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1 March 2012

LEJOG-ing Blogging

One thing I forget to do when I wrote on here was mention the LEJOG blog to you all. Simon, Cathy and gang are all keeping a blog in the lead to the big ride in April. Please go and have a look at it if you get it a minute because it's really very funny in parts. Anyway you can find the Team Alice on Tour blog here - LEJOG BLOG.  They are happy to accept sponsorship for all the miles that they are peddling and there's a link on the blog I think :)

The other thing I want to mention quickly, is that the Kili trek is now properly booked (I know that because mum is looking more panicky) and they have a team just giving page up and running so that you can all dig into your pocket and support them. They are hoping to be able to raise enough money to buy a holiday caravan for our families to stay in - how cool.  Surely my mum climbing up the world's tallest freestanding mountain is worth at least as much sponsorship as my sister raised running 5k?  Ha ha I hope so, you can sponsor them HERE - they might even do a funny video of it all if you sponsor them enough!

Finally, Dave Askham sent me some really cool photos today, arranged by his friend Simon, who works on the pylons. It's their take on the Lunchtime atop a skyscraper … "Teatime atop a pylon" and I've made it my main photo on here this week!  Thank you - brilliant photos and made us all smile.