidays for them. The good news is that I've been to look at caravans and I've found a couple I like and now we just have to get the rest of the money together so that we can order it and start planning things like decking for it.  So if you want to sponsor any of the group, please click HERE and don't forget to leave us a message. If everyone that has visited my blog sponsored them just a £1, we'd have £4,000,000 to spend! That would be a nice caravan lol.

On Saturday 4th, it was my dad's birthday and we surprised him with a Forest Holiday and booked a lodge that we could take Mabel to. It was so lovely and relaxing and we even had a hot tub on the decking and I lived in it as I can't really go swimming in public anymore, so that was nice. We were in it at midnight one night, just looking up at the stars and Mabel was sat on the step watching us! While we were there, we went to collect our new puppy. Lottie is a black Labrador and she is the cutest little thing. Her and Mabel are best friends already and they curl up together to sleep. Lottie is a little bit naughty and has eaten one of Mum's expensive walking shoes already so everything has moved up a level!

I went back to Alder Hey and we agreed that I'd try another new drug. This one has been making me feel quite sick so it's not as good as the last one and I'm not sure that it's doing anything to my lumps either, so I'm not sure if Dr P has got any other magic to use on me, but I hope so.

On Thursday 6th, Milly and me received our B.E.M.s from the Lord Lieutenant (had to use spell check for that one) of Cumbria and all of our family and friends came to our Investiture. We went to the Beech Hill Hotel overlooking Windermere and it was perfect, the cakes were yummy and they even treated us to a break there too. Norman Bishop Rowe had nominated us and it was really nice that he was there too. We felt very special with our medals hanging on our dresses. We met some lovely people who were on holiday from Vancouver (how funny is that) - I know some of them follow my blog so hello to all of you! You can see a little video about it HERE. Thank you to everyone at the Beech Hill for making our day perfect, especially Fraser, Jonathan and Cora x and thank you to Sir James Cropper for presenting us with our medals.

Last week, Ol Parker, who is a film writer / director invited us to go to the first screening of 'Now is Good' with Dakota Fanning. I was lucky enough to visit the film set last year and meet the cast and the crew and watch some of the filming. I can remember asking when 'Now is Good' would be shown and he said it would be over a year away. So it was amazing to be there last week, cos I never ever imagined that I'd still be around and you must go and see the film.

I've been busy planning my other web thing which is a site or extra pages on my charity site (I don't know yet) which will have links to all the bone marrow registers around the world and space to promote a few registration events for people who are looking for a match.  At the moment, there isn't one place where you can go to link to everything and it's so confusing that I think lots of people just don't bother. Donating bone marrow is so easy and I've even done it. It was just a bit like giving blood, they don't have to cut you up or drill into you or do anything horrid and you could save someones life. I can't think of anything better than knowing you saved someone from losing their little girl or their parent or their best friend. Links are on here and on my Facebook pages


  1. Another wonderful post and I'm so happy to hear of all the brilliant things that you've been doing and have been planning! Good luck to your mum & dad and everyone going climbing - I've sponsored, I hope everyone else does too! I just want to apologise, i had sent u a bandana but read on facebook u dont like them so sorry about that! :-) Lovely to hear of Lottie's arrival - how wonderful! My dog Milo sends licks and wags. You're an amazing inspiration, you're so busy and productive. Keep up the good work. Keep believing in your doc's magic. Lots of love xxx

  2. Ha ha, I do like bandanas but I prefer Bold Beanies just because I don't have to mess about tying them! But some of my outfits will only go with bandanas so I do still wear them too!
    Lottie is really cute but really, really naughty. Even Mabel looks good next to her lol

  3. Awww, what a lovely post! The caravan sounds like a lovely idea for families :)
    OoOo a forest holiday, mmm hot tub sounds really good right about now LOL. Glad you had a nice time.
    I have a kitten called Lottie, hehe. xx

  4. So glad to hear you're doing well, Alice! I think of you often and always look forward to your blog posts. God bless!

  5. I'm glad you're making a new list! Maybe one of them should be dancing in the rain.

  6. I was worried because I did not see any thing on your blog, now I am glad that you are doing good and you are also planning on an other bucket list.
    Honey, it's your right to dream, to wish and to ask for things you would like to have. We all are like you but some of us are not able to do what you did. At least, you are making people donating and thinking about others.
    If people are mad because you are still alive ! let ma tell them this : Do not come to this page and leave Alice alone, she is ours and we are alot of people from the world who support her .
    Alice, I am older then you, and you are the winter's flower ( winter because you are sick but you are still hoping and I really wish that you stay longer ans longer ).
    I think about you and I am sure that many people love you alot. So we pray for you, for a better health inshaAllah and keep your bucket list open .

  7. Hi sweetie. My name is Nathasja and I am writing you from Michigan - which is a state in America. I moved here a few years ago to be with my husband whom is American.., but originally I am from right across the pond - the Netherlands!

