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8 June 2011

Oh dear!

Oh dear and I thought that I was just doing a little blog for a few friends!  Thank you so much for all your lovely messages to me.  I don't sleep very well and I sat up all night reading them as they came in from all over the planet, every single one, and they have made me smile so much so that is a good thing. 

There isn't a Paypal or Donate button on here, because I didn't mean for this to be such a big thing. It was just so that I could write on here and do the things I wanted to do and my friends could read about it them, which I'm still going to do.  It's nice you're all here too but I really don't want any money giving and we've actually been offered so many wonderful experiences that I've definitely got a lot of exciting days ahead.  My mum was trying to reply to everyone and it all got a bit mad and now we have a little team of friends helping us out so that we can get back to everyone.

I'm excited about the things I am going to be doing, but the biggest thing has to be all the people who are joining bone marrow donation schemes because of me.  I read on someones post that it is really painful.  Well, mostly bone marrow is taken as cells via a needle and I have had it done.  I was 13 when I had my first transplant and because they used my own cells, I had to have them taken out (they call it harvested) and then stored and put back in some months later after more chemo.  I'm not just saying this, but it really didn't hurt at all.  I had a tiny bruise from the needles and that was about it.  I was a bit tired too but I'm always tired so that may not have been the cells.

So, I was never begging and I don't need any money but I do love to get your messages and I hope you'll follow my blog and keep leaving me a message.  I will take a camera with me wherever I go and I'll post photos of everything I do.  In return, you can keep asking everyone you bump into to join the bone marrow donation schemes in your country.


  1. Stephanie Lamb.8 June 2011 at 14:32

    You're such a lovely girl, Good luck with your list. I have tweeted to take that about meeting, and I can see other people have as well, hopefully they will get in touch! I'll be very jealous when I see you're picture, I love take that! I will also join a donor scheme. Is there anyway you could add some links of where to sign up just to make it easier for everyone?
    Good Luck! xxx

  2. This is soo Inspirational.
    and i am soo sorry to hear about it getting worse.

    Your such an inspiration to all, and i wish luck and happiness with you just now <3

  3. What an absolute inspiration you are already x

    I look forward to seeing the amazing dreams you will achieve.

  4. Hugs to you :) Am looking forward to seeing the pictures of you doing many amazing things! Lins xx

  5. You are such an inspiration. I have posted your blog on facebook and retweeted on twitter. Have asked friends who have worked with Take That to help - so fingers crossed.

    I will follow your blog with interest and look forward to seeing all the photos of you achieving your bucket list. Make sure you add everything you want to do on it.

    Bless you and take care

  6. What a fantastic young girl. You must make your family so proud. I wish you the best x

  7. The floodgates have been opened!!! There are so many wonderful people there ( have you looked oN twItter) ohh Alice you are going to have lots of fun can't wait to see the photo's!!!
    love to you all
    Anna x

  8. I'm glad you have got lots of exciting things planned. Thanks as well for explaining about donating bone marrow - I know a lot of people can be put off by thinking it is painful so thanks for explaining and well done for spreading the word and getting more people signed up. Give my love to your Mum, Dad and sister and they know where I am if there is anything I can do (as long as it doesn't involve tweeting - still working out how to do it!) Sending my love as always, Kate Dee

  9. Good luck sweetheart, you are a brave girl!

  10. Oh bless you! Completely caught in the floodgates. Have an amazing time with all your goodies and enjoy every bit of it.

  11. Way to go Alice. I've emailed one of Take That so hopefully he will be able to sort something out. Much love xxxxxx

  12. just wrote on your other post, but will comment here rock!!!!
    sending the biggest love your way and will be waiting in anticipation for your pictures of the fab times to come.
    xxx : )

  13. I just came across this after some one retweeted on twitter. I really hope you tick as many things off your list as you can.
    Do you have a twitter?
    God Bless.
    Liam x

  14. go Alice! We're here to support you <3

  15. What a wonderful, wonderful blog! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to read about all of your adventures. You are such an inspiration! Sending you and your family lots of love from the United States xx :)

  16. You are amazing, your mum most be so proud of you! Richard Ward Salon said they have reached out to you!! How cool if you can go to London to get your hair done!! Can't wait to see all the pictures of your experiences.

    I am on the US bone marrow donor list. I wish my bone marrow could help you, or anybody else.

  17. Adventures in Icing - Carrie8 June 2011 at 14:42

    Hi Alice, my friend Helen sent me this and I'm glad she did. You're a very brave girl and I hope your dreams come true.
    I have seen that Cadbury World have replied to you, as I live pretty near, as I was going to contact them. So instead I've contacted the Press Office at Alton Towers to see what they can do. Hope they get back to you. I've copied you in on the email
    I make cakes and I'd love to make you one - chocolate of course. Is there anything you'd like design wise?
    Big hugs

  18. Well that's what happens when Davina McCall retweets your blog address on twitter! lol xxx

  19. Dear Alice,
    You're helping a world of people realize how many beautiful things we all take for granted every day. You've touched more lives than you know. Thank you for that.

  20. Alice, I heard of you on Twitter today. I wish I weren't saying this to you, I wish life were that I still didn't know about you, I wish that at your age you weren't doing this blog. But you are & therefore I'm honoured to have heard of such an inspirational young lady. Many adults aren't as brave as you. I live in Northern Ireland & am a bit far out of the way to fulfil your dreams but there is 1 that I can help with. You may already have this 1 in the diary but just in case, I've emailed Cadbury World in support of that wish & if it hasn't been arranged already, I hope I've been able to help in making it happen soon. Thank you for sharing your story, Lyndsey

  21. Adventures in Icing - Carrie8 June 2011 at 14:45

    Just had this reply from Alton Towers - looks like your dream will be coming true :-)

    Hi Caroline. Thanks for getting in touch. We've already been sent a link to Alice's bucket list from various sources and we are already in the process of contacting Alice directly to see how we can help - I think there are a few things on the list that we could help her tick off! Thank for the contact though.

  22. It is impossible to describe the feelings you, and the people who love you, have engendered. Rest assured, young lady, there are going to be a hell of a lot of people trying to make sure wish number 2 comes true.

    You make a very bitter and cynical man feel very, very humbled...

  23. Hi Alice,

    Don't feel embarrassed that so many people have offered to help. We know you weren't asking for things but your blog affected so many people that we just wanted to get involved and see if the wish list could come true.

    Enjoy every minute of your experiences and we are looking forward to hearing about them.

