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1 August 2012

Bucket List = BIG TICK

I've completed all the do-able things on my bucket list. The last time I posted, Milly was away in the States and it was really quiet at home and we didn't have anything in particular planned. I went to Alder Hey as planned and things are kind of continuing to grow slowly and so nothing really new there. I don't think about it all too much as they didn't think I'd be here 18 months ago and I could waste the life I've got just thinking about it all.

Anyway, we picked Milly up on Friday morning and on the way home, Mum and Dad told us both some really big news. Very early that morning, they'd gone and booked flights to Vancouver, leaving the next day! Can you believe that? So about 18 hours later, we were all sat on a plane heading to Canada.

Me with Nicole and her dad, Captain Bill
Whale watching was probably one of the main things on my bucket list and I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember but I'd kind of accepted that I would never get to do this one. I wanted to see Orca whales in their natural habitat and without me knowing, Mum had been chatting to Nicole at Mackay Whale Watching to set things up. I first chatted to Nicole about a year ago cos she sent me a You Tube video that she'd made of whale watching. At the beginning, it has her dad saying "welcome aboard Alice" and I can't tell you how amazing it was to hear him say that to my face! Yes, it was a bit mad as we couldn't get full insurance but mum and dad had decided that they needed to get me there regardless and as I was on what we call 'a good spell', they just took me!

We had the most amazing few days and Nicole and her family really looked after us. I just couldn't believe that I was actually there. I'm sure that the whales heard that I was about, cos they came out and I know that we'll all remember it forever. It was such a magical and relaxing place. Thank you Nicole, Bill and Donna (and thank you for letting me wear your snuggly North Face coat)!
My helicopter ride - WOW

Can you believe that I got spotted? A lady called Trish recognised me at Manchester airport and when she found out that I was flying to Vancouver, she called her sister, Jenny, who works for Lush and they invited us to their store in Whistler! Next we bumped into some lovely people in Telegraph Cover who treated us to lunch and took us on their massive boat which was called 'Shadowfax' and just amazing and another nice man, Peter heard I was in town and arranged for us all up for a helicopter ride with the rather mad Trevor, which was never on my bucket list but I'm so glad I got to do it.

After Vancouver Island, we went up to Whistler which is the prettiest village and we just had one day to relax before we had to fly home. I got to go to Lush and be spoilt by Kristine and Sam. They gave us facials and hand treatments and I got to have a play with all the products and choose some amazing goodies. I got spotted there too, by a lady on holiday! And the Canadian people are so, so nice in every single way.

Scary chair lift ride to the top of Whistler Mountain
Anyway, now I'm writing this at stupid o' clock cos I'm still in the wrong time zone LOL.

I've been watching as much of the Olympics as I can. It really, really annoys me that we applied for tickets and got nothing and then you look at the screen and see all these empty seats everywhere. I know they've said that they are going to try to make more available but it's no use for anyone outside of London as a day isn't enough to book hotels and actually get there. It just makes me mad.

Milly is in the conservatory playing on her Wii Olympic sport and Mum is attempting to clear the pile of rubbish on her desk and Mabel is snuggled in her bed. Dad has been in bed for a bit so I guess he's changed back over. Oh, I haven't said that we are getting another puppy as soon as we find the right one. I have it down to three names - Maisie, Poppy or Lottie. I've got a Facebook survey going on to figure out which name you all like the best - how crazy is that LOL, you can find it HERE.

This weekend is my Dad's 50th birthday and he wants it keeping quiet so I'll just share it with you all!
Then I'm back to hospital next week to figure out if there's any other pills for me to try. Last time we were there, my consultant was off to Iceland and I can remember I was really envious.  I had no idea that a few days later I'd be off even further away on what was my best holiday EVER.

So thank you everyone who made this month one of my most special ever.
Check out my Facebook pages to see my photographs from Vancouver.
Alice x