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6 June 2012

♥ Prom Dresses ♥ Jasper ♥ Camping ♥

oh dear, I started writing this and cos I didn't publish it, it's out of date so I better update it and then you'll know everything.
We've had loads of charity events this last month - TEAM ALICE did so well in the K2B and C2B, we had three ladies from Dunnerholme Golf Club who walked the Cumbrian Coastal Way which is 45 miles, Kendal College held a beauty day, my Uncle Gary did the K2B AGAIN (mad Uncle), the Barrow Raiders walked from Barrow to Workington which is 50 miles and Ulverston Victoria High school held a non uniform day for us. Thank you everyone :)
We've all been really busy. Just after the K2B, my whole family visited BBC Radio Cumbria in Carlisle which was really interesting (and they had nice cakes). That following weekend, I went to Promise Bridal in Barrow and they found me a beautiful Prom dress - I actually felt pretty and my BFFs were there.

I had a visit to Alder Hey and my consultant let me have more drugs so hopefully I'll actually get to my prom. Later that week Dave from Cumbria Police came with three of his dogs and they were all lovely but I fell in love with Jasper. Bailey sounded like he wanted to eat us until he came out of the cage and then he was like a teddy bear and Maddy was just really cute and wanted to play with her ball! Dave also presented me with a cheque for my charity so thank you for that. On Sunday we went to Leven's Hall and they are going to be supporting our families. I really enjoyed it there - the house and gardens are beautiful and they let me ride around in an electric scooter. One of my favourite bits was meeting their labradors! My mum was desperate to sense the ghost in the bedroom - strange mother!

On Monday last week, the BBC came and did some filming with Milly (she's at 7min, 25sec) and then the next day, Mum took Milly down to GOSH. She had quite a busy time in London with appointments at hospital and fitting other things in and they went to look at our new charity 'By Biehl' bracelet too. It's gorgeous with a leather strap and a silver pod bead with a sunshine on it, like the sunshine from our charity logo. My mug is still available HERE at Emma Bridgewater or at Murray's chemist in Barrow. We also have charity wristbands, Mabel mascots, 'Bold beanie' hats (I wear and love these), plus t-shirts and sweatshirts coming and they'll all be on our website soon. 
They got back late on Thursday night and then all had to go for speech day at Milly's school the next morning. Then, we all went camping for the weekend and only got back last night. So now mum has bags from last week in London and bags and tents from this week, all over the hallway! And we are going down to London AGAIN tomorrow! I was sent a VIP ticket to the Rays of Sunshine concert at the Royal Albert Hall and mum managed to get a ticket for Milly too, so we're all going down until the weekend. I can't wait to see Leona Lewis performing and also JLS who Milly and me met when they were in X Factor (don't we look young) and I love the dance groups that are going to be there too. I think we're also meeting up with Emma Forbes for a little bit more cake (LOL).

I've been really interested watching all the Jubilee celebrations. Milly got a really good book about the Queen and we both spent ages looking through it. I enjoyed most of the concert but parts of it were strange. I loved the video from when the Queen was younger and I liked Prince Charles speech.I was so impressed with the way they put all the designs onto the Palace when Madness were on (and I really enjoyed them - mum still plays their songs so I even knew some of the words). I'd like to look at the Palace and I would love to have a peek at the Olympic stadium if we can get anywhere near to it and I'm going to try to find a shop called Holly and Lil cos I want to get a posh collar for Mabel. We have a show near us every July called the North Lonsdale Show and this year, they are bringing back the dog show and it's called "Alice's Dog Show" to continue from the dog show that Cathy and Simon did for me last year. So Mabel has got to compete with the big dogs now cos she's not a puppy anymore :(
Right I'm going to bed now cos it's nearly tomorrow and I'm tired and it's a long way to London!


  1. Oh my! What a busy young lady you have been this past week or so, I don't know if me and Tin Tin could keep up with that! It all looks wonderful, and I'm very glad everything went well. I've been digging in the garden...again, and you did cross my mind this afternoon, thinking about when you were going to put up your news, I enjoy following it all! There is always so much going on! I love Leven's Hall, it is so beautiful. Have a great trip to London, looking forward to reading about it soon.
    T & Tin Tin x

  2. Alice!! You look like a Disney Princess in your prom gown! So beautiful :D

  3. Dear sweet Alice - My name is Sara and I live in the U.S.A. I have a wonderful time reading about your adventures and spend time being proud of your outlook and attitude. You are so intelligent, brave, and humble. I admire it so much.
    I'm 26 and had a struggle with acute kidney failure, leading to dialysis, and eventually a transplant. I know how lucky I am but there ate still days I feel despairing and pessimistic. I can only strive to be as fantastic as you are! Thank you for being a powerful, resourceful inspiration leaving an indelible mark on the world.