    I've just registered to give blood and bone marrow. It's the least I could do!

  24. You're a lot tougher than my boyfriend - he had bone marrow cells taken when he was really sick and years later he is still whining about how painful it was!

    Whale watching would be great - sometime if we're lucky we can see porpoises from the coast but it's not really the same thing. I hope you get to do that and you see a couple of really big ones!

  25. I thought about joining the bone marrow registry for years, every time I gave blood. Last night, after reading your blog, I did it. I'll be getting my cheek swab kit in a few weeks and maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to get called on to donate.

    Because of you!

    And I'm not the only one who. What an impact you are having on the world.

  26. Hi Alice,

    I am sure that Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port near Chester have already been in contact with you, if you haven't had a 'swim with sharks' offer already then you should definitely consider these guys!

    I hope that you have the chance to achieve your dreams!

    Good luck! :)

    <3 xx

  27. Regarding your list, I have been concerned that I am not updated with my hometown bone marrow registry. I will double-check tomorrow.

    Thank you for reminding me.

  28. im in a sort of recovery myself right now and have been feeling rather dismal about it... until i read your blog. you're an incredible person alice. really. you inspire me. thank you.

  29. You are such a lovely girl and tough too! You are an example to all of us. You never know what life can bring so try to be optimistic. I wish you the best

  30. Hi Alice, I've just emailed you also, I have arranged for a celeb hairdresser to help with your hair. Please reply to my email and we can book the appointment. Jemma x

  31. Hi Alice! What an inspiration you are my lovely.I found yoy after Lord Sugar retweeted about you - great eh? I like many others have tweeted Take That to see if they can make your wish come true. That would be amazing wouldn't it? I would be insanely jealous but thats just life! Big Hugs to you and your family and I really look forward to reading about the many exciting days out you have coming. Justine xxx

  32. Good Luck Alice - you have touched our hearts with your lovely bucket list and it looks like a lot of your dreams will be coming true :) I hope you have a wonderful time on your days out, be strong, keep smiling :)

  33. I've posted a link to your blog on Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully the link will spread across the USA as well and you will get many messages to inspire you like you are inspiring so many others with your brave outlook on life.

  34. Have joined in the tweeting Alice. I've been on the BM register for a few years cos I also give blood but even if that's all people can do from your list, that's a big thing. You're very brave and make me feel quite humble. Lots of love, Vicki xxx

  35. Alice,

    Don't worry about seeming like you were asking for donations. It was clear that you weren't! Some people just really want to help and, being so far away, know that the easiest way to do it is to send something for you to put towards one of your adventures.

    I'm already on the bone marrow donor registry. Some of the things you have on your list are things I have on my own, too! I hope we both get to do them :)

    -XX from New Hampshire, US

  36. I can't do much to help with most of your list, but I did recently register to be a marrow donor. I'll link to your blog on my facebook and maybe it will inspire some of my friends to sign up as well. Good luck on knocking out as many items on your list as possible!

  37. I don't think anyone ever thought you were asking for these things or expected it to get so big...but you are an inspiration to us all and people want to help you.

    Enjoy your days out, I am trying to contact and 'nag' as many ways I can to make these come true..enjoy.

    With Love
    Christine x

  38. I came across your blog on Twitter like so many others. You are trul amazing and inspirational and I will see if there's anything I can do for you. Post your pictures, they would be fantastic to see. xxxx

  39. Alice tried to post a comment early hours of the morning but it didn't work! Just wanted to hello and think you are a pretty amazing person and how wonderful you are sharing your story with us! love Suz x aka examplesno1fan xx

  40. You're an amazing girl, you really are! We've never met and we don't know each other, I found your blog through twitter and I'm so glad I did. You are an inspiration, I truly hope you achieve as much of your list as possible. The proof of your affect is us! How many people want to help and expand the base of people who know about you!

    Good luck - I'm on the bone marrow list from today :)

  41. I will certainly sign up to be a marrow donor - my mother died of cancer when I was 22, and I wish I had been able to help her with a bucket list!

    Another good aquarium - a bit of a travel adventure - would be the Palma aquarium in Spain... deepest tank in the world, and a wonderful habitat just for sharks!!! How cool is that?

    I wish you could follow your dreams and become a marine biologist and swim with the sharks... if it helps you with your sleeplessness, the Journal of Fish Biology has _tons_ of great articles on the science behind the wonderful Shark.

    I grew up loving sharks, and if I could send you my stuffed shark I would, but he's mine to hold at night.... if you would like a stuffed shark from the Boston Aquarium though... I'd love to send one to you. Hmm... maybe I can convince them to send you one!

  42. Hiya Alice, lovely to hear you've had so many messages from people wanting to help you with your list & just showing their support to you.

    I am still posting your blog on twitter every few hours & asking people to re-tweet it to their pages. Have noticed quite a few celebs re-tweeting about your blog as well :)

    Wish I was able to do more to help your dreams come true!

    You keep smiling honey xxx

  43. Hey-I read that you love Take That. I do too. I have a few pictures of the show on my blog if you want to take a look. I can also send you the link to the facebook albums if you would like to see them? I loved the show, and although it is busy- I would think if you called the stadium and explained you would be able to have seats- the first tier are all unreserved anyway -
    let me know if you want to see those pics.


  44. I registered to be a marrow donor today. :)

  45. Hi Alice

    I have registered as a blood donor and from there i can register as a bone marow donor it has been one of those things i have been meaning to do for years but you have given me the kick up the bum i have needed lol
    And i will pass on that kick up the bum to all i know.

    Much love


  46. I've been a registered donor since 1992. I got close to giving once (it didn't match enough). I hope to be asked again and to make it to the end for someone, someday. I hope you find YOUR match.

  47. Bless you. Wish I knew Take That and could send them round, but I don't so sorry. But I can become a bone marrow donor, so off to that website now ( you should put a link to the site) to sort that one out for you.

  48. This blog has made me tear up! I cannot believe how inspirational and amazing you are. Me and my friend were just saying how humbling it is to see a 15 year old so accepting and so down to earth when going through something like this.

    I've retweeted about your blog on twitter and have bookmarked your blog to keep up to date with what you're posting. I'm also going to donate bone marrow, I just wish i could do more for you.

    All my love goes out to you and I hope you manage to do everything you want to sweetheart. You deserve to have your dreams come true.

