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11 February 2012

Hello from my cottage :)

So much to say! I've been quite tired the last few weeks but I think it's partly Milly's fault cos she got a cold at school and passed it to me and it always takes me ages to get rid of anything. I was a bit miserable last week and that's not really how I like to be but there's been loads of hassle with getting things in order for when I need more care and although they are definitely trying to help us now, it really seems to be that we just live in the wrong area and that I'm the wrong age.

My charity is still slowly coming together and I'll be so excited when we get the charity number through as there are so many things we can't do until that is sorted. I keep thinking that it's a good job I've lasted longer than they expected me to, cos I wouldn't have been around to see it otherwise.  I went down to London this week and we met up with Emma Forbes again, who is our amazing charity patron. We sneaked into Selfridge's and shared some chocolate cake and laughed about our dogs. 

We had booked tickets to see Blood Brother's which is something I have always wanted to see, but I wanted to see War Horse even more, but hadn't got any tickets ever cos we're always last minute when we know we're going. But my friend Cathy was tweeting with Jack Holden who is Albert and without me knowing they managed to arrange for me to go and see War Horse AND to go backstage and meet everyone and I even got to stroke Joey!!! So War Horse is now my favourite show, I really loved the way they make the horses come to life and forgot that they were puppets.  So big smiley hello and a special kiss to Jack, Matt, Luke, Alex and Shaun who made my week and special hugs to Cathy for spending ages arranging it for me, I loved it.  

Then I went back to Alder Hey for a check yesterday. I kind of thought that it would be bad news cos I've been quite tired and I've been coughing and whatever, but things aren't really moving that fast and we decided that I'm not going to pop off quite yet.  I've got to tell Barry, my consultant, to have a nice holiday cos he's gone off to Dubai for a holiday in the sun (I told him it will be too hot lol). 

And I'm on holiday in a nice cottage in Herfordshire (I can't spell that and can't actually say it either), but I've got Mabel with me which is making me happy.  Milly has brought one of her best friends Lucy with her so she's happy and Mum is on her second glass of wine so she's happy too lol.

In just a few weeks, I'm off to Crufts. It's the highlight of my year and although Mabel can't be in it, I still love to go and have a look at all the different breeds. I really enjoy the agility and the fly ball as well, the dogs get so excited, they're like children.  This year is special cos when i went last year, I never thought I'd be here this year, so I'm going to doubly enjoy it :)

Will update when I get back from my break x


  1. Hey lovely.

    Thank you for doing this blog. I religiously read it, and check your bucket list to see what you've been up to. I think your strength is amazing and you have such a wonderful family.

    I would love to help with the bone marrow or give blood etc but unfortunately due to my own health I'm not eligible. But, I still enjoy raising money for various charities. You really are an absolute treasure Alice, I've followed you on twitter right from the start of your blog!! I sincerely hope you succeed in your bucket list, and anything else you wish to complete. Best wishes, Amy in Spalding x

  2. Glad to know your test results went better then expected. Your soo positive hun and all your good cells are multiplying from the good vibes theyre getting! keep it up u little soldier! Ur amazinggg xoxo p.s i featured u on my blog

    love Zohra xx

  3. I'm glad that you're having fun Alice. Your writings are too innocent. Keep up the good work!

  4. You have thousands and thousands of people praying for you Alice... MAYBE, just maybe that's the reason things aren't progressing as fast as you all thought they might??

    You're still such a sparkle in the eyes of many... I check every day for a blog update - and my heart skips a beat when there's a new entry. I rush to read it!

    Your life is a movie...

  5. Lovely to read you Alice, hope you're all having a terrific time. I haven't been to the theatre for yonks, but then I live in a field in brittany so it would be a bit of a trek to get home afterwards...
    This is the first time I've EVER posted here, been reading for a while but never dared to post lol. Keep happy and warm dear girl.
    Mabel is doing well with votes so who knows.

  6. Alice, that sounds so positive, and still your words provide inspiration for the rest of us. Enjoy Crufts, and I look forward to reading about your experience there upon your return.

    All the very best to you and your family :)

  7. Oh, Alice, you are always so finn of news and exciting things you are doing.
    War Horse sounds wonderful! How lucky to get to go backstage. Goodness how many things you have packed into this year!!!!!!
    Enjoy your holiday.
    Say hi to Mom.Tell her to have a glass of wine for me.
    love always, Tracey

  8. We are are so jealous that you are going to Crufts! I am sure it is bound to be lots of fun. Over here we compete in Agility, Obedience, Flyball, and Rally-O.

    Hope you can share some video and pictures of it!

    Jacinta and Vertigo

  9. Hey Alice, great to hear from you again. Your sense of humour and upbeat attitude are contagious. Have a great holiday with Mabel and family. Looking forward to hearing from you again - NB, Canada

  10. Hi Alice,

    We have been reading your blog and you are a great inspiration. We admire your strength and positivity and the ideas you have got for your bucketlist. We're working on a bucketlist as well, but for a school project.

    Keep up the good work and we wish you all the best!

  11. You are doing so much Alice - more than folk who aren't ill! It's not wonder you are tired! Have a lovely holiday, I'm sorry about that cold. Horrible when they won't shift! Hope you have a great time at Crufts. I'm sure there will be loads of gorgous dogs to see, but none quite so loverly as Mabel!

  12. Hi Alice,

    What wonderful news on your test results. So happy to hear that. I just love reading your blog and all of the terrific things you have been up to. Glad you are feeling better as well. Enjoy the cottage!

    Love and hugs,
    Alyson in SC, USA

  13. Alice,

    Greetings from Florida, USA!