    I have been following your blog for a while now, but have never left you a message because I suppose I never quite knew what to say. I want you to know that I really admire your strength, and that I love your personality and attitude. You are reaching and touching peoples lives - people whom not know you in real life, but whom get a sense of what a wonderful person you are through your words on this blog. I am very excited that you got a chance to see whales ~ and in such an adventurous manner at that!! They are truly majestic animals and I am sure it was an amazing experience to be so close to them. I also love that Mabel now has a new friend to snuggle and play with :) I have a few pets myself as well.. I love animals! I would like to have a puppy some day, but we are gone from home a lot for our work. So instead I have a bunch of kitties. One of them has only one eye, which makes him extra special :)

    Do not worry about not updating as frequently as you think people would want you to- we are all just very lucky that you are letting us in on your adventures, and we understand 100% if we have to wait a little bit until we hear from you.

    I find myself thinking about you quite often.. I wonder how you are doing and if anything nice is bringing a smile to your face that day! I am so proud of you for so many reasons, and am thrilled that your charity is doing so well! When my dad was only ten years old, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and my husbands cancer was found when he was in his twenties. Unfortunately this disease has been closeby in my life second-hand, but I wanted to let you know something.. It never occured to me to become a blood or bone marrow donor until I started to read the stories of this brave girl named Alice. I have very seriously looked into doing both, because YOU have inspired me to make a difference.

    Unfortunately when I was sixteen, I had been diagnosed with ME. It pretty much just makes me hurt and tired (it really is no big deal ;) ) The thing is: apparently this means I am unable to donate. It truly broke my heart, as I was set on doing this for you, and any other person that would need something which I would be able to give so easily. I cannot really do anything about this, but I want you to know that you really do inspire people, touch people and make a difference in people's lives.. whether you know it or not! And shame on me for not talking to you and telling you sooner!!

    I promise I will write you some more :) Please have a good day and hug both your dogs for me! xo

  8. Hi Alice,

    I just wanted to let you know that I joined a bone marrow registry in the US because of you...hopefully I will have the chance to help someone some day just like you do every day!

  9. Hi Alice,

    As usual you have been so busy! Congrats on the medals. You and Milly looked great in the video. You have the sweetest smile.
    I enjoyed reading about Lottie. My children are BEGGING for another dog. We have one right now. I would like to get another one also but haven't quite decided 100% that a new dog would be the best decision. We'll see!
    I still can't get over your parents climbing Kilimanjaro. WOW! I hope they raise TONS of money. Alice, keep on keeping on. You are AWESOME!

    Hugs and love,
    Aly in SC, USA

  10. What more could one say about you ,,I hope you know that you will always be loved,&admired, for many years to come,,
    Your naughty friend Tony D

  11. You are such an inspiration, keep the posts coming x

  12. Hi Again Alice - so great to hear from you. Sounds like you've had a lovely summer. I've had two dogs and I can tell you that it's double the fun. Mabel can teach Lottie all the things a good dog should know and they'll be great company for each other - much like you and Milly! Congratulations big time to both you and Milly. Those medals are a really big deal and what you've both accomplished is nothing short of amazing. I hope the drug issue can be worked out - it sucks to feel sick, especially when you're busy conquering the world! FYI, a girl can have as many bucket lists as she wants so keep making those lists Alice - you are fantastic, love from MEM in NB, Canada

  13. More great Adventures Alice, I can't wait to hear how your family do with Kili and I'm pleased you actually got your medals in the end up. Keep smiling x

  14. Alice, you are a brilliant blogger - so natural and wonderfully expressed. As always, you are doing remarkable things - keep up the good work, you brave girl.

  15. Hi Alice!

    My goodness, you've been busy! I just watched the video about you and Milly being awarded the BEMs. Holy cow, I didn't realize how big a deal that is! Very, very cool! So proud of you both!
    Can't wait to hear about your parent's Kilimanjaro escapades! Hope they raise lots of money for the charity and have fun in the process!

    Lots of Love,
    Brittany in NM, USA

  16. Hey alice just wishing you best of luck!

    - Daniel from Newfoundland!

    1. I hope you keep doing well, I am sorry the new medicine is making you sick. You are really strong to keep trying what the doc brings to you to try. It has to be so hard! I am jealous you have a new puppy. lab puppies are the cutest most wonderful thing in the world arent they!

  17. Swimming with sharks is on my bucket list too.... best of luck.

    - Kristian from United States

  18. Hi, Alice! I'm brazilian and I was searching on Google about the movie "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman- do you know?- but somehow I found your blog in the middle of the links and i'm very touched by your history and every thing that you are passing by. I'm 16 too and I don't know if i can image being in the same situation than you and keep smileing like you do. You are are a very good blogger and I really really wish you the best!
    Hugs and Love,
    Juliana from São Paulo- Brazil.

  19. Hi Alice , how are you ? my name is Inès I'm 15 and I'm algerian , and i had a cancer too . In my country There is no possibilities there and there is no drugs , But I survived , If I get sick again and I think that cancer is on my body , Mom and Dad can not Send me abroad for treatment and the hospital will not accept me for treatment and doctors will send me home to die as they did with other children . Can you help me to travel to Britain for treatment ? This is a real problem , I do not want to die , There are dreams I want to realize

  20. Alice you are just so lucky I studied a lot whene I was in the hospital alone Without professors Only with my school books and I got my brevet with 17/20 but I did not get a guitar , mom and dud couldn't buy me one :'(

  21. Neobux
    Hello, You look so happy today & you look so cute. Did you see any shark behind you !