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31 August 2011

Look no hair!

It's actually look no hair for the 6th time and I was a bit upset at first, but I'm fine now.  The reason it's dropping out is because I've been trying a new drug that will hopefully slow things down and give me longer - I'm aiming for Christmas partly because because it will be my 16th and partly so that I can write my Christmas list to santa.  I didn't want to say anything about it until we knew if it was helping me in any way, but that's why i have gaps away from here.  Anyway, I've been having it for about 6 weeks and it seems to be working at the moment but the downside is that I'm quite tired and also that my hair has fallen out.  Mum has been busy ordering me some new bandanas because we gave all of mine away last year to some other girls on the ward as mine wasn't going to fall out again.  Nice one mum!

I'm glad that I've now got a sim card for my iPad because my mobile phone still isn't working.  Mum and Dad bought me a top up voucher for my new Nokia at the beginning of August and it didn't work and we went backward and forward in-between hospital stays and Tesco gave us another one and then another one.  None of them worked and then the store said it was my phone and we had to call Tesco mobile and sort it out with them. So my mum rang them and spent ages on the phone and they said that it's not their fault and that it is the stores fault and that mum has to go back to the store.  Mum said that she's been driving up and down to Tesco and it's 20 miles every time and that she wanted them to sort it as nothing was getting done and I have no phone and the woman said she'd put her through to another department and then they cut mum off!  So I've had no phone for nearly a month and I can't get a different sim because it is stuck to them.  So Tesco, if you're reading this, please sort my phone out for me.

This is my big surprise.  I got out of hospital just in time to take Mabel for a photoshoot with Jason because guess what Mabel is going to be a Pet's at Home cover girl and go on the front of their new dog treat packets.  So every time you go into Pet's at Home, Mabel will be hanging up on a packet somewhere in the store.  And that's another reason I want to be here at Christmas lol.  We had lots of fun having the photos taken and trying to get Mabel to sit still with her mouth just a little bit open and her tongue hanging out.  That was my first day out of hospital and basically I've slept every day since that until today when I got up at lunch time to go shopping at Pet's at Home.  I bought Mabel and Bess a new squashy bed.

Although I've been tired I do feel a lot better at the moment and I'm looking forward to doing a few more things but I still can't really get on a plane and go just anyway so it's lovely to get nice offers from away, and I'd especially love to do the Whale watching in Alaska but it's not going to happen and I did get a cool video sent to me.  I might try to go to Scotland if Mum and Dad will take me because ages back, we did have a lovely email offering a whale boat trip and things in a seaside village.  That would be quite nice I think :)

Right, I'm going to go to bed now I'm tired but I wanted to update you all and ask you to all keep spreading the bone marrow word ... spit spit spit!

22 August 2011

Milly's GOSH Christmas Card

Hello, I've had a much better weekend and although I'm still stuck in hospital, I hope to get out soon!
My little sister Milly did some drawings for Great Ormond Street a few years ago and in May, they asked Milly if it was okay to use them to create a new card. Her last Christmas card raised over £50,000 for GOSH, so I hope you'll all buy this one and support the hospital where she has been treated since birth. She loves her hospital and we really hope this gets them lots of money to help the kids there.
Please share the link that I'm going to put on the side somewhere - buying just one pack will really make a difference!
Oh and I'm also going to try and link to a video of Milly's Snowman card from a couple of years ago. It shows you why you should buy charity cards direct from the charity and not through a high street store!
Alice :)

18 August 2011

Still here :)

Hello everyone, sorry it's been ages. I've not been well but I'm doing okay and there's no way I'm going anywhere yet! I'm not allowed to use the hospital wifi and it's been a bit boring so mum went out today and bought me a sim for my iPad and so yippee, I'm online.
It's a bit ago now but I had a night at Livingston Lodge safari park which was amazing - I left from hospital and came straight back here but it was really cool, we got to feed the giraffe really close up. Miranda and everyone at the Thistle made me feel very special too.
I was really cross on Monday when mum and me watched Granada news and they said that I had been admitted to hospital in a really sort of glum voice and made it sound really serious. Mum got loads of texts and emails from friends who thought that I was about to drop dead. We can't stand negative people. Mum said that they must have been short on news, but if they wanted to do something about me, they should have picked up on my Emma Bridegwater story which was nice and positive. Liberty of London are now selling my mug and so are Murrays in Barrow (mum says thank you Helen), and you can still get it online at Emma Bridgewater.
I have just seen a lovely message from Priya but I really can't travel anywhere which is sad but just life, but thank you anyway. I would have loved that. And I do remember you, the nice security man from when I met Take That. There's been so many nice people, I wish I could remember all the names.
And I'm sorry I can't post photos, we are still trying to do it securely. It's sad that a few feel that they have the right to pinch photos and then pretend to be me, but that's what happened on Facebook at the beginning and because of them we have to be careful.
Okay, I'm going but I will be back. Tomorrow is Milly's birthday so we're having a party lunch on the ward :)