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26 September 2011

Alton Towers ahoy :)

Yay guess what, I am going to get to go to Alton Towers this week yay!  I've only been to Alton Towers a few times and I've never stayed in the hotel there, so I'm really excited that they have offered to let me go and sleep in the Chocolate room.  I'm going with my BFF Sammi and my cousin Rhys and I can't wait. I'm so glad that I get to do it and I'm even going to push myself to go on just one really scary ride lol and I might even buy the photograph to prove it.

Then, I'm back in Liverpool and as well as hospital things, I'm going to Andrew Collinge and I'm going to feel really special because I'm getting my wig and they're going to cut it into a style for me. I'll post a photo on here when I've got my new hair so you can see what it's like. My sister is going away to Scotland with her school so I get to choose a treat weekend and I said stay in Liverpool, because I only get to go there when I'm in hospital and it's a really nice city. Mum is going for a lesson in the Apple shop because she can't work anything and I'm going to look for a dress for the awards night which is the week after. At night time I want to eat pizza and then maybe listen to music somewhere. Oh and I want to go on the duck boat thing that I keep seeing. It's a yellow bus that drives around the city but then goes into the water as well. Sounds a bit mad but it looks fun.

A bit ago, we bumped into a girl who was out for a walk with an old lady from the care home across the road from us.  The lady said that she was really sad that she'd had to leave her dog and she fussed Bess and Mabel lots.  So Mum checked our insurance and we gave Mabel a really good wash because Labradors are always dirty and we went over (mum phoned first). It was so lovely and I was really glad that we went and most of the people were really pleased to see Mabel (they didn't really notice me or mum) and Mabel was very well behaved too. Lots of them told us about the dogs they'd had and their names and other stories.  When we came home, we both said that it felt really nice that we had done that and we've decided that we'll go over a few times a month and see everyone.  They were lovely people and all the staff were friendly and happy to have us there too. Plus Mabel got lots of hugs and some biscuits so she was very pleased too.

Before I go to London for the award night, I need another scan done. I don't like the scans because they're quite long and the machine is really noisy. We told them that we don't want to know the results before I go to London because it might spoil the weekend.  It might be bad luck to be planning two weekends but it does feel nice to be doing normal things and not thinking too much about hospital. Today, we saw our friends Phil and Diane, and Phil said to me and mum 'are you planning on being around at christmas' and we both started laughing.  Phil meant were we planning to go away or stay at home and we both thought he was asking if I was planning to be around.  So I laughed and said 'I hope so'!  I'm trying cos it's my 16th birthday the week before so that means I can ask to try archery.  I have done a bit of it but I'm not sure if anywhere does it around here so mum is going to find out and maybe I'll have a go at that too.  I might even add it to my list.

Keep telling everyone you know to join the bone marrow registers, don't stop and if you're going to send an 18th card, you could print out some information and put it in their card for me. Wouldn't it be good if every card company printed information about the register on the back of their 18th cards. Maybe that's a new mission for me!


  1. I hope u manage to have your fun times. You are an inspiration and a very brave girl.x x

  2. I always pray that you get cured. All the best!

  3. I went on a duck tour around london once and it was great. I learned all sorts of useless facts about london. I must say they told us just as we hit the water that the boat thingy was built for the war and only supposed to last a few weeks and yet here they are still :P But you will have a fantastic time! And I'm so jealous of your alton towers trip having never ever been!

    All the best and all my love
    Niamh xxxxx

  4. Hi Alice,
    You sound great and I am happy that you will be attending the awards. Take lots of pictures. I think your scan is going to show improvement. Don't stop believing. I am from the west California to be exact. I think about you a lot I think you will be OK. I am a christian and have a strong faith and I will pray for you. Stay strong have fun and keep on living.....Your friend and a fan!

  5. Alice - Hope you have great fun on your weekend trips. They sound exciting! I voted and am keeping my fingers crossed that you and Milly will win in your categories. It was sweet of you to take Mabel so the older people could pet and love on her. Animals are so wonderful to everyone and never judge. Their love is unconditional and makes our lives richer. I got my DKMS envelope and still have to do my swabs. Take care, have fun and I love reading about your adventures.

  6. Alton Towers will be great fun, hope you have a ball!

    Good luck with the scan - I'll be sending positive vibes your way xxxx

  7. That is such a beautiful thing you and mom and Mabel did, I've always maintained that its the simple things in life that are the best.
    Holding all thumbs and crossing everything for your trip to the awards ceremony (and of course for the awards as well ;-))

  8. Hi Alice,

    You are going to be a very busy girl! So happy you finally get to go to Alton Towers. Really looking forward to your pictures especially the picture of your new wig.