    Lots of love xxxx

  49. My mother recently had cancer and there was a risk that she would need a bone marrow donation. When she did't, I told myself that I was going to sign up to be a donor for other people.

    I had the best intentions but never got around to it. I'm filling out the forms now and getting my family on board also.

  50. Hey

    Now.. this must be so so exciting for you !!

    You start a blog which gets you so so much attention that it's reaching all around the world. Should have put that on your bucket list hey !!

    Still each and every comment on here is full of positivity and that can only be good for you and your mind, body and overall health.

    I too have suffered with chronic illness for many years, and although not as serious as what you are experiencing, my journey has also been a challenge.

    BUT like you i am a fighter, and have been back in college studying, and in a few weeks will be a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist.

    I've also been setting up my own internet marketing company...And would love to help you have a proper facebook page too if you are interested ??

    My website is FB Fan Page Designs so have a look there and contact me through there or on here if you are interested

    It's going to be such a great journey from now you create a fan base, and online friend community !!

    a 'FLIP' camera would be perfect for you too, so you can VLOG... if you know what that is??

    Enjoy reading and take care


  51. I just signed up to be a bone marrow donor because of you, dear. You're saving lives.

  52. I've posted a link to your page on Facebook, Alice. I want people to know about you. I don't know if I will be as brave when I am forced to face the inevitable in my life. I will remember your strength, though, and thank you for it. You are quite inspirational!

    I hope you make many of your dreams come true!

  53. Your story has touched my heart Alice.

    You know, I live in Thailand, and they have world famous massage technique here, and places to swim with sharks.
    If you ever want to or have the energy left to come visit this part of the world, there's a guestroom waiting for you at my house.

    I've already signed up to donate my body to science when I die, I'm going to figure out how to sign up to be a bone marrow doner now too.

    I wish you peace of mind and love,
    -Elaine S

  54. Love your blog Alice :)

    Just want you to know that I am going to be joining the BBMR next time I give blood (in a couple of weeks).

    Looking forward to hearing about all the things you're going to be doing and ticking off your Bucket List.

    Take care xx

  55. Hi. Just wanted to say I'm praying for you.
    Love Becky

  56. You're a good girl! :)

    Everyone knows you weren't asking for money, so don't worry about that ;) I guess it's the only thing people feel they can do from afar?

    I have posted a link to your blog on my fb page and loads of people have commented to say how lovely you are, and are all going to look in to marrow donation.

    I also made an appointment to give blood and see about signing up for marrow, but as I travelled to Asia recently they cancelled on me as i'm not allowed to give until October, but i've set a reminder in my diary to reset the appointment then :)

  57. I will keep a positive thought for you. Your list and response to the interest in your story is just another example of how genuine and well focused individual you are.

  58. Love and blessings to you from Pensacola, FLorida, USA! I hope all of your dreams come true. We are praying for you here in the States!! :) ~ Kari

  59. Natasha @EstrellaQueVaga8 June 2011 at 15:36

    Heya Alice,

    I read your blog last night after a friend posted the link on facebook. I have since tried my very hardest to share the link on both Facebook and Twitter. There isn't a lot more i can do but i wish you all the best xxx

  60. Your words and simple wishes brought tears to my heart. Both your bravery and hope are inspiring and I hope you are left in no doubt as to how special you truly are.

    I look forward to watching you tick off wishes from your bucket list and have no doubt that your courage will touch the lives of so many around the world.

    Keep smiling. Kiera

  61. Boudicca Fox-Leonard8 June 2011 at 15:42

    Hi Alice, Vicky and Simon, I am Senior Features Writer at Reveal magazine and we would love to help Alice with her photoshoot wish. Would be great to help! I can be emailed at or my number is 0207 339 4560.



  62. I am really looking forward to seeing you cross off loads of your list - I'm so pleased your blog has had such a positive effect!
    I will be signing up to the bone marrow register when I'm next giving blood.
    Warmest wishes :o)

  63. Wow Alice... you see, you see!!! What an amazing thing you've done and continue to do.

    Your bucket list was about you but also about making a difference for others... it was about fulfilling dreams, yours and many many many many other peoples too.

    I, for one, am really excited to hear all about your adventures ahead and see postings and pictures whenever you can.

    I'm also quite sure that you will have inspired many people to sign up to the bone marrow donor scheme but also to think about where they can give forward or pay back or whatever way you like it too.

    In the meantime, know that you are loved by many and we're all sending you some tremendous positive vibes, prayers, juju, love, hugs or whatever anyone does but believe me, they're coming your way.


  64. You sound like a smart and beautiful young woman, Alice. Sending you lots of love and light from Des Moines, Iowa, in the US. I’m sure lots of generous and kind people will help you with your list. Live BIG and love BIG (like you already do!) xoxoxo! Kimberly

  65. I've signed up to be a marrow donor! Thanks for the inspiration.

  66. Alice, what a wonder you are. I've been thinking about you and your family all day. I hope that you get all of your list wishes. My son and I are going to sign up on the donor register; we lost our other son to lymphoma when he was 17 so I know how important it can be. Big hugs to you, and please give your Mum a special one too. Jackie x

  67. I wish I lived in the UK so I could take you to Cadbury World! I lived in England as a kid, and now I love when I can find Cabdury anything in the States. You're a lovely girl, and I wish you all the best! And your dog is adorable!
    If you'd like to get a smile everyday, I post something every day that makes me happy.. I hope you'll get a smile from them too!

  68. Hi Alice, I bet im the first person from Qatar to post on here! I saw a tweet and ended up visiting your page. What an inspiration you are! I know your not asking for money but those of us who live abroad would love to offer a little assistance to help get some of these items off the list. looking forward to seeing your photos.

    Wishing you the best!

    Jono (Australian living in Qatar)

  69. Hello from Chicago Alice!

    I just registered to be a donor. I've been thinking about it for a while, but this sent me over the edge.

    I hope you have a lovely time ticking off all the fun things on your bucket list. I'm glad so many people are volunteering to help!


  70. Alice, we all know you weren't asking for money. It's the story that touches us the most.
    I found you through deviantART, it's starting to spread through there now. People are already making plans to donate, I know of one person whom already attempted to contact you.
    I am 18 years old however I am not sure I can pay the fees for testing to donate bone marrow nor am I sure if I am healthy enough. I will try to be on it when I can though. I'll see about checking the Red Cross and look about being on the list through there. I have donated blood recently because of a really good friend whom sadly passed on because of a car crash. It is a wonderful feeling to help people who have a genuine need. That is what people are trying to do help those who need it the most.