    So many people lift you up in prayer everyday, I am glad to know it's working =)

    I have joined Be The Match bone marrow donor list because of you, and will try to persude others too. I'ts awesome you have brought so much awareness to this need.

    I hope you have a double good time this year seeing all those sweet doggies.

    Take care,

  14. My sweet Alice, i believe that you have win from cancer.. and you are already win!!

    Love you my little girl

    Love you from all Cyprus


  15. Hi Alice

    Just to let you know that I have the Anthony Nolan Trust attending my biker rally to sign people up to the bone marrow register. It's a simple spit test to test for compatability. We will also be raising funds for the Meningitis Trust and NABD (disabled bikers charity).

    Really happy to see you're still with us hun. Enjoy your break and have a great time at Crufts.

    x Naomi
    Suds & Sycles MCC

  16. Nice to read you again, my dear!

  17. Hi! How do you do?
    My name is Graziela and I live in Brazil.
    I've read an article about your blog in the newspaper and your wish list.
    I'm helping you if one of the list items: I became a bone marrow donor. And also convinced my friends to be.
    I hope you make your dreams come true and primarily get better soon. My best wiches for you! XXX

  18. Hey Alice so glad you and Mabel won the snow dog contest. I really enjoyed looking at all the dogs who entered and tried to make sure they all got at least one vote! I entered my pup Kylie she is one year old Spoodle (Springer Poodle cross), I also have a Labrador retriever called Chester who is a darling too. Hope you have a great break. Sending lots of good wishes.


  19. Alice, when you go to Crufts - try and meet a Havanese dog. There's not many of these little dogs in the UK. I think they're brilliant. (Biased as I have two - but they're not showdogs - they hate baths, grooming and car travel!)
    They come in every colour and have hair as fine as a tiny child. Have a good time, fellow doggie person!
    Shall I be naff? Really naff? I think I will - stand by - you have been warned...
    Havanese Crufts Day Out! (And your lovely sister too!)

  20. Hello Alice! I have just found your blog via Post Pals which I only found tonight too. Two good things about today! Have a fabulous time at Crufts, I went a couple of years ago (I live in Birmingham) and I smiled all day long. The dogs are so much fun - flyball is the best, isn't it! I have a Collie called Milo - he sends wags and face-licks to you and to Mabel! Lots of love Bethan x

  21. Hi Alice! I stumbled upon your delightful blog tonight, reading your bucket list and being so glad that you are able to do so many of those things listed...and still working on it! More people should make a list/goal in life and try to achieve things like YOU do! You are an inspiration to me.
    I also get a kick out of your mother when she comes on your blog and kicks arse to those who want to hurt your blog or take money from donations. (that was happening especially in the first part of when you started blogging more than a year ago). I am sooo glad that your mom went into "momma roars" mode! I did that also when my kids needed me to intervene. (I have 5 grown kids now). Anyway, I was just glad to see that.
    Please know that I hold you in my prayers as of now, as I know that many others do also.
    Thank you again for your blog and your lovely light.
    Lovingly from Minnesota, USA

  22. Hi Alice!
    I was just reading an article and thought of you.
    I have no idea if it could ever possibly help, and I'm sure you, your doctors and your family has researched and tried everything... but I thought I'd mention this anyway.
    It's something called a Half Match or Haplo bone marrow transplant and they have done it successfully at Thomas Jefferson's Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia, in the U.S.
    They say it reduces many of the normal risks on bone marrow transplants..
    As I said, I'm sure you are way ahead of the game, information wise.. but I thought I'd give it a shot!
    Have a nice holiday!

  23. I love reading your blog, lady. Good for you for taking charge and doing everything you've always wanted to do! Many of us cannot say the same. You're an inspiration.

    love from new york. xo

  24. Dear Alice,

    GreetingS from Chelmsford, UK :)

    I am 13 years old and love your blog.

    Your bucket list is sooo inspiring xxx

    Keep It up :)

  25. cool website, all articles on this blog interesting to read, to succeed always and Samal admin know. thank you
    grosir sprei , sprei my love

  26. So good to see your update Alice. Your holiday at the cottage sounds like a perfect get away...and when Mom's have 2 glasses of wine, they relax! I'm so glad that you were able to see War Horse. You have legions of friends! Always keeping you in my prayers and sending a hug. Have a wonderful time at the cottage :)

  27. Greetings from Brazil, Alice!!! I'm here just to tell you that you are a big girl, so pretty and so strong :) NEVER let anyone tell you can't do something or be who you want to, NEVER!!! You are very special *-*
    [sorry if I made some mistakes writing in english, I hope you'll understand LOL]
    Júlio César Andrade - Natal, Brazil

  28. I just found your site. It's so awesome seeing that you are doing well! Keep us updated after your break! :)

    Your fellow bucket list-er,

  29. For Roses that Bloom in the Spring - May Love surround you always. Hugs & Aloha from Hawaii

  30. Hey,
    You'll love Crufts, its a fab show...i used to show my dog there its grt grt fun day and loads and loads of stuff to buy for'll spend a fortune!! Have fun :)

  31. Hi Alice, i am so pleased about your test results, and to hear that you are off to Crufts. Have lots of fun.
    We have a charity set up for our son, so I know how you feel - it does take ages to set up but it is worth it in the end as it feels very satisfying to have a fully functioning, legal, charity!
    Give Mabel a hug from me and a lick from my dog, Twiggy (the boxer dog) and lots of love and hugs to you too, Claudia xxx

  32. My dear,
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;)
    I'd like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased.
    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often

  33. It was a God's gift finding your blog!

    love ,


  34. It was a pleasure coming across to your bucket list posts. Its very emotional and I hope you get to do everything you want and enjoy to the fullest and stay happy. Cancer Treatment Centers of Philadelphia