    Love and hugs,
    Alyson in SC, USA

  9. Alice - really like your idea about the cards, you are one very bright cookie. And also huge admiration for your attitude - and your mum's. keep it up. thinking of you x

  10. hey alice :)
    try contacting ymca lakeside for archery...its near newby bridge :)
    ive done it there as part of day camps in the summer holidays.

  11. So glad you are getting to go to Alton Towers- and yes, if you feel up to it you MUST do a scary ride!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you took Mable to the old folks home to visit. I continue to be impressed with your kind heart and empathy for people who are suffering. Your life WILL leave a legacy simply because of the person you are!

  12. Liverpool is an amazing city, i live half an hour away from it :) The shopping is really good and there is always something great on at the Empire Theatre or maybe even Echo Arena :D hope this is helpful for the music side :) loads of great food too xx

  13. Your trip to Alton Towers sounds brilliant, I'd love to stay in the chocolate room!
    My daughter is 16 next week, we're having a houseful of girls over on Saturday (aarrgggh!) I hope your birthday will be as much fun for you.
    Have a great time at the awards. xxx

  14. Alice, great news all around!

    I've been so inspired by your blog that I am holding a donor registry party and fundraiser on 11-11-11. At 11:11pm I will be cutting off my long hair for donation to a child's wig.

    All in your honor and with the hopes that we will spread the word for many to register. I'm super excited about the fun we'll have and invite you to watch live via streaming video. Mark your calendar and save the date. I live in Vancouver Canada so we 're 9 hours behind your time. It will be morning for you.

    Take care and can't wait to see the pics of you in your new hairdo at the awards. Good luck to both you and Milly.

    Alison Noni Richards

  15. As always, Dear Alice, You inspire me to great heights!!!! I love you and so look forward to your next post!!

  16. hi alice,
    great post, enjoy the chocolate room.
    your idea for thecards is good.

  17. Girl, you are amazing!! I am so glad I have gotten to know you, even if it is just through your blog. Thank you for sharing yourself and your journey with us. Blessing to you, Mabel, Milly, and of course your Mum.

    Jan Mayhall
    Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Dallas, Texas

  18. Me and my boyfriend Joe are now officially on the Anthony Nolan register, we got our donor cards in the post yesterday. If it wasn't for your blog I might not have thought about it or even heard of the organisation. So thanks to you we could save a life any time :)

    X X X X X X X

  19. Have a fantastic time at Alton towers! Cant wait to see the new hair! Xxx

  20. Alice you sound great. And you have so much going on. The Alton Towers sounds like fun. I know how much you have been wanting to do that. And then the awards. You really get around girl.
    Tell your mom she is very smart to go to The Apple Store. I have been trying to get there forever as they tell you so many things you can never figure out for yourself and when they do it it looks so easy.
    Have fun.
    Can't wait to see the new wig!
    Don't eat too much chocolate.
    xxxx Tracey

  21. Hi Alice, Congrats! one more wish in your list is going to come true !!
    Lets celebrate \m/
    Take care

  22. Alice!!

    ENJOY!! you really are a brave cool girl..stay blessed!!

  23. Hey Alice.Have fun at Alton Towers, I'm so happy your getting to go!!
    What you did with Mabel was really lovely, and I'm sure the people loved it, and are looking forward to you going back with her!! Good idea for the cards lovely!! I hope the companies do it. Youre an inspiration to us all Alice, take care of yourself darling, and stay smiling. xxx

  24. Have fun in liverpool and at alton towers!! i've never been to either but my friends have and they really like them! :) I hope your scan goes well i have my fingers and toes crossed for you! x

  25. My name is Britt and I'm from Oklahoma. Everytime I read one of your new blog posts it just makes me smile! :) I love all the adventures you go on and hope you get to cross everything off your "bucket list"!

  26. Dear Alice, I'm wishing you do enjoy your great weekend trip. You sounds happy for the upcoming trip. Is great to see you so cheer there. Enjoy^^

  27. Dear Alice,

    Im new in this company..but i must admit that ur blog is the greatest i've ever read...I deal with my health issues everyday..and i can understand how it feels to fight for ur own life every single day...

    You idea about making a bucket list is something i wanted to do but always said i was too busy to do it..but now i think i will..thanks t u...

    Have a great weekend ur life..and remember..fight is to the end...

    As for me...Im 20 from Greece...and from now sure u gained a greek friend...take care!

  28. I have been following your blog for quite sometime now Alice and I have to admit your inspiring. As someone myself who has recently recovered from cancer - I like to think of myself as a Cancer Graduate - I admire your courage. Keep fighting the fight and you will win.


  29. Alice! I saw you there, near the thirteen and Rita rides but I didnt want to come up and bother you. I hope you had a marvellous day out and enjoyed yourself girl.

    Much love from Matthew, 21 from Carlisle.