  71. Alice,

    You are truly an inspiration to us all. I hope that you conquer your dreams with the same gusto that you have shown here. You have made me think long and hard about what I have and what is important in life. Thank you so much, may you achieve your goals and dreams. God Bless.

    Ashleigh - Ontario, Canada

    P.S. I will be looking into becoming a bone marrow donor to help achieve your bucket list item.

  72. I want to wish you good luck, and I big hug. I'll be praying for you

  73. Your story is very inspirational. I'm sorry for your predicament but I think you should be very proud that you are doing what you can to make a difference in spite of it. I will be looking up how to be a bone marrow donor. Good luck to you in pursuit of accomplishing your bucket list!

  74. What an Inspirational young woman you are, I came across a link to your blog on MSE.

    I am now away to look into going on the bone Marrow transplant list xxx You take care x

  75. Hi Alice
    Wow, look what you have got started! We have got you a shark swim, I am just trying to organise some transport. Will be in touch with your Mum asap.

  76. Alice,

    You are an inspiration and you deserve for all of your wishes to come true.

    I'm already on the bone marrow register, but not everyone I know is, so I'm going to do my best to get ALL my friends and family to register.

    I shall keep you in my thoughts.

  77. You're an inspiration. I have lost a few special people to cancer... until reading your blog I never thought of being a donor. I will sign up now. I wish I had the ability to help with your list in more ways than that. I have linked your blog on fb and twitter... I wish you the best and thank you for opening my eyes.

    Sincerely Larry C

  78. You sweet brave girl. Hope you get to do many things on your list. Cadbury world is fab, I'm sure you'll get to do lots of things.Sending you prayers x

  79. Alice,

    I work in the media with national TV and Radio and I am doing everything I can to make your dream of meeting Take That come true.

    You are truly inspirational.

    I look forward to reading about your exciting adventures.


  80. I hope you get to do lots and lots of things. I will add you to my prayer list. I do believe in miracles. God Bless You.

    Your Angel

  81. Hello Alice,

    What an amazing response you have had. Have you thought about putting a link to so that people can go straight to the bone marrow donation site, and set up a link so if people would like to donate to your chosen charity they can and can then help other people too.


  82. Like all the others have said, you're amazing! Just the thought of you being so strong. I wish you all the best and I'll be sending you lots of love. <3

  83. You truly are an amazing young lady. I am so proud to write on your page. I hope that you have some wonderful and joyful experiences. Take care beautiful. xx

  84. Alice,
    You are an angel x
    I wish with all my heart for all of your dreams to come true x
    bless you x
    Collette x :)

  85. Alice,
    You sound like such a lovely, brave and incredibly strong-willed girl and I truly hope that you are able to do as many of the things on your Bucket List as possible. You are an inspiration to all others dealing with terminal illnesses, I hope you realise this. It must feel that life has been very unfair to you but I guess life is only what we make of it. I wish you the best of luck. God bless.

  86. I think Cheshire Aquarium might let people swim with Sharks... I remember watching some people in there once.

  87. You are a true inspiration Alice! I'm thrilled that so many have offered their assistance. I will be following you every post of the way.

    May you enjoy every single moment of your life! <3

  88. You are such an is hearing about people like you that inspired me to run 90k in 14 Race for Life events this year (done 4, 10 to go) to raise money for Cancer Research. People tell me I'm an inspiration just because I lost 9 stone and started running for charity - I've always thought those people are, I KNOW those people are wrong.
    Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you get a lot of your list done, I will follow with great interest.
    Wish I could help...I am on the donor register though. :o)
    Sending lots of good wishes
    Rea Dominguez. xx

  89. Sweetheart I hope you achieve everything you want to achieve. You are an inspiration x

  90. Hi Alice, Great to stumble on your blog! Best of luck with your journey in completing your bucket list! Have you heard of FAMEDS? Freedom of Access to Medicines is leading the effort against the FDA to save working drugs, such as Avastin which they are disproving this month, for 17,500 women with Breast Cancer that it is working for, to be kept on the market. Please sign and share the urgent petition:

  91. My heartfelt prayers go to you as you struggle with this. I also encourage everyone to become a bone marrow donor. I became a donor last year and I'm so excited about the possibility of helping someone in the future.

    Your bucket list doesn't seem that all unattainable. If friends, family, even total strangers will get in on this, it can happen!

    ~=Chris from Little Rock

  92. Hi Alice,
    I'm a medical student currently on a paediatric hospital placement. You remind me of myself when I was your age (I absolutely love chocolate too!). You're so right about getting as much as you can out of life (and your list) and you give thought into whats really important thats sometimes easy to forget. I wish you lots of luck with your list.

    Imogen :o)x

  93. God bless you. Whale watching is fabulous- hope you get the trip.
    Annie from Pennsylvania, USA

  94. Alice, you are an amazing young lady! I really hope you get to tick off everything from your bucket list. I would love to hear that your story has reached Apple so they can make you a special purple ipad!

    I am registered on the Bone Marrow register and I hope that everyone who reads your story signs up too. I will be following your blog and I'm sending you lots of love xx

  95. You are an absolute inspiration! Thank you for raising awareness for such an important cause as marrow donation and I hope that everyone helps you accomplish whatever goals you set. You are obviously a very smart, articulate, strong, and thoughtful young lady - keep fighting and we will all keep rooting for you. Best wishes from the States!

  96. Katherine Burnett8 June 2011 at 16:32

    Hi Alice!
    Reading your blog is wonderful, you sound like such a great person, and reading your list I wanted to offer my services if you want them...
    I'm a full time professional photographer and would love to come meet you and your family and do some photos with you guys and of course Mabel! I havn't got a portable studio but am experienced in doing on location photo shoots as I do them all day every day for the paper, so if there's anywhere in particular you'd like some pics then just let me know. I wish you all the best with the rest of your list and if I could help I'd be honoured!
    Kate Burnett

  97. Hello Alice,

    I'm a journalist for all the national newspapers and also for the women's magazines. I also have contacts on television shows such as Daybreak and This Morning and I would love to help you get publicity for your bucket list. I also know someone who works in marketing at Cadbury World here in Birmingham and I would very much like to help.

    Please contact me when you get this message on 0121 449 7050

    Sharon Baker
    HotSpot Media

  98. Hi Alice,

    Our Digital Marketing Assistant found your blog on twitter and came straight into work to ask if we could do anything for you, we are a cinema in Wolverhampton and we've emailed the address on the blog because we think we maybe able to help you fulfil one of your wishes if we are not too far away.


