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4 October 2011

Another for the bucket list

I have a few missions in my head. One is going to become real very soon and then I can tell you about it, but there's another thing that's bugging me. It's really good that I'm getting so many people to join the register, but what about when I'm not here? I don't want it all to stop and I've been thinking lots about how to carry on telling everyone forever.  I said something the other day and I can't even remember why I said it, but I said that it's a pity that the card people don't put details of Anthony Nolan on the back of their 18th birthday cards.  And that made me think why don't they - it's a really simple idea but for whatever reason it doesn't happen and I really think that it could work to encourage young, healthy donors.  

So my next mission is to start another Twitter campaign and contact all of the big card companies like Hallmark, Clinton, Carte Blanche, Camden, Phoenix and the internet places like Moon Pig and Funky Pigeon, and get them to think about doing something about it. Such a little thing could make such a big difference and I bet that some of their workers must have been affected by cancer and in need of a transplant.  There's must be loads and loads of 18th cards bought every day and I want them all to have a message on them.  

So email me and I can come and meet you with one of the Anthony Nolan people.  I really, really need this to happen!


  1. That is a great idea..Hallmark is located in my hometown..i would love to see them help out!!
    Bright Blessings Alice

  2. A first class idea, Alice - it might be advantageous to put the information inside the cards, on the left hand side - people might not look at the back of the card but they will surely look inside.

  3. Afternoon Alice,
    Your blogs have worked, I give blood tomorrow and I will be joining the Bone Marrow Registry Gang. Keep up the excellent work you and your family are doing, it is bloody amazing. Lots of Love, Handsome Pete xxx

  4. Alice - You could start a foundation for bone marrow awareness. I think it would be very suitable. You've done so much for bringing awareness to the issue, it should never stop.

  5. Afternoon Alice, Your blogs have worked, I give blood tomorrow and I will be joining the Bone Marrow Registry Gang. Keep up the excellent work you and your family are doing, it is bloody amazing. Lots of Love, Handsome Pete.

  6. I'm finally 18 and I've always wanted to join the donor registry but it turns out that I can't because of the medication I take daily. I can't even donate blood because I am too skinny. :(
    What are other things I can do to help that don't really involve spending money? (I'm a poor college student paying a lot of money to become a doctor, so there's a start I guess!)
    Alice you're so inspiring, I religiously read this blog, it's fabulous!

  7. What a special spirit you have! I just found your blog and am amazed by your attitude. I love that you have items on your bucket list aimed at helping others. Mine is at and is not as impressive. My grandmother is 103, and I believe the key to her longevity is the fact that she has always spent more time thinking of others than herself. God bless you!

  8. I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea! Good luck in getting the card companies to join in. I know I've seen campaigns at times on the back of Hallmark Cards here in the US, so hopefully they'd be willing to do this.

  9. Alice, I think you are brilliant and are making such a difference in this world. Keep up the good work and the good fight. You inspire me.

  10. You're inspirational! I've voted you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  11. You are so brave and so smart Alice. I think that's a brilliant idea, and expecially with Moonpig and Funky Pigeon that are getting really popular these days. If you need anything web-related done give me a shout. I'm not the most technical of people but I've been blogging and making websites for a long time (just as an amateur). Anyway, if I can do anything to help I will. I have a lot of health problems so I'm not able to register as a bone marrow donor. Best of luck Alice - You Go Girl!!!

  12. Hi Alice,

    I love your idea! I live out in Los Angeles and if you need anything from this city (I mean ANYTHING) and you can't make it here, just let me know and I will help you nay way I can.


  13. Alice I own a card shop and stock lots of cards from some independent card manufacturers. I think your idea is amazing and could really work. I could give you the addresses of the companies I use if it would be of help to you. You can contact me on face book (on the post pals page) if you need any help. I could also ask my customers that buy an 18th card what they think of the idea and pass their feedback to you if you think it would help persuade the larger companies to take you up your cause.
    Keep up the fantastic work and I really hope you enjoy the awards ceremony next week.
    Kim xx

  14. I love how you're constantly thinking of others! you're amazing! I had a bmt and this would be amazing!!! I am so so thankful to my donor and I bet it is the best feeling ever to give marrow! Would be fab for everyone to sign up! Alice you're so inspiring. Thank you xx

  15. I hope you achieve your goal! It is so simple but would be really encouraging. Good luck =]

  16. Last year and as far as I know this year Marie Currie ask crafters to make a couple of extra christmas cards and send them to them. These get sent to the shops for sale. You could perhaps do something similar. Either the charities or places such as craft forums, ask people to mention it on cards, both christmas and bday.

    It would be good if you had a sponser such as vistaprint. I know they do free/cheap bussiness cards, with what you want on one side and their advert on the back. if you could get some of them, with all the details about joining on one side, then they could be slipped into cards. Wouldnt even need to get card companies on board as they could be added at the till.

    Perhaps it would be worth desining an easy print one too, that people who make cards could add to their own.

  17. What a great idea. But what do you mean buy saying when Im not here any more? Your not going anywhere girl!! Yu got so much more work to do

  18. Hi alice why not try & design some cards of your own with a message on the back

  19. Alice, there is a dharani which is so good to help one to prolong her life. I know this is the best way to help u.
    The Resolute Light King Dharani of Holy Limitless Life

  20. You are such an amazing young lady! You inspire me.

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  22. Just thought i would let you know that i think this is a brilliant idea :). Me and ten friends went and gave blood and signed up the other day after reading your blog xx

  23. Hi Alice! I found you on post pals about a year ago and I've just been reading through your blog-you are so inspirational to people all over the world and you have already made the hugest difference. Any haters are just sad little people who have such sad little lives that they get some sort of sick gratification out of trolling, and will be burning in hell quite soon. (And that's coming from an atheist.)