  4. You look great sweetie! I hope it was a very happy night for you!

  5. You look beautiful in your prom dress. Lovely! I look forward to your updates. You are very inspiring! Sending you prayers from Florida.

    The Gladstones

  6. You look gorgeous, Alice! You are such an inspiration and I'm so glad you're doing so well. We're praying for you here in the States. God bless you and your family.

  7. you look stunning in the dress. i love that colour absolutely gorgeous.
    i hope that u are able to make it to your prom. ill keep my fingers crossed for you.
    keep up the good work.

  8. You and your friends look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in your prom dresses! An you are doing such amazing work with the time that God has given you! You are such a blessing! Much love! Xoxo Jill

  9. Wow you have been busy, and doing some great things. You look wonderful in your prom dress! Great colour! I too have been to Leven's Hall, aren't the hedges fab!
    Milo the collie sends licks and wags to you all! x

  10. Wow Alice, you look so pretty in your prom dress!!! Good choice. I hope you'll be well enough to go. Love the shot of you and Milly too. Congrats on continuing to raise money for your charity. My mate climbed Kili in January to raise money for cancer research. She said it's not a hard climb but the altitude was really bad. She went with the same tour group your parents are going with, they're really good. Your parents will love it! Hope Mabel does well in the dog show. xx

  11. You look soooo beautiful in that prom dress ♥ Love you!

  12. Dear Alice, you really are remarkable - I hope your trip to London goes well and I shall be keeping my fingers crossed that you are able to go to your Prom. What a super dress - you look absolutely stunning. As always, your courage and enthusiasm are an inspiration to us all - keep up the good work!!

  13. Love your photo with the prom dress, as @Jennifer says, you look like a Disney princess and I'm glad you do felt like one!

    Also love the photo at the Jubilee Concert!!

    Tell us all about the prom, ok?

    A big hug from Brazil,

  14. Hi Alice,

    You look so beautiful in your prom dress. WOW! I so hope you'll be able to attend. Enjoyed the pictures you posted. You have been extremely busy! I hope you'll be able to see everything you want to while in London. Congrats also on the money raised for your charity. By the way, I love the Bold Beanie hats.

    Love and hugs,
    Aly in SC, USA

  15. hi alice. you and your friendds look very pretty in your prom dresses.look foward to your posts,enjoy london have a blast.hope u get that posh collar for mabel. ps good luck mabel in the show

  16. Alice, I echo the comments of the others, you look like a fairy princess in your prom dress and tiara. Thanks so much for the update and the pictures. I'm looking forward to ordering a sweatshirt or tshirt from your charity website and I will wear it proudly! Good luck to Mabel in "Alice's Dog Show" and I hope you do find that posh collar. XOXO - M.E. from NB, Canada

  17. What a difference a year makes,,
    And I pray for a hundred more,,
    There is magic at work here, I feel it,,like the ghost at Levens Hall. You take care of your self,& we will try to take care of your charity,,
    If you are not in London when I get there,,may I come to Ulverston for tea some time??
    Your eternal naughty friend,,Tony D

  18. You look absolutely beautiful in the picture of you at prom! The dress is stunning on you and you look amazing. You are so inspiring and I love everything you write.
    Lots of love
    Arielle xxxx

  19. Just wanted to echo all the other posters who have said just how beautiful you and your friends look in your prom dresses. I hope you have a wonderful prom night with your friends...

  20. Whoa Alice I'm exhausted just reading about your adventures. Alice in wonderland, ha ha. I too loved the projections on the palace during the Madness song. How clever. Wonder how they did it? Oh my goodness, you look absolutely beautiful in your prom dress, thankyou for sharing it with us. xxxxx

  21. Im happy you enjoyed your day. Wonderful adventures for you.

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  22. You will get to go to the prom hunny - I have just noticed it is one of your bucket list items - soon you will be able to tick that off - you are an inspiration to a lot of people - I can't wait to see you at the prom in your dress - think there may be a lot of wet eyes that night hun - take care and keep smiling as usual Sharon

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!! You ladies look so beautiful! And I love how the red hair looks so brilliant over that color- which is a gorgeous fuschia-purple on my monitor.
    I hope you have an absolutely magical prom night, Alice. I am so happy you are still with us. This this world could simply not do without you!

  24. Alice you looked so lovely in your prom photo! You're such a brave young lady, and I really admire your determination. Keep strong and keep blogging!

    Lots and lots of Love, Rhianna

  25. You are really looking very gorgeous in blue. Really very pretty. There are also good stock of bridesmaids dresses (Robe demoiselle d’honneur)

  26. You are so beautiful in these Prom Dresses, maybe I can have a try.