    Good luck in achieving all your dreams you are awesome!!

  99. Hi Alice

    I'm blown away by your blog, it's captured the hearts of so many already.. you must take after your mum, her's always inspired me so much too!

    Not sure you'll remember but I worked for GOSH and met you all a few times, I'm now working for Anthony Nolan trying to get as many people signed up to the bone marrow register as possible. Thank you for reminding us why what we do here is so important.

    Enjoy all of the wonderful experiences coming your way, you deserve them! Maybe sis would get to go on a few too hehe!? Give your mum and hug from me.

    I'll keep reading this blog, it's truly inspirational.

    Lots of love,

    Alex (Hildrew) xxxx

  100. I have just been reading your website & bucketlist.

    I am so sorry to hear you are unwell, i think your website is brilliant and you are a very brave girl. I run a labrador website, and I noticed you have an adorable labrador, Mabel.

    I saw on your wishlist that you would like to enter her into a competition.
    We have a 'lab of the month' competition on Labrador Forums & I wondered if you might like to nominate her for this award. You can so so by joining the website, just go to

    Once you have joined, if you let me know your username I will subscribe you ok.

    We also have a labrador called Bradley!

    It would be lovely to hear from you, I really admire you Alice - I too had cancer a while ago and can relate to some of what you are going through.

    Hopefully hear from you soon, take care Alice.

    Best Wishes

    Julie Burley

  101. Alice, you are so amazing. You wouldn't think you had terminal cancer. You are so upbeat and calm about dying. I aspire to be like you in that way. I hope everything you want to do is achieved! Judging by the comments above, looks like they could be very soon!:)

    Bethany x

  102. Wowsers! So many followers! A girls needs her beauty sleep though, you must be exhausted today! Looks like that list is coming along nicely! I was thinking about your blog today at work. I took me till I was 34 to start writing for others to read so I think you are a brave little thing to put your emotions and thoughts out there! (and for letting me know Alton towers has a chocolate room!) I have a 16 year old daughter, so if you are reading this with your mum, 'hello Alice's mum' a huge hug and a smile to both of you. I can't wait to see photo's of this list in action! xxxxxx

  103. Hi Alice

    Your story is an inspiration.

    Get your mom to give me a call and I'll arrange a photoshoot for you and your guests and of course Mabel.

    We have access to a studio in Birmingham, I've spoke to a friend who will arrange makeup.

    If this intrests you, it will be my honour to shoot the pictures.

    All my love

  104. I hope that you will do all of those things , and maybe videotape yourself.

    So that your friends will have a better reminder of yourself.

    Best Wishes

  105. Hello Alice,

    I wish you the best & I hope you'll be able to do/get everything on your list.

    Harold Douglas

  106. Hi there, I am so glad you have started your blog. So many kids with a serious illness will be inspired by your courage and determination. Keep fighting x x I used to be a blood donor and was on the bone marrow register but when I had my daughter last year I needed a blood transfusion so I am now unfortunately no longer allowed to be on the lists. I keep fighting for others to join the list. Best wishes and good luck with the list x x x

  107. Hello lovely Alice!

    I work at a cinema in Liverpool, and I'm pretty sure we can organise a private cinema party for you!

    I think you said that you go to Alder Hey here, but as it's a bit of a trek I think we should be able to organise a hotel and dinner for you too :)

    Best wishes. x

  108. Enjoy your list and all the good times coming your way.

  109. Hello Alice
    We heard about you on Twitter and have shared your blog on there and Facebook. You are a very beautiful and inspirational young lady and I so hope that you achieve these wonderful goals :0)
    Now..if you ever fancy coming to stay on our little farm, in our caravan, you are very welcome. you can milk the goat, meeet the lambs, collect the hens eggs and take home some of our hand made goats milk soap :0) You might have already been offered a caravan to sleep in but if this one appeals to you, we'd love to have you and your family as guests :0)
    Lisa - 07925 972127

  110. Hie alice..

    my heartiest wishes with you dear.
    girl you rock!! you are strong and will always be.
    I have faith in lord and he is indeed taking care of you and will continue to do so. You are in my prayers and its my faith that is saying that you are gonna have an amazing life ahead.
    Be strong always and heyyy I am your new HIII FRIEND :)

    all my wishes for you alice
    i knw going through all this is not easy but ALICE can and will with smile and pride and yes my dear you will ssurely be going to KENYA in coming days..your wishes are going to be true because you are meant to have an amazing life..

    when u wish for something with all your heart,,the whole universe then conspires to make it happen ..
    take care Alice :)
    and have a great day ahead


  111. Hi Alice, Wow what a packed 24 hours you have had! So pleased so many people have taken notice and that you are going to experience the things on your list. You keep fighting and always keep smiling and that goes for your family too!
    You are all in my prayers. Good luck and enjoy Karen & Family xx

  112. Alice,
    Thank you for starting this! It never occurred to me to join the bone marrow registry, but I recently turned eighteen, so I'm eligible now and plan to sign up as soon as I'm back in the US. That puts you at least one person closer to that goal. :)
    I wish you all the best and will definitely be keeping up with this blog.
    lots of love,

  113. Vue Cinema, Cadbury, and various magazines have contacted her.
    Crazy the power of the internet.

  114. I hope you get to go whale watching. But if you don't, or just in the meantime, here's a live webcam:

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us. Judging by the sheer number of comments, it obviously means a lot to many, many people.

  115. you are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers kiddo! It sounds like you will be getting to do a lot of those things and make sure you enjoy them to pieces! HUGS!

  116. Well, 10 minutes into work and I'm a sobby mess! I forgot this feeling a while ago but now I've found it and I have you to thank, my dear. Perhaps a hug could convey how strongly I feel for you and am pulling for you, but alas I am so very far away...
    Love, Derek.

  117. Hi Alice,
    I think you are so brave! I also hope you get to achieve all of your dreams :) you deserve it
    You are a lovely girl and I will be reading your blog to see what you are getting up to
    Stay positive :)

  118. Hi Alice, ur a beautiful girl, I hope all of ur bucket list does come true, u deserve it loads. Such a brave girl, after I have written this comment I'm going 2 send tweets 2 all of the members of take that so u can meet them. Lots of love, from Jamie Welch in hastings. xxxx

  119. Love this post, Alice!

    Have emailed you regarding photographs;would love love LOVE to help you out if you fancy it :)

    Lots of love.xx

  120. I came across your blog last night, and I deeply sadden by your situation. But your inspiration and determination is just amazing. I hope you get to accomplish as much as you can on your 'bucket list', and I look forward to seeing your pictures.