    So hi, I'm Dannii, I'm 14 and I like music and cats. I actually sent you and Milly some ds games about nine months ago-dolphin island or something like that? I don't know if you got them, but if you did I hope you like them :)

    I wish you all the best in your conquests, I've been looking at the bone marrow website and you are already making a difference. Every decent person in the world is behind you and wants to give you a virtual cookie.

    *gives virtual cookie*

    Daniella, Midlands, UK xxx

  24. Now I am going to tell you a story. First off you know I will do anything I can to help your cause. You know I'm so old they won't take my blood, but I will do whatever I can and I will sell cards on my site.
    But here is the story re- what will happen when you say you won't be around.
    We have a guy who is a doorman at my bldg here in NY. Last year he came down with colon cancer, one day he was here the next day he was in hospital.
    They said he had waited too long and he only had two weeks max. They gave him the last rights five times. FIVE TIMES. I wrote a blog about him partially in the past tense urging people to get colonscopys.
    All the men in the bldg were in tears. The tenants were taking up funds to help his mum as he supports her and he would not be around.
    Last rights five times.
    He is coming back to work next week. He's fine.
    His name is big Frank. Everyone is thrilled.
    Miracles happen.
    When you think about this just think, big Frank. last rights 5 times. Back at work. I'm going to take his picture and send it to you. He's not so cute, he won't be a crush or anything, but he is a walking example of what can happen. So that is what I am sending out into the universe vis a vis the amazing Miss Alice Pyne.
    xxxoxoxoxoxox Tracey

  25. I think it is great that you are using social networking in efforts to help others and work towards your own goals. Having your goals open to the public can only benefit yourself and others as they are able to help and build off of your efforts that you discuss online. You are truly a motivating person and I admire your desire to accomplish your goals. Your blog has given me the motivation to donate blood and do whatever else I can in order to help those in need. Good luck and take care! If you need anything or would like to read my story about my father's battle with cancer you may visit my blog at

  26. keep up the great work alice.. youre such a true inspiration.. as i check my blog i always look for your updates.. as you know, you can do anything you set your mind to and your latest idea is sheer genius.. gbless..

  27. Hey Alice, I know the owners of both Moonpig and Funky Pigeon... let me know if you need any help getting through to them! @simonhix

  28. OMG Alice thats a great idea can you send me more info about it at Bye

  29. your so so brave and such an inspiration gorgeous, your in my prayers :) x

  30. Well done for the 3 awards at the Inspirational Women Awards. Hope you enjoy your time chilling out in London. Would love to see a photo of the awards - and your dress! Hugs xxxxx

  31. Another Brilliant idea Alice. I love your blog you are definitely an inspiration to a great many people all over the world. btw I love your new hair! May you keep up the good work for many,many years to come.xx

  32. This is a fantastic idea!

    Sadly I am not allowed to donate blood/organs/bone marrow/anything due to my own illness. :(

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  34. alice thats an amazing idea and you are an inspiration! x i hope this happens.

  35. Hi Alice,

    I'm from Brasil and I accidentally saw your blog in some website, and I was so happy to see all the good things that you are spreading all over the world.

    I dont now if it helps, but I researched about some studies proving that the most used treatments today for many kinds of cancer, such as chemotherapy, are far less effective than other natural methods. I look them up and saw some methods that had proved effective in many cases.
    I'm sorry if I'm just disturbing you, and I imagin that you must already have done a lot of reserch, but I wanted to let you know.

    This is some of the things that I found, if you like to see:

    I'm also going to become a bone marrow donner here in Brasil, thanks to your inspiration.
    a huge hug to you!

  36. Hi again Alice.

    Congratulations to both you and Milly on your Awards - you lady's looked absolutely stunning!!!!! Switswoo I say :)

    Forgive my ignorance, but I knew that Milly had been unwell but didn't appreciate everything that she has also gone through and her own personal battle. I thought her charity fundraising was amazing before, but now I am just blown away with admiration for her, you girls are definitely in a league of your own, your parents must be incredibly proud of you both.

    I love crafting and make my own cards for Christmas, but this year I am going to be sending out some snowman cards instead, they are just gorgeous, and after listening to the video your sister made, I can see what an amazing difference it makes to GOSH .... WTG Milly :D

    Thinking on the same page, would it not be possible for the ANT to follow the same route as GOSH and have a card designed by you which they could then sell to raise funds directly? Knowing how successful your mug has been, and also being a very proud owner of one :) I know you could also make a beautiful card which would sell for years and years to come and so keep your good work running indefinitely. I don't know how much planning and organisation it would take but it would undoubtedly be a success if it were possible.

    I have my own website which sells craft downloads and would be honoured if Milly would allow me to advertise her Snowman and Nativity cards on there with a link to the GOSH store.

    Good luck in your new quest, I do hope you get all of the positive response from the card manufacturers that you are hoping for.

    Best wishes and lots of hugs to you all. xx

  37. LOL - I'm such an idiot! I didn't look at the date of the snowman video lol

    Unfortunately Milly's snowman card is no longer for sale :( but I did have a thought... does your mum have any of the millions that she bought? I just wondered if she's thought about selling any on ;)

    I have just ordered my nativity cards and will have great pleasure in writing those out this year

    Thanks again, hugs Debbie xx

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  40. Hey! What you're doing (and have done!) is truly inspirational! Liked your bucket list! I'm currently working on my own on which makes it quite easy to organise all your thoughts and ideas and share them with your friends - i think they're also on fb and twitter. But it's worth a look!

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