  121. Alice, ping me via might just be able to help with some of that bucket list you have :-)

  122. You are such a corageous and sweet young lady, Alice. You've put a smile on my face and made my heart go warm from reading you. I wonder how many people can boast of being able to do that for other people.
    I hope you'll tick off many of the things on your wish list and that you will inspire other people to donate bone marrow and give hope to lots of people.

  123. Alexandra
    Hi,I'm from Bulgaria. It's a small country in Europe :) Excuse me for my mistakes I'm still learning English.
    I wish you to fulfil every single thing in your list.
    I hope for you to see all the beautiful things in the world. Keep smiling and stay strong.We're here for you

  124. You are an amazing young woman! Your family must be so proud of you. I really hope you get to tick off everything on your bucket list, there will be so many people out there to help your dreams come true !! I just wish there was something I could do!! I have linked your blog to my Facebook and Twitter!! Well done to you sweetheart, you are an absolute inspiration!! x x x x x x x x x

  125. Good luck with the list - praying for you and that you can do as much of it as possible!

  126. Wow, Alice! Like so many others who have posted here, I am so inspired by you. I have been on the Anthony Nolan bone marrow list for probably over 10 years now (although they've never found a match for someone who needs mine!)
    I hope you update your list soon and let people know what you've been able to do/plan so far, as there are many people out there who would love to help if they can - including me. I'm afraid I don't have a caravan or any connections to people who run a dog show, but maybe I could help with the hair and the massage.
    My love to you and your family x

  127. You're an inspiration! x

  128. Hi Alice,

    I am so happy that you will be able to check off many of the items on your list! Here us the email I received from the Richard Ward Salon:

    Thank you for the email. We have sent an email already to Alice to invite her to the salon.
    I'm hoping to hear back soon and will keep you in the loop on what happens.

    Warmest wishes,

  129. Hi Alice,

    Your humble nature has inspired literally thousands of supporters, and for that you are truly an inspiration. I'm so pleased to hear Alton Towers are organising your visit. From here in Australia I wasn't sure what I could do, but I managed to find contact details for Take That's record company, who have advised me they have contacted Take That's management about your list. With any luck we'll get you that visit.

    All the best,


  130. Looking forward to seeing the photographs as you tick things off your bucket list. I hope you have a great time with your friends and family. xxx

  131. U keep appearing everywhere Alice!I hope U get to tick off that list.I have also written a little entry here so more people will get to hear about you + read your blog.I have also sent a msg on FB + via a friend of urs(Sandra+Shannon)Philip Schofield was looking for U!Please let me know if I can help with anything.I have lots of spare time for u xxx

  132. You are such a brave young lady and your family must be so proud of you. I will follow your blog and your bucket list xoxoxox

    - Elaine

  133. You are amazing!! I subscribed & cant wait to continue to read your posts!
    thank you,

  134. I'm sure the push of reddit users when they find something their passionate about can be a bit overwhelming. Just know that we're going to take care of as many of your bucket list items as possible. <3

    Also, I just registered to be a bone marrow donor.

    I'm glad we were able to make you smile!

  135. Aww Alice, you never came across as begging & the thing is that people want to help. It makes us feel better especially as you didn't beg or even really ask. I really hope you get some of these wonderful experiences that are on offer. I'm amazed & touched that from two blog entries you have almost a thousand responses already. I'm looking forward to seeing you & your families journey & the pictures you take. witchygrrl x

  136. im sending all my love ALICE ...AND MY ANGEL .you will do your bucket list and and the biggest cuddles ..joolsy xxx

  137. Oh & I've just read that Alton Towers are organising your trip! That's brilliant news :-D Enjoy xxWitchygrrl

  138. How about having your name in the dedication of my new book? I write inspirational romantic suspense. There is a little about my new book on my blog. I've just signed the contract so if you'd like your name on the dedication page, I can arrange it no problem. :)

  139. Inspiration. Sending karma waves your way as often as I can think of it.

  140. I contacted the UK Kennel Club this morning and they already replied to me. They should be contacting you with how to enter Mabel in a show and to let you know of other opportunities with the dogs. Specifically there are retriever trials and gun dog expos that I think you will be invited to. It should be a fun time! I really hope you enjoy it!!!

    You are amazing!

    ~Emily Chester, Bloomington, Indiana

  141. Thanks for updating us Alice. Wow !!! so great to see so many responses ;-) The power of Twitter eh !! Sent you an email anyway so guess you will respond if you need to. Have a great time !!

  142. Hi Alice,
    just wanted to say how amazing you are. I have leukaemia and blog about it too cause I find it helps but you are an inspirational young lady and I hope all your bucket list dreams come true x

  143. Good for you Alice! I hope you can find some great people to help you out with these things! I hope you have contacted Make-a-Wish UK. Call them at: 01276 40 50 60

  144. Keep you chin up you are very brave.I am tweeting everyone I know to try to get your list done.

    Unfortunately I am just a normal welshman I have no influence or power to help. Although I have tweeted lord sugar and robbiewilliams and asked everyone i know to do the same hopefully someone will take notice. If any of you have twitter account please do the same.

    Good luck lots of love Phil Lynn and cassie xx Wrexham

  145. Hi Alice,
    Love and best wishes from Ipswich...If there is anything we can do, we will x you are a very brave young lady x

  146. You have really touched my heart. God bless you and I hope you get to do everything you wanted. Love to you and your family.

  147. You are so very brave. One day, I wish I can be as brave and wonderful as you are. I look forward to reading about your adventures!


    bee x

  148. I hope you get to cross off every single thing on your bucket list!


    Send your name to mars it will be there forever

    Phil Wrexham

  150. Looks like you are still posting what your plans are and what you are doing for your friends. Looks like you just have a bunch more than you used to.

    I know that you can't go Whale Watching since you cannot leave the country, so here is a photo my wife took last week in Alaska. It wasn't the best view we got, but the best one came when we were on a bridge and didn't have our camera.

  151. I donated bone marrow stem cells about 18 months ago and it really wasn't that bad. It was hard, but worth it afterward (I linked my name to a post about it in case some people are interested). Especially now that I've gotten to talk to my recipient. I hope that many more will sign up as you raise awareness of the real people who need them.

    Best of luck with your list. You may end up saving many others by getting people on the registry, and that's a great goodness.

  152. I'm a bone marrow donor, and I will continue to encourage others to sign up and do it too!!

  153. Hi dear,
    I got connected to this blog of yours through a Reddit thread and just felt that I should leave behind my love and best wishes for you ... I understand when you say that you weren't begging and thus were not interested in setting up the paypal account but I just thought that from all I read (in here n on reddit), these people are just trying to show across their love for you. It's not begging sweetheart. It's all about caring for other people. Personally I got nothing I can give except my best wishes n love but must say that don't ever n i mean EVER think that any help coming in here is coz of begging ... These are people from across the globe who are sending there love across to you in a way that they deem fit .. the only way to repay it is by being happy and being brave and uploading loadsa pics n blog entries in here. Take care dear. God Bless.
    - Akshaya Singh

  154. Hiya Alice,

    for such a young girl you sound very strong.. am impressed! whatever happens and WHATEVER the hospital results live your life with FORTITUDE as i'm sure you already have. We all have much to learn from you :) the journey doesn't end

    Lots of love from Malaysia,


  155. you are such an inspiration! you are inspiring me to do something with my life and live every moment! give this your best and strongest fight. I'm glad you get to do some things on your bucket list, and have exciting days ahead of you. live your life and stay strong. You seem to have a pretty special group of people around you loving you! i'd love to see updates and i hope you stay strong!

  156. Hey Alice, have read your list, trying to help a little so have emailed the Kennel Club to ask if they can help you, to show Mabel at a regional show. Hope they will be able to help you. Many blessings to you and hope you fulfill as much of your list as possible. It can be done ;-) xxxxx

  157. You are a very strong young lady, i hope that you get your bucket list done. I will be tweeting everyone to let them know that you want to get this done. I will be keeping you very close in my thoughts and prayers today!I said a prayer for you today and I know God must have heard.I felt the answer in my heart although I heard no word.I didn't ask for wealth or fame. I asked to send you treasures of a far more
    lasting kind. I asked that God be near you at the start of each new day to grant you health and blessings and friends to share your way. I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small, but it was God's loving care for you that I prayed for most of all.

    You are AMAZING!!!
    The Green Family

  158. Well you may have already read about this but your list has gone all over twitter! I think where there is a will there is a way. You have shown such will that all we want to do is try and get you a "way".
    Blessings to you


  159. Alice, I know you can't go to Kenya now. But what about if someone got you a day in a Safari park being able to work with the animals if you are well and strong enough? Would that be any good?

  160. What an inspiration you are Alice. When reading about your wish to visit Kenya I immediately thought of Akamba near Birmingham, it's a beautiful day out full of exotic Kenyan plants and animal sculptures with a cafe set amongst palm trees serving Kenyan tea and coffee, and a lovely authentic gift shop. I have contacted them with details of your blog. All the best. Keira xxx

  161. 13 years ago a close friend lost his own battle. It was my 50th birthday and he gave me a 6cm Koi fish for my pond. All these years later its over 12x the size and every time I look at it I remember him.
    Keep smiling and best wishes with the list, I am glad you have so many followers egging you on

  162. hey alice, in this world we got 2 kinds of people good people who send u emails and reply on ur blog and follow u and wanna donate u know all this kind of good things.
    and on the other hand us or i should say me ( bad people ) who really don't care about u or u doesn't matter to them they just read the blog and say oh what a waste of time, u know how bad people act, they r jerks, oh im sorry we r jerks!

    OMG! that was bad lol i was just trying to make u laugh idk maybe u will when u see this :)

    alice from the bottom of my heart i hope you have the best life ever and beat this cancer, then get a normal perfect life :)

    by the way alice u r all over twitter :D

  163. Looking forward to seeing your list, Alice. You're obviously a strong person and you have the world's admiration for the grace and dignity you've put forth. From the far western corner of the US of A, we're rooting for you and will try and help you tick as many boxes of your list as possible.

  164. Hi Alice -

    I am so inspired by your blog and your story! You are a very strong girl and thank you for sharing so much of you with all of us. I have shared you blog with my boys who are 9 and 10. I want for them to be as strong as you are.

    May you be blessed in the time you have and have a huge impact on the world around you!

  165. Dear Alice,
    You are a true inspiration to us all. You have brought out such kindness in so many people.
    I hope you get to do lots on your bucket list (especially the chocolatey stuff!) Stay strong Sweetie. We are all travelling with you now in blogland. May your journey be long. Lots of love. xxx

  166. I've heard of you from DeviantART and I just want to tell you that you are such a brave girl to have been dealing with this for so many years and you're an even braver girl to take this horrible news so well. I know things look bleak right now, but I believe that with the power of will and love you'll manage to beat this cancer and be able to live the long life you have ahead. We're all sending our hopes and prayers to you! Get well soon, hon! <3

  167. You're incredibly strong! You're an inspiration, I just retweeted your blog and I hope you get to Trending today!

  168. well hope you get to do what you wanted to do and all the best xxxx

  169. Hi Alice,
    I just started reading your blog after hearing about it on Tumblr and I wanted to leave you a comment because I am particularly touched by one of your items on your list: going to Kenya. I know you said you can't travel there anymore, however, I was hoping I would still be able to help you experience Kenya, or at least the Kenya I have grown to love in my two (soon to be three) trips there. I would love for you to contact me if you would like to see pictures and hear stories about what it's like. I have included my tumblr address below so please feel free to leave me a message there, I'd love to help you experience Kenya even though you can't physically go there.
    You are an inspiration.
    Love, Courtney

  170. Registered with the US registry and encouraged all my twitter followers to do the same. What a great message!!!!!!! I hope we can all do this one small thing to honor your beautiful life.
    I can't believe how stressed the fact is that it isn't that painful! Even if it was, i couldn't look someone in the eye and tell them i couldn't save their life because it might hurt a little...

  171. P.S.
    I also found

    I don't know how what you can actually see, because it was night there when I logged on, but it might be interesting.

  172. Konnichiwa (Hello) from Tokyo Japan! I got your blog URL from Twitter and My English is not so good but wanna read! you are such a lovely girl, wish you have amazing days and get to do that you want!
    I wanna small help for you get to TRending today that is reason I post! Alice, you gave me power! THANK YOU, ARIGATO!
    I am sure your family is wonderful coz you are wonderful girl! keep check your blog and always you are in my prayer from now! All the Best xoxox

  173. I am already on the Bone Marrow Donor list and I happen to know the gentleman who is responsible for marketing and pr at Cadbury World and I have some friends who work at Alton Towers, I shall forward your blog to them : ) Keep on keeping on.

  174. Hi Alice, this is so hard to read - everyone on here wd give anything they could to help you! I have been on the register for years and years, but have told all my Facebook friends that they should be too!

    You're doing a brilliant job, a wonderful example to us all

    Love to you and yours

  175. Hi, I write from Chile, I knew about your blog on Twitter and I'm really excited about everything I've read. I send you much strength, you're a wonderful girl, I'll be praying for you ...

  176. Alice,

    You are an inspiration to us all! The world of social networking has a very big heart. Enjoy the love and help that has been offered to you and make sure you post lots of photos. The world is sending you a hug, you are a special young lady and your family must be so proud of you.
    Don't be embarrassed, if anything why not make the Bucket List longer? We certainly want you to enjoy yourself!
    Take care.
    Love XXX
    Katharine 13 and Elizabeth 10

  177. Hi Alice, it's Renata, Dominic B's mum (one of your fellow Post Pals). I was touched by how insightful you are. When I write about Dominic it's always how I think he feels about things, or how our situation makes me feel. I hope he can express himself as eloquently as you as he grows up. You are giving a voice to children who live extraordinary lives and have important stories to share. It's so, so lovely to hear your 'voice', and I look forward to hearing more.

  178. All good thoughts and prayers to you here from the hot and steamy Jersey Shore! I love your photos and bucket list. I am an organ donor and support that wholeheartedly. You take care, and keep sending tweets and blog updates when you can! Janis R

  179. I tried to register as a bone marrow donor a few years ago and they turned me down flat because of my own medical condition. Is there just one register? I don't think they understood my condition properly (it's one name for lots of conditions) and said they couldn't sign me on, I was a bit gutted tbh.

  180. I will be sending positives thoughts your way. I hope you have the most amazing adventures!


  181. Hi Alice, My name is Susannah and I live in New York City. One of my dear friends is fighting bone cancer too. I wish you all the best as you fulfill your bucket list and I hope your dog can be in a show! She's adorable.

    Good wishes from the USA!


    p.s. Last year I signed up to be a bone marrow donor; one of the best things I've ever done.

  182. Dear Alice,

    I ran across your blog by accident and it's making me smile through tears. You are right to keep focused on the good things coming to you, instead of dwelling on regrets. It is the best way to live life, no matter how long you have.

    Hugs and kisses to you and your family.

    ~ Shirl

  183. ange, Eltham se london8 June 2011 at 19:02

    hi Alice, you are truely inspirational to everyone who reads this, im sure that your bucket list will get smaller as i know most of them will be granted xxx u deserve everyone of them xxx stay positive and we are all in awe of you xx keep well precious xx

  184. Dear Alice - I know you're not asking money but the internet is a powerful thing so if there was a charity you'd like to help you could point us all in that direction. Hope you have a great time doing some of the things on your list. x

  185. Hello Alice,

    I'm not sure if someone has shared this with you, but you can swim with Whale Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. They also have a program where you can swim with the Beluga whales.

    I'm sorry about your fight with cancer, but I hope you get to cross off everything on your list!

  186. Love your idea of a bucket list. You go girl. Sending love and best wishes xxxxxx

  187. I hope you achieve as much of your list as you can, you have touched me hugely and I send you lots of love xxxx

  188. Hi Alice, you're amazing and it looks like you're inspiring people all over the world! I look forward to your updates- your bucket list sounds like incredible times up ahead :) Best wishes!

  189. Hi Alice - Through a friend of yours, I learned about your blog. I am visiting Apple right now and asked about a purple iPad. They have iPads with purple cases, but they do not offer a purple iPad - but they do offer a purple iPod. Can you provide me with a bit more guidance as to your intent?

    Thank you for encouraging folks to register as bone marrow donors!


    John Canning
    Vermont, USA

  190. Hello Alice,

    What an amazing response you are rightly getting to your website. You should be very proud of what you are doing.

    I hope you don’t mind that I raised your wish to get everyone to sign up to donate bone marrow with Labour leader Ed Miliband, and asked Prime Minister David Cameron to work with us to review why too few are currently on the register. He gave a really positive response.

    This is the video of the PMQs session today, my question is at 49 mins 10 seconds:

    What you have said and what you have done is inspiring. I would love to get chance to have a cup of tea with you if you have time and talk more about raising awareness.

    Best wishes,

    John Woodcock, your local MP

  191. Hello Alice, I'm a few years older than you and I don't know you but am inspired by your strength and character. I can't believe how incredible and mature you are- I think the bucket list idea is great and I've tweeted and spread the word on facebook in the hope all your wishes come true. You should be so proud of how brave you are, your family and friends must be so so proud of your strength. I'll keep hoping and praying for you that you remain strong and as healthy as you possibly can. Keep smiling xxx

  192. Sending my love, Alice. I hope that you get to experience all of the incredible things you want. I'm already on the bone marrow registry list and I hope others sign up as well!

  193. Hey Alice,

    I'm writing from St. Louis Missouri (USA) and thought I would write to you and tell you what a brave young lady you are (I'm sure you already know that). You have inspired me to sign up and donate my bone marrow if the need ever arises. I really hope that every thing on your bucket list that can be granted is granted and if there is anything I could ever do to help please don't hesitate at all to tell me.

    I've posted this link on my facebook and on twitter and people are re-posting like crazy. Arianny Celest re-tweeted just for you :) (She is a model for the UFC here in the states). Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures in your blog!

  194. hi there

    Just to let you know, Facebook is buzzing and we are all working hard to help you complete your list. watch this space, its going to get very very interesting here!

  195. You are such an strong-heart. I think it is a amazing idea to share your dreams with all the people who love you, and other people that would be feeling right now like you.I just wanted to send you a big hug even you don't know me. I hope you spend the best days ever and keep happy, because this is what keeps other people loving you.

    "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

  196. Wow what a beautiful young lady you are, you will inspire so many. I am sure you will have such a good time achieving some of your Bucket List. Your family and friends must be very proud of you. xxx

  197. Good luck sweetheart. I hope God blesses you and your family and I hope that a miracle exists for your brave soul. Take Care. Brian- Kansas City